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Saturday, December 22, 2012



Nardos Natural Skin Care is run by a family of brothers from our area but business is in Florida.
I found this company when they were spotted on the show Shark Tank
I was very impressed with what they had to say about their products.   and I hoped that someone would pick them up to support them and it finally happened.  The Shark Tank Barbara picked them up to help give them the support they needed

Their products are all natural ,  organic,  and gluten free they are superb.  Their face cream makes my skin feel alive and well nourished.

I love their soap it is super moisturizing, I even used the soap as a  hair wash and it came out beautifully
I just rubbed between my hands a pea size of coconut oil when my hair was three quarters the way dry and it was shinny, full of body and bounce with no reactions.

I also love the fact that Nardos has a sample pack with about 5 different products in it for $9.99 plus tax.  I love this you can sample it and find out for yourself how great these products are

Their face cream is to die for it left my face feeling soft and made my complexion look like it erased about ten years .

The sample pack has a Face Cream, Toner,  Lip Balm,  Body Lotion  and a Face Cleanser and Exfoliate

Their website is and their telephone number is 1 813 400 3687

Your skin will thank you for trying out these products I saw results immediately I hope you will too

I do not work for this company but boy do I wish I did their products are worth their weight in gold

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



First of all before I put this post in about the new gluten free bread I found I want to apologize for not blogging for a bit
My husband has been very sick so I had to take some time off to get him back into the swing of things.

This bread company is called Silver Hills Bakery.  They have two flavors Silver Hills Omega Flax Gluten Free bread and Silver Hills Chia Chia Gluten free bread. 
I was surprised but I liked the Chia Chia Bread the best. 
This bread is particularly good for Diabetics it has 5 grams of fiber per slice 70 calories 1 gram of fat  and very little sugar it is also Dairy free and Vegan
It also has 2 grams of protein to it so it really packs on a mean punch in the nutritional side  of breads.
This to me is outstanding you  get a bread that taste great and is gluten free and the best part it  is actually good for you
It is a great way to start your day with a power house of goodness in each slice not the usual 5 grams for two slices of bread but 5 grams of fiber for 1 slice of bread so you are just elevated your body to greatness with eating this bread, as they say it is what the doctor ordered
What I particularity   like about this bread is that there is no rice flour in it so with all the controversy about
eating rice products right now you do not have to worry.

This bread is not in our area as of yet but it will be soon so start talking to your grocery stores about getting this bread in now so that when they do start shipping to this area you will be one of the first to try it out
The website is their telephone number is 1 604 850 5600  and their email address is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, October 28, 2012



There is a new gluten free magazine that just came out that is out of this world,.
It is called Simply Gluten Free
I just received my first issue  and love it
I think the website is www.simplyglutenfreemag.comThe first premiere issue has information on the holiday recipes and information on updates on Celiac Disease
The premiere  issue also has some articles on gluten free make up the Paleo Diet  a Gluten Free Vegetarian diet
The one article that I  really loved was on page 11 which was an article on a new device called EZGluten which yo can detect gluten in a food or drink by a testing kit that actually meaures if there is gluten in a food or drink
It comes with a full test with instructions and everything except the food or drink that you want to know if it has gluten in it
You   only need a tiny bit of food or drink to put in the test tube the size of a a finger tip full of crumbs from the food you want to know about or the drink   you want to know about 
The test will tell you if there is no gluten in it or if it is positive  for gluten  or if it has a very high positive level of gluten in it
The website is  I think this is great you can easily check in abut 10 minutes if a food has gluten in it without having to eat it and without having to be exposed to gluten and get sick
This magazine has everything in it for the holidays and everything you need to help you out with your gluten free diet and help to control your disease. 

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, October 27, 2012



I was very sick this week at first I thought I  caught a stomach bug but then I realized it was gluten exposure
I went through the checklist of what I  had eaten for the day, and I could not figure out what I had eaten that would have made me sick
Then I went through did I do or use anything new this week then it dawned on me I bought some hand dish detergent at Giant Food Stores  ( the Ajax Hand  dish washing soap )  ) .  I went online to see if gluten could be in dish detergents and yes it can be
I usually use an organic dish detergent made by Shaklee but I was trying to cut back on  expenses so I thought I would by a regular hand detergent.
I decided to call the manufacturer  to find out if there was gluten in Ajax or Palmolive Antibacterial hand  dish soap.
The representative said we can not say yes and we can not say no, she did say that they do not put any gluten in the product when it comes to their plant but there are several ingredients in the formula to make up the detergent .   They do not know where they come from or if there is gluten in them before they come to the plant  they are made up before they come to the plant then they finish making the product at the plant. 
The representative did say if I were you I would say yes there could have been gluten in the product with the symptoms that you  encountered and I would not use the product any more.
I wanted to let you all know that this is a possibility  that gluten may be in every day store bought hand dish washing detergents.
I further noticed that there was no list of ingredients on the bottle of the dish washing detergent so I asked the representative about that there was no ingredients on the bottle.  The representative said since the dish washing detergent is not a drug  and you do not consume it by law they do not have to list their ingredients on the product . I find this appalling how are you supposed to know what is in the product .  They have several things on the bottle just not the ingredients which says something,  they do not want yo to know what is in their product.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, October 12, 2012



The Dexcom G4 Continous Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter  has just been approved by the FDA for Diabetics to control their Diabetes Blood Glucose levels
I have the Dexcom 7 and absolutely love it, which is their first meter .  It takes readings of my blood sugars every 5 minutes and stores them.  My doctor and I set up when I received  the device what my high level blood sugar that he would prefer I do not go over and what would be a safe low level .  If I go over or under the recommendations  by my doctor  for my blood sugars an alarm goes off telling me that I need to adjust my insulin for a high level result or to take sugar to control a low level result before it becomes way out of range and a medical concern.
I love this device because you set the system to levels that are high or low but they are not way out of range so that you are still in control of your disease. If you are like me I have no feeling when my blood sugars rise or drop so this system is outstanding it wakes me up when I am sleeping to let me know when my blood sugars are out of range.

The new Dexcom G4 is even better it gives you 20 feet instead of 5 feet to be away from the system it even has increased accuracy
It is lighter and smaller and comes in three different colors black Magenta pink and col bolt blue

To get in touch with a Dexcom Representative all you have to call is 1 877 339 2664  they will have on a prompt to speak with a Representative for new orders and they also have a 24 hour Representative on call for when you need help with your system

If you do not need a 24 hour Representative for help with your system the hours of operation are 6 AM until 5 PM Pacific time  Monday thru Friday

I think the website is 

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, October 8, 2012


                                  UPDATED GLUTEN FREE LIST FOR AVON PRODUCTS





Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, September 27, 2012


                                                                  ARSENIC IN RICE

Hello Everyone:

I was watching the show today The Doctors and I was half listening half doing chores in my house when suddenly my ears tuned  in fully. I said to myself ,   did I hear right one of the doctors was saying there is an alarming high  rate of Arsenic in Rice.  They say that Brown Rice is higher then White Rice
They say that the White Rice is bleached out the Brown Rice it stays in. There is still some levels of Arsenic in the White Rice just not as high.
They say the California  made Rice is lower levels of Arsenic  then the South Eastern Brand Rice

The FDA is not saying to stop eating Brown or White Rice but to lower the amount of Rice you eat.  They say to eat 1 to 2 servings per week.

This is particularly bad if you have our condition Celiac Disease with all the products that have Rice in it.

I have gone the more natural way of eating not eating Gluten Free Products just fruits vegetables  but still I was eating a lot of Brown Rice for me that will now be out.  I figure that if I  hear that something has some type of poison or something unnatural in it then it goes since there are probably a lot of other foods that I do not know about that are also hurting me.  If I can wade out the bad foods or the harmful foods and replace them with foods that have good fiber count and good nutrition that I have not heard anything bad about then this is a good approach to have for my diet

I am very concerned about this information with Arsenic in Brown & White   Rice .  I have got to get a blood test for my Type 1 Diabetes this week and I am going to ask my doctor to put an extra test  a blood test for levels of Arsenic

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Monday, September 3, 2012


                                                                  SUBURBAN ORGANICS

I just found a great website called Suburban Organics, they are located in Ottsville PA
This is a virtual delivery service for  organic fruits and vegetables.
They have I think it is 4 different  boxes of organic fruits or vegetables or a mixed box of fruits and vegetables that you  choose to be sent to your house.   You pick how often you would like the deliveries weekly biweekly or every month.  Each type of box has 4 different  prices for the  type of box you pick out.  I picked out the smallest  one which is 25.00 which includes delivery.   I chose the all fruit organic box for my area it will be delivered every Tuesday.  The delivery days go by where you live.  Every Friday they will let you know what items will be in the organic boxes for the following week.  You also when you sign up you can  put in your likes and dislikes of fruits and vegetables

If you are going on vacation or just want to skip your delivery date just let them know and they will take care of it.

The website for this is
Their telephone number is 484 833 1100 and their fax number is  484 833 1101

The organic fruits and vegetables are from farms in the area and Suburban Organics delivers to Pennsylvania New Jersey and Delaware.

They do ask that if you  are not going to be home when they deliver your box of organic produce that you have a cooler outside with ice in it so that it does not spoil before you get home with the weather right now

I just received my first box of organic produce it is outstanding, I even had in my box a fruit that I never heard of which is a pluot which is a cross between a plum and an apricot really a great piece of fruit.
My box of organic  produce consisted of organic red lettuce some Kale a huge cucumber 4 yams baby carrots 4 bananas 2 Pluots 2 nectarines 2 valincia oranges  this was the smallest box which I think is great all for 25.00 delivery included.  I think this is really great to have organic produce brought to you and  not to have to worry about pesticides  on the fruit. I am a healthy camper now.  

I think this is a fabulous company to deliver organic produce to you at a price that is great and have fresh organic produce without having to leave your house to help out with both conditions be it Diabetes or being a Celiac patient.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, September 1, 2012



I just found an all natural sweetener at Walmart in East Norriton Pa  19401 in their aisle that has sugar.
This sweetener sells for I think it was 3.50 for40 packets.  The name of it is Nectresse  so far I love it
I hate using artificial sweeteners.  I have always felt that I have enough health issues without putting in artificial products.  I always have used regular sugar to sweeten my coffee or tea then compensated the amount of insulin I needed so that my blood sugars would not go up.  I hated doing this because my blood sugars would not go up which is great but with adding extra insulin for it I always felt that I was sacrificing my weight loss goals.  I know putting a few extra teaspoons to coffee or tea should not make that much of a difference but to me every little bit counts especially if you are a Celiac along with it so it always bothered me but I felt well I am not going for artificial sweeteners so I will just have to adjust in other ways to lose the weight.

Now I do not have to worry about anything this sweetener you would never know that it is not sugar and it is 0 calories for 2 packets of sweetener .  I find that this is all I  need and I honestly can not tell the difference there is no after taste like with Stevia

Nectresse  is in the Spenda family of sweeteners this is their  natural version of Spenda, the sweetener  is made from Monk Fruit which is supposed to be very sweet naturally   Each packet of Slenda Nectresse has the same sweetness as two teaspoons of regular sugar.
You  can also bake with this product it does not matter if you use it hot or cold it will dissolve  and work perfectly for all your needs be it for baking or for hot or cold drinks. .
This is manufactured in Fort Washington PA

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


                                                     KEYS GLUTEN FREE SKIN CARE

I just discovered this website and it is fantastic.  The products are great and all natural.
They are meant for  anyone that has skin care issues  and they are free of allergens
They have anything you can think of for skin care and they also have products for your four legged friends for skin care as far as itchy skin.

What I really like about this company is that they have trial sizes of their products so you can try it out see how it works for you at a fraction of the cost of the product.  I also like that they offer you a free trial size of their products when you buy a full size product you just pay for shipping

My favorite products so far are as follows I have only tried a few products so far but I really feel that from now on this is going to be my one stop shopping from this website for skin care.
The products that I tried and loved are Keys Luminos Hydrating Moisturizer Clear foundation.  Love Love this product it has everything in it to make you and your skin come alive ad look radiant and gorgeous .

Eye  Butter Cream  This product is great it instantly lifts your eyes and takes away and under eye wrinkles and moisturizes.

Redicare Natural Healing Spray  for itching skin allergens that can be used for people or dogs it is great  and it is also gluten free for yourself or if your animal has problems with  skin allergies.
These are all I have tried so far but they have numerous products to choose from and like I said you can look at their trial section and try out one product or as many as you would like for a very low cost and shipping is also low in cost which is great to be able to try out these products and know it will  work for you and see the great results.

The website is

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, August 10, 2012


                                           NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR DOGS AND CATS

I decided to do a totally different blog today to help out our 4 legged friends.  I feel they need help too  with natural products be it from what they eat or the toys they play with.

There is a website that makes all natural products for dogs and  cats there is no dyes in the products no plastics just all natural organic products.  The website is the company is located in Chesterton Indiana  Their telephone number is 1 219 926 7604.

I love these all natural pet products ,  she has natural soaps for dogs for flea control all natural dog treats all natural hand made leashes collars and stuffed toys.  She also has conditioning shampoo bars that are amazing.

She also has organic Catnip for your feline friends   All kinds of stuffed toys that are hand made for your cat or dog.  she has cat and dog beds

I love this company very much and best of all for  your  4 legged friends she donates 5 % of her yearly sales to pet rescues

I know this is not truly  a Celiac blog but I felt that I should do a post to help out our 4 legged friends that help us out in our lives that they deserve only the best with organic home made products that are extremely reasonable and good for that friend that makes your day at the beginning of the day and when you  come home from work who  greets you at the door be it your feline friend or just your four legged buddy letting you know that they are glad you are home and that you are missed.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, August 9, 2012


                                                        NEW GLUTEN FREE MAGAZINE

There is a new Gluten Free Magazine that will start in the November /December  issue.  It is called Simply Gluten Free Magazine.  It looks like it is going to be a great one for us Celiacs.  It will have everything you can think of on Celiac Disease such as Fitness,  Entertainment,   and the issues that are are associated with Celiac Disease.

They are having a special to join the magazine you can go to their website at to join

I am very excited with this magazine I think this will really help out our community of Celiacs.

Thank you

Elle Gaffney

Wednesday, August 1, 2012




I just received an email this morning on one of my Celiac sites ( Gluten Free Is Life ) that states that Advil Liquid ?Gels and Advil Migraine are  no longer Gluten Free.
If you go on the Advil website which is it does state this now.

This does present a problem especially if you are a type 1 Diabetic on insulin and are on the Dexcom System
( which is a continuous blood Glucose system )  When you are on the Dexcom system you can not use Tylenol products it gives you a negative high result meanings it reads your blood sugar as being high when you may not be,  it corrects itself in a few hours.  The Dexcom system says that you should not use Tylenol products so now you can not use Advil  products if you are a Celiac patient I guess the only thing we can use now is Aspirin .

You can call your local Walgreens Pharmacy ,  I did this and asked them if their ibuprofen is gluten free
they said for now yes the ones that have T followed by 5 numbers is gluten free.  They called their manufacturer for me.

thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, July 26, 2012



I just started working for the Shaklee company.  I think these products are really great.  I love love their vitamins the majority of them are gluten  find the list for the gluten free vitamins all you have to do is go to my website which is .  Then all you have to do is put in the search bar gluten free products and the list of gluten free vitamins will come up.
These vitamins are truly fantastic.  My husband is not like me and he is not health conscience at all.
His work schedule has changed an now he is working over  night.  I got him the  Men's High Potency Vita-Lea  Vitamins by Shaklee, best of all when you are a member or distributor with Shaklee you get a 15% discount when ordering products which is not all bad. at all . If you would like and are interested you can join on my site as a member or as a distributor.    .  When I gave him these vitamins for the   first time he said to me you know I do not like taking vitamins they are just Horse pills that do nothing.  I said humor me and take it.  .  For the next 4 days I gave him the vitamins then I forgot to give him the vitamins the next day.  Well when he came home from work and I  made him his Dinner/Breakfast he asked for the vitamins.  I said you are asking for them he said I know I know forget what I  said before these are different they do work and they do make me feel better with taking them.  

The Shaklee company also has products for weight loss which is in the form of shakes and bars.  These are under the name  Cinch and I know the Vanilla Shake Mix is gluten free  There are a few weight loss bars that do contain gluten but most of them are gluten free.  Under the gluten free list for vitamins  they will show you which ones are gluten free .

They have Laundry Detergent in liquid or powdered form that is fantastic it really smells great, cleans unbelievably  well  and it also comes in unscented Laundry Detergent
They have unscented all Natural Dryer Sheets plus floor cleaners and any other all natural cleaning products that you can think of and they all work really well.

Enfuselle Purifying Cleanser
Prosante Purifying Shampoo
Lip Treatment
C&E Repair PM
Prosante Finishing Spray
Prosante Scalp Treatment

I did not know what this term  meant I never heard of this term before, the company said that they feel that these products are safe for Celiacs but if you have had other skin care reactions check with your doctor first just to make sure.
I went online and put this in a search bar to see if it was gluten free and it said there that
it is all natural for skin scare needs to help out with wrinkles and to  moisturize and it said that in most cases it is gluten free for skin care.

SPF 30
Moisturizing shower Gels
Eye Make Up Remover
Gentle Action cleansing Bar
Enfuselle Hydrating Cleanser
Prosante Revitalizing Shampoo
Hand And body Lotion
Eye Treatment
Hydrating Moisturizer
Time Repair AM
Balancing Moisturizer
Hydrating Toner
Purifying Toner
Infusing Mineral Masque
Lip Pencils
Pressed Powder

Instant Firming Complex
Meadow blend Bar
Replenishing Conditioner
Light Weight Conditioner

The Shaklee company is one stop shopping for all your natural needs be it skin care cleaning products or vitamins.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Sunday, July 22, 2012



                                                         AMISH COUNTRY ESSENTIALS

I was looking for some new websites for skin care the other day that were gluten free and also all natural
When I began my search I found a website that talked about getting the best product for your money and the best product that would be truly natural
On the website they talked about going to websites that have Amish all natural skin care products, I decided to give it a whirl and I came up with the website
This company is out of Ohio  the gentleman that owns it is named Shane.  He received the recipes from his mother to make all natural skin care the Amish way, if you want to speak to Shane all you have to do is go to the bar on the left hand side hit contact and find us and you will see the phone number for him.  .
Now the products do take a little bit longer to come to you I want you to be aware of that but there is a difference I feel a very big difference in a good way.
I first tried the Simply Cucumber Complexion soap, it worked great and best of all it is supposed to help out with those  lines and wrinkles we get with coming into my age .  For me it did more then that I was quite impressed with this little magical complexion bar and it smells great.
I was waiting for a shampoo from them and I had no shampoo left I debated with myself should I use the complexion bar or go out to the store and buy another shampoo that I probably will not like.
I finally decided I would try it,  I  felt it is all natural what have I got to lose.  I was a little bit petrified thinking maybe if I  used this my hair would fall out or become more drier.  I felt this would probably not happen since my face looked great and felt smooth as a babies bottom as they say.
I tried it now remember what I said before about my hair it is thin but a lot of hair and completely grey .  It  is that white grey.  I do not  like it ,  my family loves it but I do not.  I am 51 years old and to me it looks like I am in my 70's not that there is anything wrong with being 70 but if you  are 51 you want to look like 51 or even younger but I will settle for 51.
I washed it in ,  washed off  all the soap towel dried my hair and went to comb out my hair.  when I looked into the mirror I was a little bit stunned.  My hair looked a little bit darker not much but a little bit.  I thought I must be seeing things.
The next time I shampooed my hair I  looked in the mirror and once again my hair looked a little bit darker .  I am still grey but a darker grey particularly in the back of my hair.  The front of my hair almost  looks like a frosting between darker and lighter pieces  of grey  hair.  My hair has so much volume and bounce my hair is almost in a short Bob hair style now .  My hair is so soft  and the shine is magnificent .  When I am out in the sun my hair looks like tiny fire crackers going off all around my head I love love it  Usually when I shampoo my hair I have got to do so much to make it look good.  I have to put a lot of products in so my hair does not look dry or flat with this product it was just wash  and wear nothing else to do  but look great at doing nothing.  .    The Simply  Cucumber Soap has one full cucumber in it.  Now that I am hooked with this complexion bar I wanted to know if cucumbers had any effect with bringing your grey hair back to its  natural color when you were a little babe in the woods.    I went online and sure enough they do. Like I said this is gradual but for at least for me it does work.
I finally did get my other shampoo from the company but I have not even tried it yet I am so impressed with this little gem that I  just keep on using this one .  I just ordered my 2nd bar from them.  I do not think my hair will go all the way back to being black again but you never know  but for now I am extremely happy with the results .. It is  nice to get a frosting for  my hair for 4.50 from a 3.5 oz complexion bar  and it looks great with no damage to my hair, just magnificent shine volume and of course natural coloring throughout my hair.  It looks like I just went to the hair salon and spent a fortune but instead it is just my little gem from the Amish country from the website  It is  also nice to get two products in one, what a bargain.     ..

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, June 23, 2012


                                                     JOURNEYS MOTHER PELLET LOTION

I found this website about a month a go which is
I originally bought the Journeys Mother Lotion Bar and loved it but the owner of the company ( Jackie ) also sent out to me a few of her 3 quarters of an inch heart shaped Pellet Lotion.  It is the same exact product but instead of being in a soap bar form  it  is in  these heart shaped pellets.
I love love these little heart shaped pellet gems.
You just take one out rub it in your hands which melts instantly with the warmth of your hands and you just glide it  onto your skin and let it sink in to quench  the thirst of your dry parched skin.
It is like a miracle worker
She even has travel sizes of these little gems which is great just do not put them in your pocket because they will melt.
They have 4 different scents to choose from and their scents are not over powering it is a nice light fragrance.,,
almost like a light  summer evening breeze frolicking throughout   your skin

She is just coming out with a new product which is these heart shaped pellets in a all natural sunscreen
( Fabulous ) perfect timing for this time of year.

These heart shaped pellets are not on her website as of yet but you can call her and let her know that you would like  to try some and she will give you prices on this
You will not be sorry I think this product will rock for the summer time especially because it is all natural
Jackie's mobile number is 201 952 1470 and once again her website is
You have got to try out her pellets and her sunscreen pellets they really work for a fantastic quenching moisturizer for the skin that is all natural.  As the professionals say only the best will do and this in my opinion is it in a  heart shaped pellet.   Your skin will give you a big thumbs up.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, June 10, 2012



There are a couple of new blood glucose meters that have just come in the market for the US for your Diabetes Care Management
The first one I wanted to let you know about is the IBG Star Blood Glucose Meter.     This meter I like a lot I got this one for my son he is a Type 1 Diabetic that I have a hard time getting him to test his blood sugars.  I found this meter on their website and kept on trying to have our insurance company get it for him.   i finally bought it for him it is so new that it is not in stores yet and most health insurance companies do not have it in yet
It was launched in the US in the past month.
What I like the most about this meter is that it attaches to your iphone and you can have it stay there or you can take it off and when you put it back on it stores the results that you had when it was off the Iphone.
You have all your results right there and if you are having a doctor's appointment coming up or if you are having a problem with your blood sugars that you  need to have your doctor see the results so that he or she can help you manage your Diabetes better you can instantly down load your results and send them to your doctor by email.
The website for the IBG Star Meter is and their telephone number is 1855 424 7827
On their website you can fill out a form to get a discount on test strips.  The cost of the meter is 76.00 and right now the only way to get this meter is to go the website or  
I did call our local Walgreen's Pharmacy and they were able to order it for me.
My son loves this meter he says that it is so easy and it is kind of fun to use.  He says that the only draw back is that it does not come with a case for it.  I called the company today and they said that they are working on getting a case for it but for right now they do not have one

The next meter I would like to talk about is the Accu-Chek Nano this is the newest meter from Accu-Check.  It is samll sleek and is incredibly accurate for results.  I like it becuase it has a back light which makes things a lot easier when you are testing in a spot that you could stand some light while testing .
the websit eis and their telephone number is 1866 775 2016
I have not received this meter yet but I am supposed to get one shortly so I  will let you know about it then
They are giving out free meters for this one

The last meter I want to talk about is the one Touch Verio IQ this is the newest meter for Life Scan One touch meters.
This meter tells you the patterns that you have with your blood sugar results .  It will notify you of these patterns on the blood glucose meter so that you can talk it over with your doctor to make changes to help with your diabetes management.
At this time they are not offering free meters they are offering a 30.00 coupon to use towards the meter,  the meter cost around 70.00 and the strips are 40.00 but once again you can sign up for a discount card for the strips and they will take off 20.00 so the strips for 50 strips will cost you 20.00
You can call the Life Scan One Touch Site Verio IQ site at the following number 1 888 567 3003

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, June 9, 2012


                                    MORE GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS FOR SKINCARE

I just found a few more websites for gluten free skin care products that I have tried and really like.
The first one is at the website, when you are there you will see some catalogs for different products I went for the soaps and tried a few and really liked them they are super moisturizing and really lather up quite nicely.  I tried out the Unscented  Charcoal soap , the Charcoal Milk Soap and the Charcoal Lavender Soap , all of them I really liked very much .  My skin was soft supple and felt rejuvenated.
The Charcoal soaps and different products are supposed to be great for skin problems even some medical centers use charcoal for skin infections and problems of the skin.  I got the Charcoal Salve for my husband he has a spot on his calf that never goes away that is dry and inflamed.  He has tried this and it looks better now.
The soaps are like I said super moisturizing and a rich lather but they do have the color of charcoal for the lather but if it works who cares and it is supposed to be great for your face and supposed to help out with any wrinkles you might have.  .  

Another great website for dry skin is This is a lotion in the shape of a soap bar.  It is not soap but a super moisturizing bar full of deep moisturizers to give your skin a pick me up, this is for people  if you have skin like mine ( Lizard Skin ) it has really helped.  You just place the lotion bar  on the dry areas of your body  and the warmth of your skin melts the lotion onto your skin which is great you do not have a drooping drippy mess to rub into your skin . You  just have a thin layer to smooth into your skin with no residue, your skin drinks it all in.
They have 4 scents to choose from one of them of course is unscented and they even have it that you can custommize your own bar of lotion .  You have the choice of three different butters to put into it then you have a choice of three different carrier oils to put  into it then lastly you have a choice of 3 different essential oils to put into it.  I was just thinking about it and with this you could easily make up your own insect repellent in a bar of lotion for when you  are going camping or beaching at the sea shore just look up what scents the insects do not like for essential oils and you can make up your own insect repellent knowing what is going into it maybe even a repellent for your pet's skin issues. It goes onto your skin very easily and smooths into your skin right away I love the product very  much and it is labeled gluten free.  She also has Lotion Pellets which are little hearts the size of a half of an inch that are in a little bag which is great if you want to bring to  some where yo are going to or if you are traveling for a day or two and want to bring some lotion with you.  It is the same concept you just place the little heart in the palm of your hand rub together and smooth over your body.  She does have traveling Pellets which are in a little tube she does say on her website do not put this in your pockets it will melt

Another website i like is I like these a lot also they have a foot powder that is out of this world it smells so sweet and nice and it is all natural.  I had thought about getting it for my husband but I think I use it more then he does .  The ingredients in it are Cornstarch, Baking Soda , Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, Sage, Chamomile, and Tea Tree  Essential Oil..  The soaps are all natural  and their prices are very reasonable and they make great gifts

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, May 28, 2012



                                               NATURAL REMEDIES FOR SKIN CARE


Carve down your favorite bar of soap , I myself love the natural home made ones but as they say whatever floats your boat
Put the shaved soap in a small container and set aside
When you are ready to do laundry all  you have to do is take  out your container of shaved soap and take out 1 table spoon of it then take out 1 table spoon of Washing Soda which you can find in your local grocery store in your laundry aisle, then take out 1 table spoon of Borax once again will find it in your local grocery store in the laundry aisle this is now your detergent mix together and put in your washer.  If you wold like a scent just put in a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil more or less to soot your needs and this is it.  If you would like a fabric softener add a half of a cup of baking soda .


Prim rose Essential oil just take a few drops of Prim rose oil and massage into clean hands and onto your face
I also like a product that is all natural from Loving Naturals , the website is she has an anti aging cream that is out of this world all I can say is that it works


Coconut oil I love this product it works for so many things I use it as a moisturizer a hair gel , and it helps out with fly a ways with the hair.  It also is great for having extra shine .  Just rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hands then onto your hair or what ever you need for some deep moisturizing and deep conditioning


When you are in the beginning stages of a Toe Nail Fungus you  can use Menthol Ointment on the toes this works I use a natural one from Skinners Vaprorizing Salve I know last year they were giving out free samples of their product .  I love it it also helps out for minor aches and ;pains from muscle soreness and minor joint pains.  The telephone number for skinners is 1877 475 7416, the website is  This product also helps  out with bruises, stuffiness  in the nose from colds or allergies, it also helps out with scratches and insect bites.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  

Friday, May 11, 2012


                                     MY FAVORITE GLUTEN FREE SKINCARE PRODUCTS


I know this week I let you know about the Tooth Soap which I do love but I found out afterwards an  even better product that is also all natural and even better for your teeth.  This product is Herbal Tooth Powder by Luscious Garden website
This product is going to look like a charcoal colored powder and it is going to be gritty but the result in a word amazing.
It is  made out of a whole bunch of herbs that really will help your teeth and gums and best of all it is cheaper then the Tooth soap and cheaper for shipping.  I wish I found this out first.
Your breath will be so fresh and your teeth will look so good and so polished.
I truly love it I know i said this about the Tooth Soap and at the time I did feel that way but if I find something even better I am going to let you know about my experiences with a product.  This product is also supposed to last you for three months and I think the product costs 12.00 and I think it was 2.00 for shipping so for a product that works and looks and feels great and it will last for three months this is great.


I love the products from the website
She also have products for skin care and for for household care so you have everything in one spot which is great.  she also has which I really love an all natural nail polish which to me is great to have an all natural nail polish wit6h no chemicals to it that looks great and you know what you are putting on your nails is not poisonous .
I also work for Mary Kay my website is their mineral make up is outstanding it really hides  any imperfections in your skin.  The moisturizer I also love very much it makes my skin feel soft and supple

I just found a natural website for house hold care formulas which I really love .  I do not work for them but they are really so nice and they really work
The website is and the product that I really like on this website is the Luv My Laundry it smells so nice and cleans so well this will become your go to product for laundry care.  I have not ried yet the other products but when I do i will let you know what I think about them.


I found this company about I guess it was about 7 months ago and I love it she makes the products herself and they are really great.  The website is
They are very economical and I just love all her products.  She will also make any scents that you would like her to make .  I asked her to make a Rosemary Mint   scent which she did and it is magnificent.  I love her Lotions they are great they really work with my dry skin areas.      My son's girl friend laughs at me with  all my natural products she says to me all the time come on EL see the light stop using the natural products.  I decided to get her some of the products from Soapy sue.  I purchased for her some natural soaps in Tahitian Musk and a couple of Bath Balms in the Tahitian Musk.  I gave it to her and she said well I do like the smell to it and after she tried it she said to me well that was really very nice thank you.
I converted her she now when she gets low with the soaps and balms asks me to get her some more which I gladly do.

I hope this helps you out in your quest for  not just gluten free but also natural products

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney      

Saturday, May 5, 2012



                                                                           TOOTH SOAP

Once again something a little bit out there but the newest craze for dental care is Tooth Soap
I saw this because I was looking for a more natural tooth paste.
I have tried a few and thought they were ok but i wanted something even more natural.
I found this product and it really excited me and it also was a little bit afraid at the same time.  It made sense to use this product for proper brushing of my teeth but it also I was  not sure if I was making a mistake.  After further reading about tooth soap ,,  I felt like I was making the right decision.  Countless people were talking about the benefits of ditching regular tooth paste and getting tooth soap.  They said that it was much more natural and that if you had sensitive teeth this would help if you had any dental issues at all this product could save you a trip to the dentist.
Countless customers said that they had gingivitis and it made their gums normal again.
After hearing all this and seeing that it was gluten free I was hooked .
I thought well it will probably taste really bad but when I got it it really taste ok.  .  Your moth and teeth just feel really clean.  
There are a couple different forms of this, you can get it in drops  which you would just put one to two drops on your tooth brush and brush away.  You can get it like a tooth past and this form you just put it on like a tooth paste, but you only use a pea size or you can get it in shreds .  This you just place 1 shred on your molars bite down for a few minutes wet your tooth brush and begin to brush, of  course rinse your moth when you are finished.  .
It comes n a few different flavors which is nice
I began looking for more natural tooth paste when seeing that a lot of times in articles they were saying that Flo ride is not good for you and that the other things in tooth paste are not good for  you either so this is how I began my search for a good natural tooth paste that would help my teeth and gums.
You will have to make your own decisions with this but for me I am really interested in this form of a natural product.  The ingredients in the tooth soap I bought are as follows Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil,Coral  Calcium , Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Spring Water and essential oil.  I did the Spearmint  Flavor
There are many different websites for this I found this at
You can go online and go to your search engine and put in Tooth Soap and get all the  information on Tooth Soap to form your own opinion

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I just discovered this new process called Earthing.  I know some of you  are probably thinking this woman is out there well maybe I am but after looking into  this process I am convinced it works
When you have a chance go into  your web browser and put in Earthing and you too  will be amazed as much as I have been.
This is the process of getting back to Nature and quite possibly taking away the pain and inflammation in your body from chronic diseases like Diabetes like Celiac Disease and many other autoimmune diseases.
What you  do is quite simple you just go outside in the morning when there is due on the grass put your bare  feet into the grass and walk bare foot on the grass or  just sit with your bare feet in the grass for up  to 40 minutes.
Evidently there is electrical currents going through the ground that are good currents and you absorb those currents through your bare feet and they begin to work to rebuild your body
They say this process will lower blood pressure they even say to talk this procedure over with your doctor because you might have to lower your medications and it can lower blood sugars it can help you sleep better and it can take away pain.
They even say that this process will also make you look younger and feel younger not all bad for something that is free.  It also helps with losing weight because you  are losing the inflammation in your body so there is nothing for your body to hold the weight on
I have been doing for this for about a week now and love it, after I  am done I  feel more calm and I just feel less stressed.
There is a book on this called Earthing by Clint Ober Steven Sinatra and Mark Zucker it is really a great book and what do you have to lose.  It is something right outside your door and if it helps to make your body rejuvenate itself why not try  it.
They say in the book when you go to the Sea Shore and you walk  on the beach you  instantly feel better you think it is because you are at the shore and the sea air this is part of it the other part is that you have done the process of grounding yourself with nature the same way with what I am asking you  to try of course if you are a Type 1 Diabetic like me just watch where you  are walking so you do not get anything in your feet that might be harmful to your feet like sticks or other sharp objects.
Dr. OZ and Dr. Mercola have done shows on this saying how wonderful it is on your body.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Friday, April 27, 2012


                                                                    NUSKIN PRODUCTS

I am now a distributor for NuSkin Products, these products are amazing and very good for your skin .
It is like one stop shopping it has everything shaving creams shampoos moisturizers make up make up brushes and moisturizers
My website is
The following products do contain gluten

The rest of the products are gluten free , you will not be sorry with these products they will  help your skin to become more youthful and well moisturized. There is under each product a tab that says learn more which will then have a tab for the ingredients of each product just to make sure that the ingredients have not changed. You can also email me for the list that is on this website and I will be glad to send it to you .  My email address is

Thank You
Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, April 26, 2012


                                                       ORGREENIC FRYING PANS

I just bought the Orgreenic Frying Pans ,   they do take a long time to come in but  they are worth the weight
these pans are fantastic.
My husband said to me that he bought me these pans to have it separate from our regular pans.  He said  with the different color you will know which pans to use and this way it will not have an accidental gluten exposure.  I was very happy to get them any way because by the commercial they seemed great.
They are more then I thought they would be, the ease with cooking is magnificent.  I have made many things with them and best of all it is one pan from stove to oven.

I make in the mornings a fantastic dish I  toast some gluten free bread about three or four slices place in the bottom of the pan  then put in about a cup of shredded Spinach 1 tomato  1 sliced avocado 1 sliced cooked chicken breast I put it on top of the toast at the bottom of the pan.  then I scramble 6 eggs and put in 1 half of a cup of Vanilla Almond Milk
I cook that in the pan until the edges with the eggs have formed then i put in about a cup of shredded cheese let it sit for minute then transform it to the preheated oven pan and all for 15 minutes.    This is at 350 degrees
Take it out of the oven of course making sure you use an oven mit and cut into four slices.

The clean up is a snap you just put a little soap and water  rinse it off wipe it down with  a paper towel
think about it melted cheese in an oven coming right off this does not happen and to have one pan for everything

I am going to try next making a pizza with it I love  love it the website is

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

                                                    GLUTEN FREE BEAUTY WEBSITE

I discovered a very nice website for Anti Aging Products that are Gluten Free
The person that is the owner of this website also has food Intolorances and Celiac disease
After she experimented with a lot of products that she would have reactions to she decided to start making her own products.
Her website is
She has a Facial Smoothing  Stick that is to die for.  It works particularly well with the Mineral Powder make up
I use it with My Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation and it looks great.
It makes my make up have a more finished look to it, almost like  a professional has done it when it is only me
I get many raves from it.
You just wash your face with your favorite cleanser put your moisturizer on then take out your Facial Smoothing Stick.  Put the stick on where you might have some  wisdom lines around your mouth and around your eyes and forehead,  then sweep over with your Mineral Foundation and you  are done put your lip stick on, perfume  get dressed for the day and go  out  the door .  You will be looking like you can conquer anything for the day .  You will feel it inside and out
For the men in the group you can also use this for you just shave in the morning and you can take out this stick and put it in on your wisdom lines if you have any and you will be set for the day .  She does give you a little sponge to blend it in and you  are set.  .
She does have other anti Aging Products this is just my favorite one

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


                                                                      SOAPY SUE WEBSITE

I just wanted to do a second post on this website I love love these products and she has expanded with so many new ones.  she has practically everything but make up
She has soaps, candles lotions creams perfumes solid perfumes Laundry detergent bath salts
if you your self or a family member has issues like me with products this is the place to go.  she has unscented scented products.
The prices are really reasonable  and  economical.
They really work and they are all natural.
I am told by the owner that her daughter and herself both have issues with products that is why she started making these products
The laundry detergent is made from 3 ingredients, it   is made from Washing Soda , Borax and a bar of natural soap that she makes.
Usually I can not have anything with  a scent  in it but with her products I can  use the Rosemary Mint scent which is just in a word magnificent .  It is like a botanical garden to enlighten your scenses with delight.
She just came out with this scent and she just came out with a liquid shampoo.  I tried this and loved  it.
She had given me a sample of the shampoo to try and like I said it was heavenly.
I just ordered the liquid shampoo and the detergent  in the Rosemary scent for both products the cost of it was around $11.75
If you do not see a scent that you would like to have in a product you can email her on her sight and I know she will do her best to come up with that scent.
The website is
I hope you will take a look on her website and see how great these products are.
I do not think  you will be disappointed I know I am not I just think that these products are fantastic and I want her to do well with her products since she works so hard to accommodate customers and to make such high quality products.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney .  

Sunday, April 22, 2012


                                    MARY KAY SKIN CARE IS MOSTLY GLUTEN FREE

I am told that all products for Mary Kay skin Care is gluten free except the following




Everything else is gluten free the Mary Kay Mineral Foundations is to die for i love it.  I am now 51 and I am getting those pesky little lines around my mouth and around my eyes the Mineral Foundtions instantly takes them all away poof gone

I just joined as a Mary Kay representative  and I am also an Avon representative
My websites are as follows and for my Mary Kay website it is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, April 21, 2012


                                                                  SHADES OF AWARENESS

I love this website it is a website that has jewelry to help spread awareness to different types of diseases.
She has everything you can think of and if you do not see something that yo would like she will make up something that you would like
She has bracelets and earrings., I have a bracelet for Celiac disease and Lyme disease awareness.
I also have a pear of earrings for Diabetes awareness
the website is
The bracelet is very dainty and pretty I have had lots of raves reveiws on it and when I explain that the little bead that i have on it is for Celiac Disease and Lyme disease awareness then it even gets more raves for it.
Please  take a look at her website and see how great her jewelry is and purchase one of her bracelets or earrings to spread the word. What is nice  about her website that it is not just for Celiacs but any type of illness that maybe one of your family members is going through  this way you can help them out too.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


                                                      NEW WEBSITE FOR LOSING WEIGHT

There is a new website that just launched for members like me that are trying to lose weight.
I love this website it is free to join they have lots of information and  you just sign up put your information in that they request and they will give you  all the information you need to get started.  This is a website that just gives you  general information to help you out with losing  weight.  It is not just  meant for Celiacs it is meant for any one that wants to sign up to get the help they need to lose weight.
They  give you how much calories you should have per day and  they have charts for you to put in  for how  much excersice you have done for the day and a food log to log in.  They also have goals that you can set up and when you have reached those goals you can get a prize from them that you get to pick out. they have some nice prizes to choose from.  .

You can reach out to other members for support that have joined the site and they will give you information that they have come across  to help you out.

The website is

I just joined the website this  morning I will let you know how it goes but I do think it is very helpful for trying to fight the battle of the bulge

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, April 15, 2012

                                     WINDRIFTHILL SOAPS AND BATH ACCESSORIES

I found another great website for Soaps Shampoos and Bath Accessories.
They have many soaps,  shampoo bar, s lotions,  bath salts,  and bath oils to choose from
The shampoo bars you can also use as a shaving cream for shaving which is great , the shampoo bars and soaps are only $4.00 a bar which is quite a bargain.
These products are all natural and the main ingredient is Goat's Milk
They have some really nice accessories for bath needs.  They have crocheted  wash cloths, all natural crocheted  cotton dish cloths and all natural scrubbies for dishes, they also have boars head bath brushes.
I purchased the Carrot Aloe Shampoo Bar,  an all natural fiber  dish  cloth that can be used up to a year without getting a mold on it and also a boars head bath brush.
All the products were superior in quality.  I loved the Carrot Aloe Shampoo Bar.  It had lots of suds to it and it made my hair have a lot of shine to it.  As I have stated before I now   have short Grey hair so if it is the least bit dry it is going to show.  My hair felt super soft but at the same time had a lot of volume to it.   The Carrot Aloe Shampoo bar is  unscented .  They do have many scents to choose from but for me it has to be unscented with my reactions to scented products.
This company is great if you have friends or relatives or maybe even your self that have allergy needs to skin care this is the place to go to.  They have everything you can think of to make up a nice present for them without breaking the bank but showing that you  care about their needs.
Their website is, they are located in Montana, their telephone number is 1 406 278 5872
This company I really love their prices are fantastic and the quality of their products really show through in their products .  I want you to know I do not work for this company I wish I did their products are in a word amazing.
The Carrot Aloe Shampoo bar left my skin and hair feeling squeaky clean but at the same time well moisturized.
They also sent out to me a sample of their Body Butters which was an Apricot one.  it is great it is rich in emollients  and instantly sinks into the skin.
You will love all their products I know I do and will keep on coming back for more.
I just wish they also had an all natural clothes detergent then it wold truly be one stop shopping but for now  what they do  have  is great.,  I just want to say thank you to them for having such great products and having it at affordable prices.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, April 6, 2012

                                                      THE   IMAGE BEAUTY COMPANY

I just discovered this company and the best part for shampoos and conditioners they have a gluten free line.
The line is their AG line.
I tried their volumizing AG Shampoo and it was great.  I have very short straight hair and I have a lot of it but it is fine in many shampoos after shampooing it looks flat.  I saw that their shampoo was gluten free and even states this on the bottle and they are all natural and full of natural botanical s
I just ordered their volume  light conditioner and their volume  hair gel I can not wait to try these out.
The website is, they are located in New Jersey and their telephone number is 1-856 335- 0415.
The products range from $9.00 on up ,   I think they are well worth it.  The Volume Shampoo had a nice light scent to it which at first I was a little bit concerned because usually if it has a scent I break out in hives from it but with this product I did not, it   left my hair soft full of volume and very shinny.
The customer service staff is great they are very helpful for members in the gluten free world.
You have got to try out these products they are really very good and gluten free.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As you know I have been striving to get more of a list of Avon Products with their ingredients so that Avon Representatives and customers know before they buy  a product what is in the product.
I did receive a gluten free list about a half of a year ago which I am very thankful to have.
This is on one of my blogs.
I wanted to know for new products that have come out how you can find out if the product has any gluten in the product or other known allergies that might make it easier for a customer to purchase one of Avon's products..

I emailed   the higher echelons  with Avon yesterday writing to them about numerous topics one being my allergy concerns for customers that would like to purchase Avon products but do not know the ingredients in them so they are reluctant to buy them other then the ones that I wrote about.

I went to the top to the President's office and was told that you can access the ingredients all you have to do is go to go to the search box type in a product or a category of a product.  I put in there gluten free lipsticks numerous lip sticks came up .  I clicked a few and right there it says ingredients and they have the whole list for you to check out what is in a product.  I never knew that we had this option which is great.

I do not know when they put this in but it is great that they have done this, I have been asking and asking for this and finally it is here.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, March 24, 2012



Between April and May Giant Food Stores will be acquiring a lot of the Genuardi's Food Stores
They are planning a lot of changes for the better for customers with dietary needs
I have heard that they will be labeling throughout the store which items are gluten free so that if you are a new Celiac or just for dietary needs need to be on a gluten free diet it will be easier for yo to know which foods are gluten free and which foods are not gluten  free.

My understanding is that they will still have the gluten free organic aisles but they will also be going through out the rest of the store to let you know if a product is gluten free.  There will be a tag saying that it is gluten free on the shelf

I think this is a fantastic idea particularly if you have a friend or family member that is trying to help you out and goes into the store not really knowing which products you can have  but wants you  to feel comfortable if you are coming to their house.  This way they might not know everything there is to know about Celiac Disease but they will know that a product is gluten free without second guessing.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, March 22, 2012



I called the offices of Maybeline  make up   Yesterday and asked them if they could tell me which lines of their make up is gluten free.
The representative was very helpful she went through a couple of the lines and came up with these  that are gluten free.



Super Stay Lip Stick 10 Hr. 14 Hr. 24 Hr.



Instant Age Rewind Firming foundation SPF 18 Full Coverage

Fit Me Firming Foundation SPF 18 Light Coverage



Expert Ware Duos



Colossal Volume Express up in Yellow Tube


Also for Cover Girl their Blast Flip Stick Lip Stick is Gluten Free this has two sides to it one side is a gloss with a different color the other side is a cream with a different color.  You put the gloss on your upper lip and the cream on the lower lip then pucker your lips and you have one great color on your lips


thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, March 10, 2012



It was about 4 or 5  years ago that I was diagnosed with  Celiac disease,and I am also a type 1 diabetic.
My diabetes is in pretty good shape My A1C'S which are your blood sugar levels for three months are always in normal ranges.  My A1C's are between 6.2 to 6.7
I discovered a unique discovery I stopped using dairy in my diet and began drinking Almond milk.  I am on the heavy side
Almost immediately I began to feel thinner, I have only been doing this for about a month but I  have lost now 10 lbs just by doing this change in my diet.  I am also watching what I am eating but no real changes.
Since using the Almond Milk I use the Almond Breeze Vanilla Milk.  My insulin levels have dropped significantly.
I am on an insulin pump, I use the Animas Ping Pump.  Before using the Almond Milk my basal dosage ( which is the insulin I use to make my blood sugars work without eating any food) my insulin dosage for the basal rate was about 70 units per day , now it is 39 units per day.  This is totally  amazing to me.  I have never had my insulin levels this low.  I went on line and sure enough it was even there saying that if you are a diabetic your insulin levels might drop by using Almond Milk in your diet.
If my insulin levels are normal between 80 and 90 and I am about to eat a meal I have to be careful how much insulin I use.  The old saying less is more.  I can not believe this change in my appearance since I dropped the dairy in my diet and have adopted using almond milk in my diet.  Another trick  I do for high blood sugars is to take about 2 table spoons of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar followed by a glass of water.  This really helps me with lowing my blood sugar and majority of the time I do not need to take extra insulin but of course sometimes I do still but it really helps. You do have to be care ful at least for me it really lowers my blood sugars rapidly.
I hope this information helps you , please look more into this and consult your doctor but this has really helped me out

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 26, 2012



The Kinnikinnick Hamburger Rolls are more then just good, they are great.
In most cases particularly when it comes to gluten free rolls they just do not taste like what you remember when you were able to eat gluten.  Oh you can tolerate them.  You say to your self well for a gluten free roll these are not bad , I can eat these, but these rolls are not that case, if I had to say one word to describe these gluten free rolls that one word would be real .  They do not taste gluten free they taste like hamburger rolls not gluten free but real hamburger rolls but they are gluten free and they are delicious.  I have not had a hamburger with a hamburger roll for so long because I knew what it should taste like and I have longed for that taste but knew I would be disappointed.  I usually do not eat red meat so this was a big choice to try this out and you know what it was sinfully good.  The hamburger roll was just out of this world good.  It tasted like a home made fresh out of the oven good roll.
They also have hot-dog rolls which are equally as good
One of the things I love about these rolls is that they are also extremely good for you too.
They are gluten free dairy free and nut free.
They have 5 grams of fiber 1 gm of sugar and 2 grams of protein they have 150 calories per roll
These rolls are in a word memorable,  from a time you could have gluten but you get the best of two worlds taste like a real roll with all the nutritional  value that you need when you have this disease.
The kinnikinnick  website is www. and their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You will not be surprised with trying out these rolls you will be every bite you take weather it is the hamburger or the hot dog roll.  They are the real deal, try some for yourself and you will have like I had a great smile on your  face in utter delight.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, February 25, 2012



I found another great website for  personal care items.  She also has everything and the soaps are a work of of natural art.  They are in a word  beautiful without being to heavy in fragrance just enough to feel beautiful inside and out. I still can not have much in fragrance because of my allergies so I  chose the Baby Suds Shampoo Bar which is unscented   and it was great, she has scented and unscented soaps .  No reactions just soft shinny manageable hair.  My skin felt well pampered and nurtured from the inside out.  .  She has many to choose from to soot your fancy.  She has lip balms and will be coming out with creams and lotions  in the near future.
She even has not forgotten your canine friends that have allergies to skin care products.  The name of her canine soap is Bowser's  Bubbles it is also a work of art for your Canine friends it is made out of Olive oil, Palm oil, sunflower oil, Palm Kernal oil, coconut oil, wheat Germ oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, vitamin E, Teatree oil and mint essential oils .. Do not use on Cats.
I  tried this on my dog this morning and he smelled and looked great.
He even enjoyed his bath, his fur was soft shinny and easy to comb out.  .
I think that it is really great that soap companies are also starting to realize to make also soaps for dogs to help out with their skin care problems.  We know how we feel when we break out from skin allergies to skin products so we know when our Canine friends are scratching away and biting what they are going through.  We want to get something anything to ease their pain  Now we have an answer for them from this website
Lindevere Hand made soaps"s website is and her telephone number is 406 826 2862 Her email address is
You can always call her if you  have an allergy to something that is in  one of her soaps and she will adjust it to what you would like or need.  She does know a lot about Celiac Disease, when I had asked about the Dog soap to try out for my dog she had said to me I am a little bit concerned about sending that one out to you because it has Wheat Germ Oil in it.  I let her know that my husband is going to be bathing our little bundle of furriness but I appreciate that you thought of that.  I really think her soaps are fabulous I hope you think so too.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, February 20, 2012



I just tried these breads and rolls and they are outstanding.  It so nice to have bread real bread that is just as soft of a bread that I used to have before I was diagnosed with having Celiac Disease.  These breads are more then just great tasting they also have great nutritional value to them.  Two slices of the bread have 5 grams of fiber to them .It has 150 calories  for the two slices of bread.
This bread is so good, it is soft and has a great taste to it.  You do not have to toast it to make it soft it already is
It makes fantastic sandwiches you will never know that there is no gluten in it.  You just get the benefits of having a great tasting sandwich and has fantastic nutritional value to it
The Hamburger Rolls  and Hot Dog rolls are also outstanding.
Right now the only way to get this bread is online but soon it may be in a store near you.
You will not be sorry with choosing this gluten free  bread it truly is a winner.
My favorite sandwich this bread is cashew butter and bananas it is so good.
The website is   Please take a look at their website and see for your self how great these breads are They have a Multi Grain Bread and a White Bread that is soft and wonderful.
I can not wait to get some more in to the cupboards.
The breads are free of gluten free of wheat free of Dairy and Free of Peanut but they taste magnificent.  Their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You have got to try out these breads and rolls for yourself.  .

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Loving Naturals Skin Care products is just what the title states it is an all natural company that goes onto your skin in a loving way.  The products are 100% all natural, they come in scented and unscented. so you get to choose what goes onto your skin.  They have 16 different products to choose and they are in a word amazing . They  bring back youth  to your face, it is like getting a face lift without going under the knife and far less expensive.  If you are looking for  skin care  products that do  what they say they will do to enhance and bring back what you used to have you found it with this company.  The  cost of these products is very reasonable and best of all free shipping so how can you go wrong.
I first tried their Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body Lotion which comes in sizes 8oz. and 16 oz. and sells for 7.99 for the 8 oz size and for the 16 oz. size 14.99.  I loved it and thought I wonder if they have a face cream for those pesty little lines that come in when you become my age in your 50's,  sure enough they did I bought that  cream and I noticed a difference in about a week.  The lines that had formed around my mouth were disappearing and my skin felt alive again.  I was truly amazed.  I have tried most of all their products and love them.  They have an all natural Sunscreen Lotion that blocks UVA and UVB and is water resistant and it is safe for babies.  They also have an all natural insect Rellent   to help out when you are outside in an envirement that you want to be protected .  They have two different body washes one with Aloe and one with Hemp which I love.  I even used the Aloe Body Wash as a shampoo and it worked beautifully.
My hair was soft and without any tangles and had a lot of volume and shine.  They have two different lip balms one with an SPF 30 and one without and of course scented and unscented.
I love all these products but if I had to pick three of my top rated products that would be The Anti Aging Cream   ( this to me is the best product it works )  The Aloe  Body Wash ( it softens skin and makes it become more  youthful with every use )  and the Loving Naturals Hand and Body Lotion.  This  company cares about your skin , you will notice a difference for the better.
I have noticed a huge difference I love these products, I do not work for this company but I wish I did the products just do what they say they will do without any reactions  at least this is what they have done for me.
I do not know to many companies that have reasonable prices for their skin care products and offer free shipping.
How can you go wrong with trying out these products.  I hope you get to see the results that I have and love them as much as I do.
The website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney         

Monday, February 13, 2012


This bakery is located on 921 Penllyn Pike in Blue Bell Pa  19422, their telephone number is 267 708 0984.
The owner is John Rorer, he is outstanding he does so much for the Celiac community.  He has several of his products in kid's schools that are gluten free.  His brownies are to die for they are so good, frankly all his products are amazing.  The schools that he is in right now are The Montgomery County Community College, Penn Charter School Chestnuthill Academy, Spring Side Academy School and Germantown Academy. If you wold like your child's school to  have his products I am sure all you will have to do is call him and he will make it happen.  He even does mail order

These are some of the products that he has that are gluten free.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Lemon Square Cookies
Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Mint Iced Brownies
Raspberry Iced Brownies
Cream Cheese topped Brownies ( My personal favorite )
Walnut Brownie Biscotti
chocolate Chip Biscotti
Orange Pistachio Biscotti
gluten Free Dairy Free Muffins             Apple Cinnamon
                                                           Blue Berry
                                                           Chocolate chip
He has also Gluten Free Bread from Aramath Bakery in Lancaster PA

Here are some locations that carry The  Little Bakery Gluten Free Products

Rorer's Market Broadaxe PA

Costa's Deli  Ambler PA

Infussion coffee Mt. airy Pa

Ana's Corner Store East norriton PA

Weaver's Way Coop Chestnuthill PA  19118
Weaver's Way Coop Mt. Airy PA

Anne's kitchen table Glenside PA

Keswick Coffee Glenside PA

The Market Gladwynne PA

Gryphon Cafe wayne PA

Gem Drops and Sprinkles Wayne PA

Cedar House Cafe  North Western Avenue

Edward Freeman Conshohocken PA

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Friday, February 10, 2012



There is a new Celiac Allergy Free Magazine and best of all the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has given a 5.00 coupon for a 1 year subscription and a 10.00 coupon code for a subscription for 2 years.
The price for the 1 year subscription with the coupon  code is 14.99 regularly 19.99
The price for the 2 year subscription with the coupon code is 19.99 regularly  29.99
This magazine  is very good and very helpful it has all kinds of information for Celiacs and for people that have allergies either from food allergies or from skin allergies.  The magazine comes out 4 times a year for the one year subscription. and it comes out 8 times a year for the 2 year subscription.
The website is and the coupon code for the 1  or two year subscription is org2178nfca .
You just choose if you want a 1 year subscription or a 2 year subscription and you will have the amounts taken off for whatever you choose.
Their email address is and their telephone number is 1888 771 7747
You have two ways in getting your subscription started you can go onto the website and put your credit card information in or you can go on the website and get the mail in form and send the mail in form with your check or money order

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, February 8, 2012




I just found a great websites for laundry detergent and for personal care items.  She has everything soaps shampoo bars, roll  on perfume, solid perfumes,
She has scented and unscented products.
I just tried the detergent and love it.  This  is a detergent made out of Borax Washing Soda and soap,
this really cleaned my clothes and I did use a scented one and it was magnificent
I chose Midnight Cove and it smelled heavenly it was not to heavy of a scent it was a light refreshing scent and did not cause any havoc with my skin.  I washed  my sheets, blankets and my night gown and they just smelled and looked great and the best  part her prices are very affordable even in these economic times
I also bought one of the Roll On Perfume, I purchased the Honey Suckle Jasmine scent it is beautiful and once again a great price .3oz. and I think  it was 4.25 plus tax and shipping.
The website is
This I really think is a great website especially  for the fact with every product you have the option to have it with a scent or without a scent .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney