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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chestnut Henna Shampoo bar from Chagrin Valley Soaps


Hello Again:

I had called the Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve company to say thank you for making such a great product with the Cafe Moreno shampoo bar
I explained  about my usual allergies and sensitivities to products and that their products did not do that to me
I further stated that my hair was mostly gray and that the Cafe Moreno was great it was giving me subtle high lights of color and that  I loved it

They said to me with your hair being mostly gray I would suggest the Chestnut Henna Shampoo Bar .   It  will give you a bit more color to your hair and a faster time of it.  I said to them I was a little bit hesitant in doing that   I felt that it would maybe because of the red tones in it make my hair orange or have pink tones.  They assured me that it would not

I felt well it is not very expensive I mind as well give it a try.  It did color my hair a bit more.  I love it .  I feel that the Cafe Moreno has a bit more conditioning  to my hair but the Chestnut Henna Shampoo does add the color I am trying to get.

I love both products my hair has never looked better and I  swear with switching to these shampoo bars my hair is in so much better condition and is growing more then it has ever grown before.

I shampoo my hair every other day and I think what I will do now is one time I  will use the Cafe Moreno   The next shampoo I  will use  the Chestnut Brown Henna shampoo bar.  I will alternate back and forth .

When I use the shampoo bars I shampoo and leave it on my head for about 15 - 20 minutes rinse and let dry naturally .  The results are just amazing soft full of volume and shine that stays until I shampoo again.

My hair is very short in a growing out pixie cut so there is lots of layers to it
The underneath layers are much darker the layers on top are just a bit darker in grey the contrast looks great.  It looks like I went to a salon and had it professionally done by a stylist  Before using these shampoo bars my hair was a very light silver grey underneath and white hair on top.  

I remember when my hair was first  going gray it was like this but a bit more dark then gray.  My hair was in great condition but with the gray through it it did not look in great condition.  I was going out with some friends for an outing and I  sprayed on it the Aveda Spray on shine and went out with my friends.  I was in a park and a gentleman came up to me and said how do you  get your hair to look like that your hair is gorgeous.  The way the sun shines on it it looks like tiny little fireworks of light going through your darker strands of hair.  He asked me what color I used to get it that way and if it was a frosting.  I said to him it is natural I did not do anything accept spray a shine on spray on it.  He said to me it is magnificent.  This is the way my hair looks now and  I love it.   It is nice to just wash my hair let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes rinse brush into the style I  want to achieve and let nature do the rest.

Yesterday was my birthday I am now 54 years young  and I feel that I am getting better with age .  I guess I am like a fine wine that just needs to mature to get the right pairing to get the results that I want for my hair.  I think I  have finally done what I was trying to do for the last 20 year and all it took was two magnificent shampoo bars.  Who would of thought 2 shampoo bars would have made my hair go from ok to a hit parade .  The website once again is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cafe Moreno Shampoo bar by Chargrin Valley


Chargrin Valley soap products are all natural and a fantastic company to get products from
They really care about the consumer and they care what they put into their products.
I do not work for this company but I do love their products.
I just purchased the Cafe Moreno Shampoo bar
My birthday is approaching on Friday.  Every year I want to do something different with my hair.
Right now there is not much I can do.  I had my hair cut about 6 weeks ago and  the place where I went really botched the hair cut so I had to go some where else to get it fixed.  For me my hair was finally getting long but just needed a trim.  I ended up with a extremely uneven pixie cut so it is growing again but very short.
My hair is short and grey so I was not sure if I wanted to color it again.   . I decided on the Chargrin Valley Cafe Moreno shampoo bar.
This is all natural ,  the  ingredients are Organic Coconut oil Organic Clove oil Etra Vigin oil Organic Bassau oil Organic Shea Butter organic Fair Trade coffee Organic Avocado oil Organic essential oils of clove Patchouli oil  Yinglang Lavender and organic Rosemary oil   This shampoo bar is supposed to add dark  highlights from the coffee and cloves in it.
I tried it yesterday I  washed my hair  with it yesterday left it on for about 20 minutes then rinsed off.  What I was left with was tons I mean tons of volume shine and subtle high lights of darker hair through it.  It did look like I got a very light frosting without the damage.  My hair looks great.
There is a scent to it but also very light
My hair is so soft and shinny and full of volume with some great highlights.
This shampoo bar is a winner
The website is  They have a trial size for 2.99 and a full bar size for 7.99 plus shipping.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Microwavable Pasta Maker



Another product that I  love by Tupperware is the Microwavable Pasta Maker
I have not tried  this yet.   I  will be getting it soon but it has fantastic reviews and so easy to use.
I particularly love this product because it is once again BPA free and all natural.
I can not wait to get this because of not having to worry about gluten issues.
I have not had gluten free pasta for a while now I was too afraid of cross contamination.  My son and husband still eat gluten in the house hold.
We have a small kitchen so one side is for me the other for them
My family   occasionally uses the pot that I usually use to cook in so for awhile I just did not have it.
The Microwavable Pasta maker is so easy to use just cook strain toss and serve that is it
You can make all kinds of dishes with it.  It makes up to a pound of pasta at a time
This is to me a life saver for us Celiacs and what I  really love is that if you are traveling you can bring it with you .  Most hotels have microwaves in them .  You bring the pasta what sauce you like and there you have a meal that is economically sound and you  know what you are eating and is saves time
I love simplicity and this has it all.
The item number for this is 720 and once a gain it is on my website

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quick Chef Pro



As you know i just joined Tupperware and really love love  this company
They have a product called the Quick Chef Pro. It is fantastic it is like a multi functional blender in a green way.  When you blend with this device you do not use electricity it is all done by hand
In a way it is like the way it was in the earlier days.  I love it.
Even though it is freezing outside I have been making ice cream
It is so decadent tasting and so good without the guilt
I just put in some frozen unsweetened fruit like bananas strawberries pineapples Kiwi put them in the Quick chef Pro.  Then just put in about an 8th of a cup of  heavy whipping cream  I use organic whipping cream  sugar to taste and start turning.   You might need to put some milk to it for easier turning and some extra elbow juice but to me it is fun and if you have young children it is so much fun to make this with them
When it is the right consistency just take out the blades put into a container and into the freezer .   It is so delicious without being fattening.  If you are interested in ordering this it is item number 1249 on my website.  .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Blog



I just wanted to let you know more information about my Celiac blog
I know I promote a lot of products that I have tried
You might think well everything she writes is all on the plus side she must not pay for the products  when she writes something she gets paid for writing it.
This is not the case.  There are a very few times that I have received some products without paying for them but majority of the times I have paid for all the products that I have done blogs on.
There have been products that I have had reactions to or just did not like
I did not do a blog on it for the simple fact that I felt that this was just a reaction that I  received someone else might not have that reaction.  It is not fair for the company or the readers  that look at my blog.
I write only good reviews on products because I do have such a reaction to products that I  feel that if I do not have a reaction than my readers should know about it.  They are probably in the same boat as me searching for products that are all natural and will do no harm.
I do write about products that I do work for.  I want you to know about them.
I do work for several companies from home and if I do believe in a company I am going to write about it so that you can see what I see in the company and try out their products.  I never promote a company that I work for just to make money with it.  I do have integrity in my writing.  The two companies that I work for that I really want you to know about are Tupperware all natural BPA free and gluten free.  My website is and Norwex www.ellengaffney.norwex.bix.   I will always be honest with the products I try.  If something gives me a reaction or I do not like it for what ever reasoning I just will not write about it but If I like a product and I have no reactions to it I will sing to the highest mountain to tell you about it.  I want everyone to know about it
This disease is hard to know what will work for you and what will not sometimes it is just not easy just to say give up gluten and all your problems will go away.
There are so many other factors that come into play.
I have never been sensitive to skin care products until I became a Celiac.  I could use any product any clothes detergent , any soap any shampoo.  This is not the case now.  It might say gluten free and even unscented I will still have reactions with some products so it is always a crap shoot when I try out a product.  I want you to know about it.  I was talking to one company Mother's Little Helper Laundry Pills I was explaining this to her and she told me there is a reason why you are still having reactions.  She said that a lot of companies will say they are unscented but they are really not it is an additive that they put in to take away the scent.  You do not smell it but it is there so you have a reaction to it.
I was very shocked  by this information.
I thank you for reading this I just wanted you to know why my blog is one sided

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, February 11, 2015



I hope you are all doing well and staying warm
I am writing to you today about Tupperware products
I just joined Tupperware and I am very excited, I did not know it but all of Tupperware products are gluten free and are free of BPA

You will see also that the packages of sauces are also gluten free & Dairy Free  

One thing that I am very interested in and I am probably going to order it because I have heard from other Tupperware reps how great it is.  It is the Tupperware Microwavable Pasta maker it sells for 29.00 .  it is completely gluten free and extremely easy to use.   This is item number 720

The other product I really like is the Quick shake container.   This sells for 16.00 and is item number 733

Most of the Tupperware products have a life time guarantee .  One of the other representatives had a customer that had a product for over  40 years she called to tell the representative that the product chipped.  Tupperware immediately sent her out a new product she only had to pay for the shipping of the product even with that it was a reduced shipping charge.

My website is

I hope you will take a look and get some of these fantastic products

Stay safe and stay well
Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Babassu Shampoo Bar by Soap For Goodness Sake


I just found a fantastic caring company called Soap For Goodness Soap
I tried their Babassu Shampoo & Body Bar.  This is an unscented Shampoo and Body Bar.  It is rich and luxurious filled with lots of lather.   It feels soft and supple on the skin.  It is unscented like I said before but even though it is unscented it still just smells natural and wholesome to the body
To me it feels like you can conquer anything that needs to be taken care of  for the day and at the same time it just lets you destress  and relax all your troubles away
My skin and hair look fabulous and feel fabulous.  As you know I have all gray hair with having all gray hair your hair can feel good but not look dried out.  This shampoo and body bar nourishes conditions and strengthens my hair.  It is full of shine and  bounce .  When I used it the other day before hand since it is the winter's months my hair looked flat and un interesting .  I used this shampoo body bar and it was like my body and hair did a jump start.  I looked in the mirror and I had Vavoom hair without looking too much.  I love volume and with gray hair you do not usually get that unless you put tons of product in and when you are done it looks great but your hair is a greasy mess,  The Babassu bar I  do not have to do anything it does it all for me.  It is full of volume shine bounce and in a word love.
When my husband came home from work he said to me you look great but I  thought we agreed we would be cutting back .  I said I did  it is all from this
little master piece of heaven in this shampoo bar.  
He said I got to tell you you really look great
Along with the great results no reactions in most cases especially if  I use shampoo bars I break out or I get itchy bumps on my scalp.  All I got from this shampoo bar was love from the inside out
I hope you will think about purchasing the Babssu Shampoo Body bar
Their website is
They have many other products too.  I will be trying out next their Pumpkin Complexion Facial bar

Ellen Gaffney    .