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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Relaxing Therapeutic Fun Way to Spend Time with YourSelf


                                 First of all Happy Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am writing to you today about an organization that I love
You can join as a customer or as a distributor to make some extra money
It is for adult coloring which helps out with relaxation depression and is very
therapeutic  it only costs $10.00 a month.  Either way you have a choice of 30
different patterns to print out and color in  My suggestion is not to color in with
magic markers I made this mistake and it went through to the table I had under neath the design  It is so much fun to do this and if you have kids or grand kids
when they are bored just print some of these fun designs out and have them color
them in
The website is
I wish you well , Have a great time and Happy Happy Spring

Sincerely yours

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Natural Organic Gluten Free Skin Care


Hello Everyone

I am writing today to tell you about a new adventure I am in
I discovered a new fantastic company   I talk about a lot of skin care  companies but this company as they say is Top Dog
They have everything you can think of at affordable prices
The products are all natural organic and of course Gluten Free
They have products for almost every condition for you,  your friends,  your family
They even have all natural organic gluten free mineral make up
They have products for babies skin
You will be amazed as much as I am
Come my website is Please take a gander purchase one of these great products and spread the word You will not be sorry
Your skin will thank you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Izzy's Deli


                                                           Izzy's Deli


I just discovered a great deli in Blue Bell Pennsylvania
Izzy's Deli has gluten free options You just have to let them know you would like a sandwich on gluten free bread.  They use Udis bread for customers that need something gluten free.  This is not a totally gluten free deli you just have to specify that you are a celiac they take it from there
I love this deli they have gluten free pancakes,  Udis bread,  gluten free deserts
Their gluten free macaroons,  chocolate chip cookies are great
I bought a loaf of their Udis bread this week and it was a much bigger loaf then the ones I have seen in stores and it only cost 6.00 for a loaf of bread that looked like a Strohman loaf of bread instead of a normal gluten free loaf of bread  The pieces of bread were huge  thick very good

Izzy Deli
700 Dekalb Pike
Bluebell Pa  19422
484 322 2126

They are open Monday - Saturday 9 - 9 Sundays 9 - 8

Thank you and happy holidays to you and your families

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Natural Vanilla Baking Extract Gluten Free



Hello Greetings and Salutations

I am beginning my gluten free cooking for the upcoming holidays
I came across a great site that had gluten free Natural Vanilla Baking Extract
I was so excited with this that I decided to join the company
My website is
I love this company because most of the products are gluten  free  Kosher and even Vegan  They will say this right on the bottom of the description of the product showing the ingredients
We have gluten free extracts soup bases gravies and spices just read the ingredients under the description of the product
We also have a smorgasbord of personal care products.  My favorite scent is the Lavender it is like walking in a field of Lavender fields .  It smells so nice and clean.
We have a very nice powder laundry detergent that is unscented hypoallergenic and best part it really does clean
The company also has natural cleaning products .  There is something for everyone
Come look at my site and see all that I see with it   For the Gluten free Natural Vanilla Baking Extract gravies spices this will be under the heading Gourmet

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, August 1, 2016

Nearbayou laundry Detergent


                                                  Nearbayou Laundry Detergent

As you might have figured out with my other posts , I have a lot of issues with products that touch my skin.  This is also a problem for laundry Detergent, I break out from a lot of Laundry Detergents.  I have tried out a lot of products
The one I really like right now is Nearbayou Laundry Detergent  This company is based out of Texas
Usually I have problems with anything scented but with these products I do not.  I have tried the Lemon Detergent and the Citrus Blend Laundry Detergents I love these scents they are very light and airy
You can barely smell the scent when the laundry comes out of the dryer and I  like that.
The website is  I  hope you will think about these great products they really clean very well
I have 2 dogs that sleep on our bed  .  They are dark colored dogs and we have a white blanket  Usually when I wash this blanket it does not come out white there is always a beige y color to it.  When I  tried this detergent the blanket came out whiter then white I  was very impressed
This laundry detergent Rocks

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, July 19, 2016




The whole website is all gluten free natural organic  and home made from a company in New Jersey
These products were made up because their mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about 10 years ago.
The family members made sure that their mother only had the best organic natural foods to eat.
One  of the family members began researching that she should also have the
most natural organic skin care for her skin.  They began looking for products for their mother for soaps shampoos cosmetics and everything else they could think of.
When they were looking around for the best skin care products they did not like
what they saw they felt it was not pure enough
They got together as a family and decided to start making their own products for their mother
It was a huge success, they also gave the products away for Christmas presents and other gifts for their family and friends.  The family and friends said to them these products are magnificent you have got to begin selling them .
A year later they began selling the products.  They do not advertise a lot  they let their consultants tell about these products.  I am here to tell you these products Rock .  They are the best I have ever tried.  They think of everything they have cosmetics lipsticks  nail polishes sunscreens soaps shampoos and so much more.
I ask that you at least purchase  one product and see what I see with these products
My favorites are the Apricot Freesia soap .  This soap is super moisturizing and does a great job on your face and body to keep it super soft and well moisturized
It is only 4.50
I love the Cinnamon Sedona lipstick it is a beautiful soft beige y rose color. This sells for 15.00
The Everything Salve really Rocks it is meant for  anything that ails you  for your skin from bee stings to insect bites to poison Ivy.  this sells for 12.25
I hope you will think about trying one of these great products  There is no www or http in the website  address it is just

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney          

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tooth Powder


                                               Tooth Powder

I love love the tooth Powder by Poofy Organics  When I first  tried this product I immediately felt great using this  tooth powder . If you do no tlike to use tooth powders  you can wet your tooth brush put some Pure Coconut oil on then the tooth powder  this will make it more like a paste with an extra benefit from the Coconut oil
You can purchase this on my website
This is a very nice tooth powder that works extremely well.  It leaves your teeth and breath extremely fresh with out any chemicals or additives. My teeth feel smooth and feel stronger.  
When you open the jar the smell wakes up your senses full of Peppermint oils and other organic oils that penetrate the senses

The tooth powder is made out of different Herbs & essential oils that bind together and give great results to brighten and support your teeth mouth gums  and breath

My teeth look so much brighter since I  started using this product.
I even had a friend of mine say to me you  know I have never seen you smile your teeth are so straight and so white you need to smile more you look great
I never knew this before I  was always kind of embarrassed to smile and show my teeth .  I did not have a bad smile I just thought I  did not look that great when I smiled

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney