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Sunday, May 22, 2011



I just found some outrageously good gluten free cookies.  They are located in New York City.  These cookies are sinfully good.  The kind of cookie that you thought you would never be able to have again.
They have about 10 different cookies to choose from so I am sure one will fit your fancy .  I have not tried them all but so far my favorite is the Chocolano which in my opinion taste and looks like a Pepperidge Farm Malano Cookie Delicate  Vanilla  Cookie sandwiched  in with sweet decadent milk chocolate filling ( Yum ) This is guaranteed to bring back fond memories with family and friends .

These products will be on an end cap in the Gluten Free  Organics aisle in The Giant Food Stores

The website is
Address:  My Dads Cookies
               38 East 23rd Street
               New York NY  10010
              Telephone Number:  1 212 475 6777

The following are the flavors  that they have :for you to enjoy












They also have gluten free cakes and brownies, The cakes can be only purchased at the bakery or one of their distributors  that sells their products

They have these cookies right now in Pennslyvania at the Giant Food Store in Plymouthmeeting Pa  19462 at the Metroplex Shooping Center Ridge & Chemical Rds Check to see if the other Giant Food Stores in your area have gotten these outrageously good gluten free cookies.  You will not be disatisfied they are in my opinion not just good for a gluten free cookie but outrageously good for any type of cookie.  My husband will not touch anything gluten free I ask him all the time to try something that looks good but he won't.  He works at Giant and they were having the store members try these cookies  and he had one and called me and said oh my god we just got in these gluten free cookies and they are worth their weight in gold.  they are so good. .  They sell for 5.99 a small container I think they have about 12 cookies in them but in my opinion they are worth it.  I kow I am coming back for more.  These will be great for when we are invited to parties.  I can show up with these cookies and not feel deprived.  I am a happy camper
There are other Giant food Stores that carry these cookies so hopefully one of the locations will be close to you.

Store Number 6018 Route 113 Souderton PA  18964  Phone Number 215 703 0580 ASK FOR MIKE
Store Number 6045 West Baltimore Street West Grove PA19390    610 345 0183 ASK FOR STEVE
Store Number 6061 Baltimore Road Shippensburg PA  17257 1717 532 7515   ASK TO SPEAK TO JEFF
Store Number 6062 Stony Hill RD Yardley PA  19067  215 493 3540 TOM
Store Number 6083 North Oak Avenue Aldan PA  19016 610 623 5442 ask yo speak to SANDY
Store Number 6105 220 Scarlet Road Kenneth Square PA  19348 610 444 8160 Christine Stewart
Store Number 6106 East Logan Square New Hope PA  18938 215 862 9061 ASK TO SPEAK TO JEAN
Store Number 6116 Dilthworthtown Crossing West Chester pa   19382 610 431 2351   MIKE
Store Number 6257 D W Street RD Warminster PA  18974  215 674 4607
Store Number 6265 Knapp RD North Wales PA  19454 215 661 1025 CAROL
Store Number 6278  Concord RD Aston PA  19014 610 497 5375 LYNN
Store Number 6284 Ridge Pike Royersford PA  19468   610 831 5450   Royersfordpa  19468  EVONNE
Store Number 6291 Downingtown Pike West Chester PA  19380 610 430 7150
Store Number  6301 Lincoln Highway Thorndale PA  19372 610 383 5460 RANDY
Store Number  6309 Springfield RD Broomall PA   19008 610 355  7717   SHELLY
Store Number 6324  News falls RD Levettown PA  19056  215 949 1408  BILLY
Store Number 6411 West Swamp RD Doylestown pa  18901 267 885 0920 RICH
Store Number 6427 York RD Willowgrove PA  19090   215 784 5960
Store Number 6445 Cowpath RD Suite 110 Hatfield PA  19440 215 361 4190
Store Number 6464 W Sproul RD Springfield PA  19064    610 328 0029
Store  Number 6478 Eagleview Boulevard Exton PA  19341 610 363 0799

Some Other Stores That Carry My Dads Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Dynasty 3501 Haddonfield NJ 1856 910 8881                   JILL
Gluten Free Trading Company 31 - 16 South Chase Avenue Milwaukee WI  53207     414 747 8700 LINDA KRAMER
Gourmet Grill 85 Mineola Blvd Mineola  New York 11501
Gracie's Market Place 81 Glen Cove RDGreenvale New York 11548   516  621 5100 LUKE

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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Monday, May 9, 2011



This post is for members that have both diseases Type 1 Diabetes & Celiac Disease.  I am one of those  patients that has both conditions. 
I have always put into my insulin pump my different carb counts for different types of food I am eating to get the correct amount of insulin I should have for a particular meal that I am eating.  One day I was talking to one of the Nurses from Animas corporation.  She asked me if I used the software that was in my insulin pump in the Food Data Base.  Frankly I had forgot that it was in my pump because I just asumed tha tthere would be no gluten freee foods.  I mentioned  this to her she said that is a good point she told me to go through the Food Data Base to see if we did have a gluten free Foods.  I did and they do not have any gluten free foods in there Food Data Base.  I found out that they use the Calorie King for their software I notified them and they said we do have gluten free foods .  I went online and sure enough they do.  I called back Animas Insulin Pumps and explained to them that they need to update their software for Paatients that have Celiac Disease so that they can incorporate  the Gluten free foods in there Food Lists they said that is a fantastic idea.  .  I gave to them the information to them as to who they can contact to have this done.  I also explained to them that if you have Type 1 Diabetes you have a higher chance of developing Celiac Disease since it is the same gene for both conditions.  they said that  they will work to have this done.  Then I called the Animas Software department and went through everything about them getting the Food List to have gluten free items.  The person I spoke with John was very helpful he said until we do get the gluten free items you can put the gluten free foods in your Insulin Pump manually and save them in your pump.   I have the Animus 2020 Insulin Pump.  He explianed to me all I had to do was down load the software the EZ Manager software that came with my pump the yellow and blue disk.  He told me to set up an account then go to the Food Data Base option go under Custom Favorites which is on the far right hand side.  push that option then start listing the items that I would like in my pump that are gluten free.  You have to have on hand the products so you know how many carbs are in that product and fiber and of course the name of the product.  when you are finished with the list you hit save then set up a file name  and hit that then hit save again.  You then get the cable that is with your software  and you disconnect your pump from your body.  You put the pump into suspend then you attach the pump to the cable and download the information that you have on the screen to the pump when you are finished you have the information stored into your pump then you just push the resume pump button on your pump and of course do not forget to reconnect your pump you can add things as you come across foods that you use alot.  Animas Pumps are the only ones with a Food Data Base and soon they will have gluten free items in  their Food Data base..  You can contact the software department at Animas to go through the steps by calling 1877 Yes  Pump and pushing option 5 and they will explain to you how you can put gluten free food items in your pump to be stored.  I can not tell you how much easier this is now I just go to the Bolus screen push EZ Carb then hit Ok then go to Food List hit ok then go to favorites and I have all my gluten free items right there waiting for me to choose what I need and incorporate that information and how much insulin to give for that particular food. item .  I hope this helps you it is a grat help for me
If you would like to have an Animus Pump their  telephone number is 1877 936 Pump I think this company is really fantastic they seem to really listen to a patients wants and needs. and they listen to any new ideas that you  might want to have in their pumps.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney