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Friday, June 28, 2013




I know I usually talk about skin care  but I wanted to talk to you today about a company that I came across that is all natural  it is a candle company located in Pennsylvania
The company is Miabella Candles.
My website is 
These candles smell magnificent and last a very long time
They also have  soaps that are gluten free, I have used their soap as a shampoo bar and love it.  Once my hair is dry I  put a very small amount of Coconut oil on my finger tips ( about the size of a pea )  rub together my hands then through my hair and there you have all you need shampoo soap and conditoner all in one.
The Miabella Dermal Renewal Skin Care System is also Gluten free which is a fantastic product.
It does everything a woman or man would want a skin care product to do. It reduces wrinkles smooths out skin and makes you  feel like you  just had  in your back pocket a fairy godmother who waved her magic wand and took  out all the imperfections in your skin .  Dermal Renewal skin care can  make.   your face turn back the years of time .  Family friends, come to you and say ok what gives your skin is radiant , what are you using.    
They have a candle warmer and Miabella Melts that I love  The candles and Miamelts are like the  heavens have opened up and the air in the  room is sweet cool  clean without having to spray chemical filled air fresheners.  . 
The scents are  like you just came out of a hot house of blooming natural  flowers by a lake in the mountains or they do have some candles that smell like just  baked goods coming right out of the oven. 
They have a candle that smells like banana Bread that is out of this world
I  love everything about this company. 

The lotions do have gluten in them so just make sure you do not purchase the loitons but everything else is gluten free.  I am not talking  about the Dermal Renewal skin care system like I said before The Dermal Renewal system is gluten free.   

I wanted to let you also know that with my blogs that I  write about If I buy a product and I  do not like something I will not do a blog on it and there have been some that I did not like for one reason or another.  I feel that if something does not agree with me it might agree with you so I should not write about it but if a prodict does work for me then I sing to the highest mountain on how I think the product is because with all my sensitivities to products if a product comes through with me not having any  sensitivities and that I  like the way it performed.  I am going to sing its praises.

Miabella candles is one of those companies that I love.  I love that they care enough to have gluten free  soaps that are gluten free to help all their customers
They also care enough to have all natural burning candles that are soot free with natural smelling waxes. 

What I also like about this company is that they have charity candles which means they have a select amount of charity candles about 8 of them for different charities where when you buy a candle ($3.00 ) goes to that particular charity foundaiton.  I am working with the company to see if in the near future they will have a Celiac Awareness Candle until then lets help out this company and support them . 

I have joined this company because I do believe in their pratices and their products.  I hope you will too.  You do not have to join as a member you  can just go to my website and place orders you can purchase 1 item or many items .  .  When you place your order for one of these great candles when you get it home and smell how wonderful they are and how they make your home come alive at one point  and peaceful at the same time.  You might want to join this company just to have that specail something on hand for a friend or neighbor.  You can join on my website and you do get a percentage off for being a member when you order the candles.  . 
Once again my website is

You will see how great  these products are , I love the diversities that they have with their products. 
thank you
Ellen Gaffney

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