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Saturday, March 23, 2013



I found  a great website for natural skincare and personal needs
It is called Elegant Rose Boutique through Etsy so the website is
She has over 300 products and the ones I tried are really good
She has a shampoo bar called Lavish Gluten free Bar that is magnificent
I also have  tried her Passion Flower Shampoo bar both are superior products. 
I just ordered her Natural Insect Repellant , I will let you know how tha tis after I try it
She has so many products on her website that it is one stop shopping for all your needs.
She has shampoo bars deodorants bath bombs everything yo can think of she has
I think you will really like her products so give them  a try
The Passion Flower shampoo Bar smells great

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, March 16, 2013



Hello Everyone:

I was  at a Celiac function that was held at the Abington Memorial Hospital
One of the vendors there Joan,  from Joan's GF Great Bakes was running around saying you have to try our products.  I always like to try new products so of course I did try it.  She said to me this is going to be the best corn bread muffin you have ever tasted, she also gave me a sample of her English muffin, and her Multi Grain Muffin. 
She was absolutely correct this was not just a great English Muffin or a Great Corn  Muffin.
This tasted like a baker that had performed an artistry of delight in every bite that I had .  I wass so sorry when it was gone.
Her products you will think they had gluten in them they are that good with these muffins you are not sacrificing anything
Her muffins are out of this world  she thinks of everything  they not only taste magnificent but they are actually really very good for you
They are Dairy free Soy Free and ready to eat just toast them and you will be amazed that these muffins taste as good as they do and best of all they have 2 grams  of fiber in them and a lot of vitamins in them
Their website is, their address and telephone number is
Gf Great Bakes
90 East Merrick RD
FreePoint New York  11520
1 516 804 5600
Their email address is
They do have some stores in the Pennsylvania area that carry their products,  just go to their website and hit their store locator
I am going to see if I can get them into more stores in the Pa  area
I love these products they are not just a good gluten free product they are an explosion of greatness in every bite
Every bite just brings delight and happiness I am doing the happy dance with these products and I know you will too once you try them, you will never feel deprived with eating Joan's GF. Great Bakes
They are lip smacking good

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney