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Thursday, September 27, 2012


                                                                  ARSENIC IN RICE

Hello Everyone:

I was watching the show today The Doctors and I was half listening half doing chores in my house when suddenly my ears tuned  in fully. I said to myself ,   did I hear right one of the doctors was saying there is an alarming high  rate of Arsenic in Rice.  They say that Brown Rice is higher then White Rice
They say that the White Rice is bleached out the Brown Rice it stays in. There is still some levels of Arsenic in the White Rice just not as high.
They say the California  made Rice is lower levels of Arsenic  then the South Eastern Brand Rice

The FDA is not saying to stop eating Brown or White Rice but to lower the amount of Rice you eat.  They say to eat 1 to 2 servings per week.

This is particularly bad if you have our condition Celiac Disease with all the products that have Rice in it.

I have gone the more natural way of eating not eating Gluten Free Products just fruits vegetables  but still I was eating a lot of Brown Rice for me that will now be out.  I figure that if I  hear that something has some type of poison or something unnatural in it then it goes since there are probably a lot of other foods that I do not know about that are also hurting me.  If I can wade out the bad foods or the harmful foods and replace them with foods that have good fiber count and good nutrition that I have not heard anything bad about then this is a good approach to have for my diet

I am very concerned about this information with Arsenic in Brown & White   Rice .  I have got to get a blood test for my Type 1 Diabetes this week and I am going to ask my doctor to put an extra test  a blood test for levels of Arsenic

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Monday, September 3, 2012


                                                                  SUBURBAN ORGANICS

I just found a great website called Suburban Organics, they are located in Ottsville PA
This is a virtual delivery service for  organic fruits and vegetables.
They have I think it is 4 different  boxes of organic fruits or vegetables or a mixed box of fruits and vegetables that you  choose to be sent to your house.   You pick how often you would like the deliveries weekly biweekly or every month.  Each type of box has 4 different  prices for the  type of box you pick out.  I picked out the smallest  one which is 25.00 which includes delivery.   I chose the all fruit organic box for my area it will be delivered every Tuesday.  The delivery days go by where you live.  Every Friday they will let you know what items will be in the organic boxes for the following week.  You also when you sign up you can  put in your likes and dislikes of fruits and vegetables

If you are going on vacation or just want to skip your delivery date just let them know and they will take care of it.

The website for this is
Their telephone number is 484 833 1100 and their fax number is  484 833 1101

The organic fruits and vegetables are from farms in the area and Suburban Organics delivers to Pennsylvania New Jersey and Delaware.

They do ask that if you  are not going to be home when they deliver your box of organic produce that you have a cooler outside with ice in it so that it does not spoil before you get home with the weather right now

I just received my first box of organic produce it is outstanding, I even had in my box a fruit that I never heard of which is a pluot which is a cross between a plum and an apricot really a great piece of fruit.
My box of organic  produce consisted of organic red lettuce some Kale a huge cucumber 4 yams baby carrots 4 bananas 2 Pluots 2 nectarines 2 valincia oranges  this was the smallest box which I think is great all for 25.00 delivery included.  I think this is really great to have organic produce brought to you and  not to have to worry about pesticides  on the fruit. I am a healthy camper now.  

I think this is a fabulous company to deliver organic produce to you at a price that is great and have fresh organic produce without having to leave your house to help out with both conditions be it Diabetes or being a Celiac patient.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, September 1, 2012



I just found an all natural sweetener at Walmart in East Norriton Pa  19401 in their aisle that has sugar.
This sweetener sells for I think it was 3.50 for40 packets.  The name of it is Nectresse  so far I love it
I hate using artificial sweeteners.  I have always felt that I have enough health issues without putting in artificial products.  I always have used regular sugar to sweeten my coffee or tea then compensated the amount of insulin I needed so that my blood sugars would not go up.  I hated doing this because my blood sugars would not go up which is great but with adding extra insulin for it I always felt that I was sacrificing my weight loss goals.  I know putting a few extra teaspoons to coffee or tea should not make that much of a difference but to me every little bit counts especially if you are a Celiac along with it so it always bothered me but I felt well I am not going for artificial sweeteners so I will just have to adjust in other ways to lose the weight.

Now I do not have to worry about anything this sweetener you would never know that it is not sugar and it is 0 calories for 2 packets of sweetener .  I find that this is all I  need and I honestly can not tell the difference there is no after taste like with Stevia

Nectresse  is in the Spenda family of sweeteners this is their  natural version of Spenda, the sweetener  is made from Monk Fruit which is supposed to be very sweet naturally   Each packet of Slenda Nectresse has the same sweetness as two teaspoons of regular sugar.
You  can also bake with this product it does not matter if you use it hot or cold it will dissolve  and work perfectly for all your needs be it for baking or for hot or cold drinks. .
This is manufactured in Fort Washington PA

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney