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Thursday, July 26, 2012



I just started working for the Shaklee company.  I think these products are really great.  I love love their vitamins the majority of them are gluten  find the list for the gluten free vitamins all you have to do is go to my website which is .  Then all you have to do is put in the search bar gluten free products and the list of gluten free vitamins will come up.
These vitamins are truly fantastic.  My husband is not like me and he is not health conscience at all.
His work schedule has changed an now he is working over  night.  I got him the  Men's High Potency Vita-Lea  Vitamins by Shaklee, best of all when you are a member or distributor with Shaklee you get a 15% discount when ordering products which is not all bad. at all . If you would like and are interested you can join on my site as a member or as a distributor.    .  When I gave him these vitamins for the   first time he said to me you know I do not like taking vitamins they are just Horse pills that do nothing.  I said humor me and take it.  .  For the next 4 days I gave him the vitamins then I forgot to give him the vitamins the next day.  Well when he came home from work and I  made him his Dinner/Breakfast he asked for the vitamins.  I said you are asking for them he said I know I know forget what I  said before these are different they do work and they do make me feel better with taking them.  

The Shaklee company also has products for weight loss which is in the form of shakes and bars.  These are under the name  Cinch and I know the Vanilla Shake Mix is gluten free  There are a few weight loss bars that do contain gluten but most of them are gluten free.  Under the gluten free list for vitamins  they will show you which ones are gluten free .

They have Laundry Detergent in liquid or powdered form that is fantastic it really smells great, cleans unbelievably  well  and it also comes in unscented Laundry Detergent
They have unscented all Natural Dryer Sheets plus floor cleaners and any other all natural cleaning products that you can think of and they all work really well.

Enfuselle Purifying Cleanser
Prosante Purifying Shampoo
Lip Treatment
C&E Repair PM
Prosante Finishing Spray
Prosante Scalp Treatment

I did not know what this term  meant I never heard of this term before, the company said that they feel that these products are safe for Celiacs but if you have had other skin care reactions check with your doctor first just to make sure.
I went online and put this in a search bar to see if it was gluten free and it said there that
it is all natural for skin scare needs to help out with wrinkles and to  moisturize and it said that in most cases it is gluten free for skin care.

SPF 30
Moisturizing shower Gels
Eye Make Up Remover
Gentle Action cleansing Bar
Enfuselle Hydrating Cleanser
Prosante Revitalizing Shampoo
Hand And body Lotion
Eye Treatment
Hydrating Moisturizer
Time Repair AM
Balancing Moisturizer
Hydrating Toner
Purifying Toner
Infusing Mineral Masque
Lip Pencils
Pressed Powder

Instant Firming Complex
Meadow blend Bar
Replenishing Conditioner
Light Weight Conditioner

The Shaklee company is one stop shopping for all your natural needs be it skin care cleaning products or vitamins.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Sunday, July 22, 2012



                                                         AMISH COUNTRY ESSENTIALS

I was looking for some new websites for skin care the other day that were gluten free and also all natural
When I began my search I found a website that talked about getting the best product for your money and the best product that would be truly natural
On the website they talked about going to websites that have Amish all natural skin care products, I decided to give it a whirl and I came up with the website
This company is out of Ohio  the gentleman that owns it is named Shane.  He received the recipes from his mother to make all natural skin care the Amish way, if you want to speak to Shane all you have to do is go to the bar on the left hand side hit contact and find us and you will see the phone number for him.  .
Now the products do take a little bit longer to come to you I want you to be aware of that but there is a difference I feel a very big difference in a good way.
I first tried the Simply Cucumber Complexion soap, it worked great and best of all it is supposed to help out with those  lines and wrinkles we get with coming into my age .  For me it did more then that I was quite impressed with this little magical complexion bar and it smells great.
I was waiting for a shampoo from them and I had no shampoo left I debated with myself should I use the complexion bar or go out to the store and buy another shampoo that I probably will not like.
I finally decided I would try it,  I  felt it is all natural what have I got to lose.  I was a little bit petrified thinking maybe if I  used this my hair would fall out or become more drier.  I felt this would probably not happen since my face looked great and felt smooth as a babies bottom as they say.
I tried it now remember what I said before about my hair it is thin but a lot of hair and completely grey .  It  is that white grey.  I do not  like it ,  my family loves it but I do not.  I am 51 years old and to me it looks like I am in my 70's not that there is anything wrong with being 70 but if you  are 51 you want to look like 51 or even younger but I will settle for 51.
I washed it in ,  washed off  all the soap towel dried my hair and went to comb out my hair.  when I looked into the mirror I was a little bit stunned.  My hair looked a little bit darker not much but a little bit.  I thought I must be seeing things.
The next time I shampooed my hair I  looked in the mirror and once again my hair looked a little bit darker .  I am still grey but a darker grey particularly in the back of my hair.  The front of my hair almost  looks like a frosting between darker and lighter pieces  of grey  hair.  My hair has so much volume and bounce my hair is almost in a short Bob hair style now .  My hair is so soft  and the shine is magnificent .  When I am out in the sun my hair looks like tiny fire crackers going off all around my head I love love it  Usually when I shampoo my hair I have got to do so much to make it look good.  I have to put a lot of products in so my hair does not look dry or flat with this product it was just wash  and wear nothing else to do  but look great at doing nothing.  .    The Simply  Cucumber Soap has one full cucumber in it.  Now that I am hooked with this complexion bar I wanted to know if cucumbers had any effect with bringing your grey hair back to its  natural color when you were a little babe in the woods.    I went online and sure enough they do. Like I said this is gradual but for at least for me it does work.
I finally did get my other shampoo from the company but I have not even tried it yet I am so impressed with this little gem that I  just keep on using this one .  I just ordered my 2nd bar from them.  I do not think my hair will go all the way back to being black again but you never know  but for now I am extremely happy with the results .. It is  nice to get a frosting for  my hair for 4.50 from a 3.5 oz complexion bar  and it looks great with no damage to my hair, just magnificent shine volume and of course natural coloring throughout my hair.  It looks like I just went to the hair salon and spent a fortune but instead it is just my little gem from the Amish country from the website  It is  also nice to get two products in one, what a bargain.     ..

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney