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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Norwex products


I just wanted  to let you know about the Norwex company.  Love love their products .  My favorite products are the Kitchen Cleaning Products .  These are all natural organic environmental  cleaning cloths that make cleaning a snap and almost fun to do.
For the kitchen I love love the Kitchen Cloth for 9.99 this is so amazing I can clean almost all my dishes with just the cloth and water .  I do not have to buy any dish detergent.  Just hot water and the cloth even stuck on food comes right off without any elbow grease
If I feel that I need a little more help with a pot or pan such as my son forgetting to clean a pot out or pan and leaving in the sink until the end of the day.  I just break out my Kitchen Scrub cloth and in no time flat clean as a whistle with out any worry about thinking am I going to have a reaction to the dish detergent.   There is no dish detergent needed just some warm water and the cloth and you are good to go.  Just rinse out when you are done and hang to dry.  Once a week just wash the cloths separately in the washer with a chemical free detergent
You can check out these great cloths on my website .  When I believe in a product I like to really get my hands into the company and be a part of it so I am now apart of this company.  My website is  to get to these great cloths when you are on my web page just hit shop now then go to Kitchen cleaning and you will see them there.  I also really like the window cloth this really does a great job on mirrors and windows just like all of their cloths all is needed is water and the cloth
I hope you are doing well
Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, September 25, 2015

Giant Food Stores


I wanted to let you know that it used to be that only a select few of the Giant stores had lower prices then others.   Some even had much higher prices.  The sale items in all their stores stayed the same but their every day items that were not on sale had different prices for different Giant Food Stores

Starting this week a majority of the Giant Food stores are lowering their store items  to be the same for all their Giant stores.

This will be completed in the next three weeks but the majority stores have had this done starting this week.

So check out your  Giant Food store and you will  be surprised that the prices are lowered

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  all natural and organic products for cleaning the house cleaning your body and cleaning your dog all at reasonable prices

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Celadonroad Men's Shampoo Bar


                                                  Celadon Road Shampoo bar

Hello again

I just wanted to write again and tell you how much I love love the Men's Shampoo bar It lathers really well has a very slight clean scent and it only cost $7.00 but this is more than a shampoo bar.  It is a bar of splendor, it is like having a high quality facial moisturizer, a high quality body moisturizer and just an everything bar that makes you feel like a king or queen.
Each time I use this bar I find something more that I like abut it.  The last time I showered I used it to wash my face.  Usually after I take a shower I have to put on a thick moisturizer.   My skin is so tight and dried out after I  take a shower.
I went to do my usual routine to get my skin is some sort of shape  I was surprised to fined out I did not need to do anything.  My skin was so soft and  well moisturized.  I was really shocked.  My skin when I looked in the morning looked great  The rest of my building felt well moisturized and felt wonderful.  .  My  hair looked the best I  have seen it in a long time.  It was shinny soft feeling and it had body to it.  My husband was rubbing my back the other day and said that moisturizer you have been using has made a world of difference.  Your skin is so soft.   I said to him it is not  the moisturizer I have not used it  I t  is the new shampoo bar that I  just started using.
I hope you can think about trying this great product.  Once again my website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney    

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hint Water

                                                         Hint Water

I just purchased this water and love it.  It is Diabetic friendly for types 1 and 2 and it is also Vegan and Gluten Free.
It taste great, it is all natural and organic
They have many many flavors to choose from Peppermint,  Honeydew, Strawberry Kiwi , and so much more there are about 15 different flavors to choose
On the company website which is you can buy a case of water there other wise Giant food Store do carry it.  A bottle of this water sells for 1.39  at some Giants other Giants will be 1.59 for one bottle.  I do not know if you know this but not all Giants are priced the same.
Some Giants will be priced higher if they are not near a store that  they are competing with.  for instance the following Giants are lowered in price then other by more then and it can be 20 50  more cents.  Flourtown zip code 19031 is one of the lowest Bluebell Conshohocken and Plymouthmeeting are one of the higher ones.  
There is nothing added to this water except the except the fruit essence of fruit

I hope you enjoy them

Ellen Gaffney

Celadonroad Products


I know I did a post on the Celadonroad Products but I wanted to do a second one just to tell you how much I love these products.
I joined as a consultant , I was not planning to really do this as a business but I  thought they have a special right now for 69.00 where you join and they send out a handful of products to try out.  I thought these are the products I  wanted to have any way I might as well join in.  Well I got to tell you the products are amazing , I received the Lemon/Mint glass cleaner.  This smells so nice and you can clean everything with it.  It is a full size product.  I also received their laundry detergent which did a great job.   This has an extremely light fragrance when finished you can barely smell it just real clean clothes with no reactions.  It also comes with an odor eliminator which is great because it is fragrance free but it cleans the air and it is also good for cleaning your clothes that might have odors to them.  It also comes with a stain remover and a jewelry cleaner and a lavender hand soap plus a few other products.  I purchased the Men's Shampoo bar.  I love this so much.  This is so moisturizing and it only has about 7 ingredients in it. It only costs 7.00   I had said to the person that let me know about the products that I swear with only one shampoo my hair just feels like it has come alive again and I swear it looks darker.  I know it has Rosemary essential oils in it.  She responded to me that yes it will do that that it does help with grey hair that it has the Hair oil in it that they sell separately that is known to help with grey hair.  I would love to shout to the whole world about these products so far everyone that I have tried out is a winner.
Everyone of their products comes also fragrance free if you do like or you can not tolerate fragrances.  Just remember they do have 3  products that have gluten in them but the products that have gluten in them are made in a separate area in  the building away from the products that are gluten free.  The 3 products are the dog biscuits the Aloe Oat soap bar and the sugar scrubs the rest are all gluten free.     I  would love to have everyone think about joining as a consultant the websites are free this way when you purchase the products you get 20% commission so you will get 20% off the price of the products.  My website once again is  if you like can join right there for the month of September It  only cost 69.00 plus tax  but if you  just want to try out a few products by all means go for it. I hope you like these products as much as I do.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Celadon Road Natural Organic Products


I hope your summer was fun and relaxing
I first wanted to let you know that my next meeting for The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group at the Abington Memorial Hospital will be held on October 16th from 5:45 Pm to 8:30 PM
We have vendors from gluten free food companies come out for this where you can sample and purchase,  then from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM we have a speaker .  The speaker will be Pam Cureton She is a nurse and works at the Maryland Celiac Research team.

Now back to business I just found a company that I love .  I love it so much that i am now working for them as a consultant.  The name of the company is Celdon Road .  They are based out of Rhoade Island.
They have all natural organic products.  They have almost everything you can think of under the sun.  They have something for everyone .   They have all natural organic earrings bracelets dog products bath products soaps shampoos bubble bath skin care products .  All natural organic cleaning products at reasonable prices and best of all everything is gluten free except the dog bisquets the Aloe Oat bar and the Sugar scrubs other then that everything is gluten free and is in a clean factory where they make the gluten free products.

My website is
I hope you will think about trying one of these products I love them I think they are great.  The laundry detergent is suppose to be fantastic I have not tried it yet but I  just ordered it so I will let you know but it is supposed to be great for people like me that have skin care issues with laundry detergents and everything that touches my skin.  I will let you know

Stay safe this weekend and thank you for reading my blog

Sincerely yours

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tandem TSlim Insulin Pump


When Asante Snap insulin pump closed their doors last week.  I was confused upset and wondering what was I going to do.
I only had supplies for the Snap insulin pump for about another week.  I called my doctor's office to explain what had happened.  They unfortunately never got back to me.  I received from my son's doctor who is a Type 1 Diabetic the rep's phone numbers for Animas and Medtronic.  I called them immediately gave them all the information.  I  also told them I  was pressed for time. They took my information and did not get back to me for about 4 days by that time I  had already received my new pump.    My sister said why don't you call Gary  from Integrated Diabetes.  She is also a Type 1 diabetic.  Gary is outstanding he has a website and has classes for better control with diabetes being it for type 1 or type 2 Diabetes. His telephone number is 610 642 6055  .  I called him   I called him and he said if I  were you I would call the Tandem company .  They have an insulin pump called the Tslim and they have one called the Tflex insulin pumps both are fantastic.  He gave me their telephone number and the reps number.  This was on Monday morning I  called the rep and got her answering machine then I called Tandem.  I  spoke with Danica she was outstanding her number is 1877 801 6901 at extension 6893.  She took all my information told me their insurance verifyer was not in but would be in tomorrow Tuesday.  She let me know that she knew how important this was for me and let me know that they would take care of this right away.  Ryan called me the next day Tuesday went over my insurance again and doctor's information.  He had Angie the rep I left the message for go to my doctor's office and get all the paper work they needed on Wednesday.  By 5:00Pm on Wednesday he had it approved and sent out to me over night.  I was trained  on Friday and I  love the pump you can see it on the website   The insulin pump is easy to read and easy to use.  It has a rechargeable battery so I do not have to have batteries on hand.  They say that it needs to be recharged about every 7 days and it only takes 10 minutes to charge.  The pump is set up like a Samrt phone you just push whatever screen you would like to get into.  I love this pump also because all your important information is right on the front screen Insulin on board  how much insulin you have left and if you have any remaining insulin from the last time you bolused
Just wanted to let you know my decision on my new insulin pump.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney