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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



My Dads Cookies one of the best gluten free cookies I have tried are now at   Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting Pa at the Plymouth Meeting Mall 500 West Germantown Pike
They have 5 different flavors they have Vanilla  Graham dipped half with Chocolate
                                                               Chocolate Sandwich like an Oreo type cookie
                                                               Chocolano like a Pepperidge Farm Milano
                                                               Cranenergy  this is a Cranberry Orange Cookie
This is great for an afternoon tea or with coffee
                                                                Black & White Cookie this is a Black & White Sponge cake  like cookie.
These are all gluten free and delicious
I am working to get these in all the Whole Food Stores in PA so if you would like them in your store at Whole Foods Market just tell the grocery Manager you would like them to have them in their store and tell him that they are in the Plymouth Meeting store now he can look them up and order them in for you but in the mean time I will do my best to have them brought into a store near you.

You can take a looke to learn more about these cookies on the companies's webite at

Once we have them all in Pennsylvania we will be branching out to have them in all Whole Foods Market so if you  live in other states other then PA you  can have them brought in just ask your local grocery manager that you want them in.   Presently we have these cookies only at the Plymouth Meeting Whole Food Stores and in New York City but we are looking to them in your favorite store. 

My two favorites are the Cranergy and the Vanilla Graham I love love them
If you  would like you can email me and I will work to get them into your Whole Foods Market .  Just let me know what location your Whole Foods Market is and I will do my best to get them in for  you..

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I just discovered that in the Organics Gluten Free aisle at Giant Food Stores they now have the new TastyKake Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Ho ray
These are really pretty good they have about 8 cookies in their container and they sell for $5.99
They are a fairly nice size cookie.  They taste like a buttery coconut chocolate chip cookie, of course they are not organic or anything but still very good.  They do have a home made taste to them and they are very moist, not crumbly.  The chocolate chips in them are a fairly big chunky type of chip.
I think  they are worth it in a pinch.  If you had to get a quick desert snack type item  in a pinch these could be the one to choose.  No one would know that  they are gluten free
I do think they are a little bit expensive for only eight cookies in the container but  I think they are worth it.
The serving size is 1 cookie calories are 130
There are 12 grams of carbohydrate for 1 cookie
There are 8 grams of fat
There are 3 grams of saturated fat
1 gram of dietary fiber  9 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein
The TastyKake website is and their telephone number is 1 800 24 tasty

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It has in it 09/15/2011

I just received this bread, it really is a very interesting bread.  when you get it it is not sliced and it is round.  It   is a little bit smaller then most gluten free breads.
I would say that it is a cross between a Rye, Sour Dough and an English Muffin type of consistency
I do like it, I think  it would be nice toasted open faced and maybe putting some cheese and pesto sauce on it.
This could be very nice for a family  gathering with a nice wine
It also has almost like a touch of a cheese taste to it.  It is a very interesting bread and best of all it is extremely good for you , especially for diabetics that have Celiac disease.
It has 8 grams of fiber to it , 7 grams of protein and best of all 0 grams of sugar.
It has 68 calories and 0 grams of fat per slice.
It has in it Grains of Buckwheat, Millet, Brown Rice Teff  Flax seed ( Sprouted Beans of Navy, Black, Red Pinto, Baby Limas Large Limas Garbanzo,  Great Northern Kidney, Blackeyed,  Yellow and Green Split Peas,  & Lentils).  It also has in it Onion guar gum and Sea Salt .
They are located in La Jolla Ca.  There are a few stores in Philadelphia that carry this bread.  You just go to their  website which is and you put in your zip code and they  will let you know what stores carry it.
Their telephone number is 1- 800 98 BREAD.
I am very much impressed with this bread especially how much fiber and protein are in.  When you toast this bread it will be crunchy  on the outside and moist in the inside. This bread sells for 6.99 plus shipping.  If you like to try things that are different then you will really like this bread it is different but in a good way.
Guaranteed to make you think of it again and again.  I think this bread is perfect for the upcoming winter months.  It would be good on a cold winter's night with a good bowl of a hearty gluten free soup and this bread toasted by the fire with a nice glass of Vino.  I'm ready for winter now , I am prepared , all I can say is thank you to Julian bakery for making such a unique bread.  .

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



I love this company this truly is all natural the other ones that I have talked about with Laundry detergents were natural also .   This is straight from a tree.  The  product is soap nuts ..  You can look at their website
When you go to their website they will have on their an option for you  to try their Natural Laundry Soap free of charge, you just pay for shipping which is not much I think when I did it it was 4.94 and it came very fast.

When you  get your free sample which is scent free it will come in a little cotton bag .
It will  look like 5 acorns inside the bag.  This is what you use to clean your clothes.  You just place your clothes in the washer, make sure that the soap nuts  are in the bag and close the top of it and place it in your washer.  If you have white clothes to boost the cleaning add a little bit of baking soda.  Wash your clothes that is it . Take out the bag and you can reuse it up to 5 more times
On the website you  can push the option for other uses for the nuts and it will show you that after you get done using it for laundry you can place it in a container put some boiling water over it and let it sit for a little bit.  Once it is fully cool you strain it and this can be used as house hold cleaner soap for your hands or even hair wash best of all you have made it and it is all natural. This detergent is like getting 4 - 6 products for the price of one depending on what you decide to make of it.  I just think it is so cool that you have something that is unscented and all natural that you do the laundry with and when you are done that usage you still have other options that you  can make for skin care or for house hold cleaners.  It just totally amazes me on what you can do with this one product.

If you can tolerate scents you can add essential oils to it to have the fragrance that you  would like for your laundry or for your soap that you make up which would make a nice gift for someone.  If you end of making the soap you can put it in a real  nice container put the fragrance in by the essential oils that you  choose then if you know how to crochet make a wash cloth  to go with it.  You can  also make out of the soap nuts dish washing detergent which the website will show you how then once again make a dish cloth by crocheting one with 100 % natural yarn .  The natural crocheted yarn dish cloth really cleans very well.  It is stiffer then most dish cloths so you can really scrub with it to get your  dishes clean.

To make a shampoo out of the soapnuts you just after you have used them for your laundry up to the 5 times you just get a sauce pan you boil about 3 cups a water when it is boiling you place your soapnuts in the pan and lower the heat so it does not boil over you let it simmer for  about 15 to 20 minutes then turn off heat.
Yu let it cool down then strain it and pour it into an air type container with a lid.
That is it but it will not foam much it will take a little bit of time  to get used to.
It will take about a week to two weeks for your hair to learn to adjust to this new form of cleaning your hair. but it will be worth the wait.  You can  make a foamy shampoo/soap by putting a little in a container about a half of a cup and use a hand held blender I used a battery operated blender that I use to make capachino.  You then just place the blender in the container and blend to make the foam and it does foam up a lot but when you go to use it it will not stay thick a foam so it will  take time to get used to but as they say good things come to those who persevere.

I wanted to let you  also know that this natural detergent is also a natural fabric softener so you  are getting two products in one.

This detergent is also antibacterial biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
Take a look at their website You will be amazed with this product.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney   .

Sunday, September 11, 2011



I love this line of skin care products.
They only have three or four ingredients in them, bees wax shea butter and coconut oil in various degrees to make different products
The Rash cream or diaper rash cream has the same ingredients but with zink oxide added to it.
The products they have is a Hard Lotion which is in a tin container .  this I love it is for really dry rough cracked skin.  You rub it on the areas like your elbows knees  ankles and heels  that are severely dry.  When you rub it on your rough skin the rubbing causes the hard lotion to soften by the heat of you rubbing making it sink into your  skin instantly. The bees wax sinks  into your skin to form a protective barrier on your skin so you won't have  such dry skin again and the other ingredients soften and moisturize your skin making it softer and softer. They have two sizes to choose from, this I really like you can try out the product in a 1 oz tin to see if this works for you .  the cost of the 2 oz. tin if 5.95 plus tax .

The Bees Wax Junior is the same as the Hard Lotion but a softer formula for more delicate areas .  They also have a small size to try it out the cost for this is 5.95
You just take a small amount on the tips of your fingers rub it together and it becomes a thin liquid oil to massage   into your skin A little bit goes along way.

Hair Butter this is for really dried out hair or course hair you just take a tiny bit out rub it together and massage it into your hair and scalp.  Once again  they have a tiny tin to try out this product for 4.95 .

The Rash Cream has the same ingredients as the other products but Zink Oxide is added to have more of a barrier to protect the skin.  This is perfect for Diaper Rash
It comes in a 1oz tin for 3.95

They also have a Celendula Soap to help out with dry skin. This is a 5 oz. soap , it is made up of Olive oil Coconut Oil Palm Oil Goat Milk Sodium Hydroxide Calendula petals

I love all these products  and best of all if you are a repeat customer after you purchase your 2nd purchase you will be directed to a page that asks if you are a repeat customer if you say  yes then you have a choice of a sample  product that you would like to try out with your purchase.

They do have larger sizes for all these products and they are not that much more for the larger sizes.  The shipping for the products is very low.  For the purchases I made it took about a week for them to come in but they are well worth the wait

They also have an all natural lip balm and an all natural Peppermint lip balm

The website is

These products are perfect for the winter months..  Your skin will be Purring like a happy cat for more.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, September 9, 2011



One of my friends told me about these gluten free cookies.  I decided to try them
Tates Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious .
They are light Crispy  and a nice treat to have on hand for your friends and family.
No one would know that they are gluten free.
They are located in South Hampton NY  Their telephone number is 1-631-780 6511 and their website is
Serving Size is 1 cookie and it has 80 calories for 1 cookie
It has 6 grams of sugar  in them.
They cost for one bag of cookies 4.99 I  think they are worth it they are really a very good cookie as they say try them you will like them and you will come back for more.
These cookies are all natural they are made up of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Sugar Chocolate Liquor  Cocoa Butter Milk  Fat soy lecithin ( an emulsifier ) Vanilla Rice Flour Butter Sugar Brown Sugar  Eggs Vanilla Extract Baking Soda Salt Xanthen  and Water
These cookies would be perfect to have in your  child's lunch or have it  for yourself  for an afternoon treat with some nice tea.
I love  that in the late afternoon to wind down from the day sit back and relax with my favorite gluten free  cookies or treats  with  tea.  This is my time to test my favorite goodies that I choose to report to you  on my blog .  I hope you like what you have seen so far on my blog.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney



Nugo Nutrition Bars

Some of these bars do have oats in them so read the ingredients they will say on them if they are gluten free
The ones that I am telling you about are gluten free. 

I just found these nutrition bars online under their website
These nutrition bars are really very good and of course they are very good for you .  I tried the Nugo Slim Bar which is a Dark Chocolate Brownie bar.  These  bars are low in sugar high in protein and have lots of fiber in them. The Nugo Slim Bars have 15 grams of Protein 2 grams of sugar and 9 grams of fiber.  There are 170 calories in this bar and the flavors for this nutrition bars are as follows
Dark Chocolate Crunch
Roasted Peanut
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

The Nugo Free Bars are Gluten free Vegan and Soy Free..  These nutrition bars are also Dairy Free  .
The flavors for these nutrition bars are as follows
Dark Chocolate Crunch
Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
Carrot Cake
The Nugo Free bars have 9 grams of protein 4 grams of fiber and 11 grams of sugar

Nugo 10 Bars
Nugo 10 bars anre packed with raw natural energy with three fruits 3 nuts and 3 and 4 seeds.
Nugo 10 is high in Fiber Gluten Free Diary Free Soy Free and is made in a peanut free society
The flavors for these bars are
Apple Cinnamon

Crispy Cat Candy Bars
These candy bars are Gluten Free and Dairy Free they have three flavors to choose from
Mint Coconut
Toasted Almond
Chocolate Sundae
They have 210 calories for each bar and they have 2 grams of fiber 2 grams of protein and 12 grams of sugar

I have only tried a couple of these nutrition bars but they are really good and they do take the edge off for when you are craving something sweet but with a good nutritional value to it and something satisfying .  These are the bars to go to. They are perfect for when you just want to take the edge off without sabotaging  all your  hard work with your diet

One of the things I really like about these nutriiton bars is that the majority of them are low in sugar high in fiber and are gluten free so it takes care of both worlds if you  are a type 1 diabetic type 2 diabetic and have Celiac Disease..  These bars will also be good to pack in your  kids lunch boxes so they can have a treat along with having good nutrition from it without them knowing they are having something great tasting and something that will help them from the inside out and it might help them learn more with all the protein and fiber in it. 

The website again is and they can be reached at 1 888 421 2132.  They are located in Oakmont PA. On their website they do have a store locator to check where you  can purchase these bars.  .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Tuesday, September 6, 2011



I love love this website it has everything , it is one stop shopping for all your  personal care needs..
Thi is the website where I told you  about the great detergent they have.  I just ordered and received their gluten free nail polish, hand and body cream and their nail polish remover all of these products are all natural and gluten free.
You go to the website  You will be directed to a website called
You will then go the heading on the left  hand side for girls products
I chose the Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body Lotion.  This product is fantastic of course it is all natural but it is a nice thick lotion a little goes along way..
It  is made from Purified Water Organic Sun Flower Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Gel Organic Vegetable Glycerin
Cele aryl Alcohol  ( derived from Organic Coconut Oil )  Organic Honey Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Organic Blue Green Algae  Sea salt with harvested Aspen Bark
This products sinks right into your skin without feeling heavy or greasy.  It instantly   feels like their is a barrier of moisture on your skin.
This to me is a perfect moisturizer particularly with the winter months coming out soon.  I feel like I am well prepared now for old man winter to try to do harm to my skin but I have my weapon of choice my new lotion Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body lotion.

I never heard of an all natural gluten  free  natural nail polish but I am so glad that there is one. To take a look at this you would go to the website again then go under the heading Natural Girl Products and hit the picture for the nail polish.  They will show you all the different colors to choose from..  The color I chose was Destiny.  It is a gorgeous color it is a pinkish Nude frost and it is really a very beautiful color..
The cost of the nail polish is 10.00  .  This is a nail polish that does not peel or chip. I love it it goes on very nicely..

All natural Nail Polish Remover, I never knew that there was this type of product wither but it does work very well and it is nice tha tit is all natural and made out botanical oils.  I am very much impressed with these products i hope you try them and I hope they do the same for you

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, September 3, 2011



I just came across this all natural liquid detergent.  The name of the company is Charlies Soap
The website is  They are located in North Carolina and their telephone number is 1 800 854 3541
One of the reasons why I like this detergent is that they do have a lot of locations of stores that carry this detergent in Pennsylvania.  All you have to do is go online to their website ( and look up the  store locator on the headings of their website.
I am sure if you do not live in Pennsylvania you can find this detergent close to you just do the same as  if you would do if you did live in PA.  Go  to the store locator and put your zip code in and you will find stores near you I am sure and if there is not a store near you they will ship it to you.  I just like this option so you do not have to have the extra cost of shipping charges.
I like this detergent also because it is easy to use it is made of all natural ingredients and it has a premeasured amount to use to  clean your clothes.
It is a little pricey but the results are very good for when your laundry comes out of your washer.
The cost for a bottle of the detergent is 27.99 for 32oz. bottle but if it means no itching and no reactions I am sold.
Charlie's Soap leaves no residue that can make your clothes stiff and irritating and it is especially good  for babies clothes and for people with allergies or for sensitive skin issues
I did have some really nasty dirty clothes which I put to the test.  These clothes had blood on them for when my cat had gotten scared with trying to get a tick off him.   He scratched me silly.  He has super sharp nails and he had dug deep into my arm which put some stains on my shirt and I also had some real grungy  clothes from my son.  I thought this would be a great test for this detergent and it came out quite well.  The stains were gone
I was impressed with the detergent and best of all no reactions
On the bottle it has a statement  at the bottom of the bottle great for the following stains grease,  grass,  blood, red clay,  red wine,  food stains , tar,  odors,  pine sap,  and poop.
I was a little bit concerned that an all natural laundry might not take out the blood stains from my cat but it did do a very good job.  I did first pretreated it rubbing a little bit on the sleeve  and then putting it in the laundry..  It did come out and my sons clothes were out of their grungy stage so I am impressed with this laundry  detergent and best of all like I said before no reactions to using it which is the best reason to try it.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, September 2, 2011



I just discovered that Walgreen's has Care Medial ID Bracelets
I ordered one of these bracelets, I love it it is very light weight it is waterproof and best of all it has all my medical information stored in the bracelet.  The way it works is that you get the bracelet which ranges from 14.99 to 19.99 plus shipping.  You have to go to the Walgreen's website which is  You then put in the search bar on their website Care Medial ID Bracelet.  . 
When you get the bracelet you unhook it it is made out of rubber with a clasp to it
It has a metal end to it when you unhook it this goes into your computer
You will be directed to their sight on  how to download your medical   information. You then will put all your medical information in a file that will be stored in the bracelet for when a medial staff can easy access it for when you can not let them know that you are a Celiac patient and can not have gluten. 
I am a Celiac patient plus a type 1 Diabetic
I also have high blood pressure.  You put all your information in  that they ask such as your doctor's name your Pharmacy name your medial information contact person and your insurance information. plus your blood type. 
I think this bracelet is important for Celiacs in case that for some reason you are unconscious and come in an ER you have the information letting the medical staff know that you have Celiac disease and can not have Gluten from  the get go.
The medial staff can call your doctor right away and get all the extra information that they may need plus  be able to notify your family members right away. .
The information that you store in the bracelet is not the easiest to set up you kind of have to figure things out for yourself but once you get the hang of it it is not that bad .  It is worth the minor inconvenience with putting the information in for you to have all your medical files in one spot .to let others know about  your medial needs for when you can not let others know about them yourself.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney