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Saturday, August 31, 2013



I just started working for a candle company located in Pennsylvania. 
I love the scent of candles of course they have  to be all natural along with it  These candles are all natural and soot free and smell like a breath of fresh air.  . 

When I went onto my new website which is I was excited
The candles looked great.  I also saw that along with there numerous great smelling candles they had about 9 different charity candles this means that when you purchase a charity candle of  a particular organization $3.00 goes from that sale to that particular organization.

I thought I  wonder if they could have a candle for Celiac Awareness  to help out with research and also to help out with the cost for new Celiacs to know how to handle this new challenge with finding out that they have Celiac Disease.  This  will also help out with getting the  informaiton they need to know how to control Celiac Disease and live with Celiac Disease.  . 

I called up the owner and asked if they could have a Celiac Awareness Candle.  At first he was not on board until I pointed out that I am the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group. I said to him I have a lot of members and I know they will love this and love your candles.  I told him  this is a win win situation for the both of us.  After talking with him a few more times and also talking with the National foundation for Celiac Awareness.   He then said ok but you are going to need help with this it is a lot of work to get this going. 

I called The Natioanl Foundation For Celiac Awareness in Ambler Pa .  I explained everything to them and brought them on board    with the owner of Miabella Candles. 

This week the candle came out it is beautiful, it has the scent of Hot Baked Apple Pie and of course it is gluten free.  Sorry could not resist that. Once again when someone purcahses this candle $3.00 will go to the National foundation for Celiac Awareness. 
I hope you will think about purchasing one of these candles to help out other Celiacs with the information they need to get started living with Celiac Disease in the long run it will help out all of us with this disease.  . 

My website once again is and when you go onto my website  you will look in the middle of the page for Charity Candles hit that and the National Foundation For Celiac Awarness should be the  2nd or third one down on the page. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, August 16, 2013




Along with my many sensitivities to skin care products I also have sensitivities to laundry detergents very badly.
When I wear a shirt , pants dress or anything else that is not all natural and in many cases scent free I break out in rashes that itch very badly. It only takes a few minutes on and I know right away I am going to have a problem.  I love all natural laundry detergents in most cases they are good and I do not break out but they have a small problem they do not clean as well as the other laundry detergents. 

I have been searching and searching to find the one laundry detergent that I  can really say this is it this is the laundry detergent that does everything for me
I went into a search engine looking for an all natural gluten free laundry detergent and Molly Suds came up on the search engine along with other ones but this one caught my eye I decided to try it  and when I did  I  was so excited  when I got it in the mail.  My husband was saying why are you so excited it is just a laundry detergent.  I said to him It  might just be my hope chest of a laundry detergent.  He looked at me like I had three heads.  I said back if this works I will be on cloud nine 
I did not  break out at all and it really cleans .  I had a spread that one of my dogs got sick on and I  thought I  was going to have to throw it out .  It was really bad..  I put 2 Table Spoons to it since it was so badly stained.  I still thought this is not going to clean this I know there is going to be some spots still but that will be ok at least it will be clean.  I took it out of the dryer it was beautiful. 
This was a cream colored spread that went into the washer mostly brown and came out again a gorgeous cream colored spread and smelled  so good. I did a 2nd load with  some shirts and pants and it also came out great.  When I  put them on they smelled fantstic and no reactions.  To me the scent of Peppermint just makes you upbeat and happy.    

I think I have finally found it Molly's Suds Laundry Powder it is outstanding it is free of Phosphates  Harsh Chemicals  No SLS/SLES and it is formulated for sensitive skin
It is Gluten Free and the only scent to it is essential oil of Peppermint which I love.  It is not over powering of a Peppermint  scent but just enough that is wakes you up and smells great. 

I bet also that it will help if you are outside  on a camping trip or just outside with friends the scent of the laundry will help out with bugs since it is Peppermint which most bugs and insects hate the scent of Peppermint.  . 

The Website is  their telephone number is 1 678 361 5456 and the cost for  4lb bag is  21.00 which might sound a lot but you only use 1 table spoon per load you can wash about 128 loads of wash  and it is safe for HE Washers.I love it.  

It is so nice to find an all natural gluten free laundry detergent that works extremely well  and I will not have a reaction to.  I am a very happy camper
They do have sample sizes on their website to purchase   If you rather not take the plunge with getting the 4 lb  size  for the first time using this amazing laundry detergent.  I think you will not be sorry this is now my laundry detergent.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Monday, August 12, 2013




I just found a website for all kinds of all natural products and also items to make all natural skin care. 
The website is The prices are unbeleivable.
I just purchased  the 16 oz. unscented shampoo base which can be used as is as an unscented shampoo or you can add your own fragrance to it.  The cost for the unscented shampoo base is 3 dollars and ninety five cents. 
I also purchased an unscented bath gel base same thing it can be used as is for an unscented bath gel or you can add a fragrance to it and it was once again $3.95 for 16 oz. 

They also have essential oils starting out at $2.95 for .05 oz.  You can use this as a perfume oil or you can get it to put in for one of your shampoo bath gel or unscented lotion bases to put your favorite scent to it.

They have empty bottles tubes and jars at un heard of prices to make your own products.  They  also have candle making supplies.   It just is a fantastic site for all kinds of things you can make or just use the products as is. 

I tried their all natural unscented 16 oz shampoo base and it was fanstastic.  I did not use a conditioner even though they do have a conditioner.  I wanted to see how it would work without it .
The unscented shampoo base made my hair soft shinny and full of volume and for a cost of $3.95 for 16 oz this is just shocking even with shipping charges I am still saving money. 

The unscented lotion and unscented bath gel are equally as good as the shampoo. 

I am so excited with all this I never thought I would be able to get an all natural shampoo lotion or bath gel that worked for me that is this inexpensive. I purchased all these products with an essential half oz oil and paid with shipping charges $26.99 which I  think is outstanding

Always with getting products all natural and gluten free for skin care or even food you always have to pay more but with this company you  do not have to pay more and you get results that are just fantastic.

If you want great products for skin care that really work and not have to pay a fortune for it then this is the site to go to. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney