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Thursday, February 21, 2013




I have just became the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group
This group meets twice a year at The Abington Memorial Hospital at the Lens Fest Pavillion
Our next meeting is March 15th
AbingtonMemorial Hospital
1200 Old York Rd
Len Fest Pavillion
Abington Pa  19002
We have about 400 members of our group
This meeting should be really good, our speaker is Keith Laskin from the Paoli Celiac Center in Paoli PA
He will discussing on how some people still have stymptoms when they are on a gluten free diet and how to manage this problem
We meet at 5:45 for a meet and greet  to see other Celiac Buddies and to help out new Celiacs plus to look at the vaarious Gluten Free Vendors that we have to sample and buy their products
We have about 10 vendors that will be coming to our meeting
The following are a list of our vendors that will be coming to our group
Grandma Grotos Restaurant located in Willow Grove PA
Good Eatz
Virato Bakery
Door To Door Organics ( which is an online grocery store that has gluten free options located in PA that delivers once a week ) You would  just go to their website select shop then special diets then gluten free diets and everything will be there
At the Willowgrove Giant Food store they have a registered Dietician at the store to help out new and old Celiacs and she is also a Diabetes Educator
Phoenicianaturally an online gluten free skin care line
Q Cookies
Kinnickininick Gluten Free Foods
The cost to join ur group is 25.00 and you can join at the door

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, February 14, 2013



I just found this company that I love I do not work for them but I  do love them.   The name of the company is called The Honest Company it was founded by Jessica Alba and a friend of hers.  They were looking for skin care products and cleaning  that they could feel comfortable using in their home for themselves and their children that had no chemicals in them.   This is skin care and cleaning products.  They even have it that you can sample their products free of charge you just pay for shipping. 
It can be for a Baby Bundle with Baby products or what they call the Family Essential Bundle. 
The Family Essentials Bundle is a mixture of 5 different products that they have picked out I think it has a trial size of a Shampoo/ Body Wash a Conditioner trial size of a liquid soap, Laundry Detergent unscented   and a Bathroom cleaner. 
You try them out and if you  like them then you  let them know and they will send out to you 5 different products that you  can change if you do no like the ones that they have chosen for that month. The cost is 35.95 a month plus shipping  but you  can just also just pick out one product to try out at a time also. 
I have tried most of all the products and love all of them.  They have just come out with organic cotton dish towels, organic dish brushes and also candles. 
The products are all  organic and they smell wonderful
I love the Shampoo/Body Wash it is the scent of like orange/vanila /lemon it is really a great fragrance. 
The Website is
They are also great to deal with and very helpful I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Thank yo u

Ellen Gaffney



Happy Valentines  Day

I am writing to you today about a new service that I love.  it is called Door To Door Organics.
They have organic fruits vegetables and now organic groceries that they will deliver to you free of charge once a week
Every Friday they will have a list of organic fruits and vegetables that you  can choose from  You first pick out a subscription for myself it is the Little box which is 25.00.  It has about 8 to 10 different types of organic fruits and vegetables.  If you  do not like what they have  chosen  for that week  then you  can substitute the fruit or vegetable that you like  They have about 1 to 3 items of organic fruits like 3 apples 4 bananas 1 container of blueberries 1 container of strawberries 1 cantaloupe.  this would be something like the all fruit basket , .
They have four different sizes for boxes to choose from the smallest is 25.00 
Then you  just add  on their  Organic groceries and they have under shop it will say special diets you hit that and yo and behold they have Gluten Free options and Dairy Free options .  There are a lot of Gluten free options  to choose from so you just add onto what you have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box.  They will tell you how much you  owe at the end of your order and depending on where you live it will be put together  and delivered the following week
Usually every Friday after 12:00PM they will send out to you an email with the items that they have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box and you  can choose just all fruits and all vegetables or it can be a mixture.
I live in Norris town PA  19401 for me my orders are shown on Friday then put together on Monday and delivered  to me on Tuesdays.  I am then billed by my credit card that is on file on Wednesday.
You  can also skip a delivery if something comes up  you just let them know that Friday or by the latest  Monday Morning  on the website or emial that they send out to you  or if yo let them know by Monday they will skip that order for that week.
Some of the prices are cheaper then what you  would find in the grocery stores and the best part is that you get it delivered to you free of charge.
They are incredibly nice to deal with this company rocks I love love it
Their website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney