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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Relaxing Therapeutic Fun Way to Spend Time with YourSelf


                                 First of all Happy Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am writing to you today about an organization that I love
You can join as a customer or as a distributor to make some extra money
It is for adult coloring which helps out with relaxation depression and is very
therapeutic  it only costs $10.00 a month.  Either way you have a choice of 30
different patterns to print out and color in  My suggestion is not to color in with
magic markers I made this mistake and it went through to the table I had under neath the design  It is so much fun to do this and if you have kids or grand kids
when they are bored just print some of these fun designs out and have them color
them in
The website is
I wish you well , Have a great time and Happy Happy Spring

Sincerely yours

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Natural Organic Gluten Free Skin Care


Hello Everyone

I am writing today to tell you about a new adventure I am in
I discovered a new fantastic company   I talk about a lot of skin care  companies but this company as they say is Top Dog
They have everything you can think of at affordable prices
The products are all natural organic and of course Gluten Free
They have products for almost every condition for you,  your friends,  your family
They even have all natural organic gluten free mineral make up
They have products for babies skin
You will be amazed as much as I am
Come my website is Please take a gander purchase one of these great products and spread the word You will not be sorry
Your skin will thank you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney