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Tuesday, November 5, 2013



I just joined a fabulous company called Jewelry In Candles
I love this companies philosophy they have all natural Soy  Candles but with a surprise  present
Every candle that is purchased comes  with a piece of jewelry.
The jewelry that is in the  candles has a value of any where from 10.00 - to 2 thound dollars.  no one  knows what the  value of the  jewelry will be until the customer opens their candle.

I am telling this to you because with the  holidays coming up or if you  have  a special friend with a birthday coming up what a great way to get them something special.  They get a candle and a special surprise with the candle which may contain something beautiful or somehing  really special like a Diamond,  Zurconian,  or a Ruby with the jewelry they get.  in their candle.

I also wanted to let you know about this company because it is the only company that I know of that it does not cost anything to join and their are no fees at all.  Your personal website is also free. 
So with the holidays coming up you can join and find out if this would be a great fit for you to join this company and make extra money for the holidays
My website  is
You can look over my website and see if this would be a  good fit  for you and you can join on my website.  This company opened its doors in February.
If you  like what you see I would  think about joining now .  I just found out that starting on November 15th you will have to buy a starter kit to join.  Everything else will stay the same

Sorry to write about this on my Celiac Blog but if you are like me right now struggling and trying to make every dollar count I  thought I would let you know about this business so that at least for the holidays and hopefully beyond  you can make some extra money to have hopefully a nest egg to fall back on

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney      

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