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Monday, November 30, 2015


                                                   FRENCH TOAST MUG

I usually do not do recipes on my blog because there are a million or more recipes out there but this one I could not resist . I  figured I could easily do this recipe gluten free and even safe for diabetics.
I tried it and I not only liked it i loved it and it is so simple to make

2 pieces gluten free bread

1 egg

a quarter cup  of milk

1 Table spoon butter

1 teaspoon cinnamon more if you like cinnamon

1 table spoon sugar

Syrup or jam of your choice

Melt the 1 Tablespoon of butter in a mug that can go into a microwave for 30 seconds take out of the microwave.  Put the 1 Tablespoon of sugar or sugar substitute then the quarter cup of milk the egg and the cinnamon
Then crumble the two slices of bread into the mixture and stir .  Now they say microwave for 5 minutes for my microwave it is 3 minutes so for the first time it might be trial and error but this is so good.  Then just put your choice of syrup or jam on it and there you have a hot breakfast with protein that taste great and no fuss no mess.  Just sheer enjoyment. I was thinking about this and you could mix the wet ingredients in a mug with a lid to it bring two slices of the gluten free bread in a plastic bag .  bring your syrup or jam with you to work and you could just microwave it there when you get to work or for your break and there you have a great meal

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Norwex products


I just wanted  to let you know about the Norwex company.  Love love their products .  My favorite products are the Kitchen Cleaning Products .  These are all natural organic environmental  cleaning cloths that make cleaning a snap and almost fun to do.
For the kitchen I love love the Kitchen Cloth for 9.99 this is so amazing I can clean almost all my dishes with just the cloth and water .  I do not have to buy any dish detergent.  Just hot water and the cloth even stuck on food comes right off without any elbow grease
If I feel that I need a little more help with a pot or pan such as my son forgetting to clean a pot out or pan and leaving in the sink until the end of the day.  I just break out my Kitchen Scrub cloth and in no time flat clean as a whistle with out any worry about thinking am I going to have a reaction to the dish detergent.   There is no dish detergent needed just some warm water and the cloth and you are good to go.  Just rinse out when you are done and hang to dry.  Once a week just wash the cloths separately in the washer with a chemical free detergent
You can check out these great cloths on my website .  When I believe in a product I like to really get my hands into the company and be a part of it so I am now apart of this company.  My website is  to get to these great cloths when you are on my web page just hit shop now then go to Kitchen cleaning and you will see them there.  I also really like the window cloth this really does a great job on mirrors and windows just like all of their cloths all is needed is water and the cloth
I hope you are doing well
Thank you

Ellen Gaffney