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Monday, May 28, 2012



                                               NATURAL REMEDIES FOR SKIN CARE


Carve down your favorite bar of soap , I myself love the natural home made ones but as they say whatever floats your boat
Put the shaved soap in a small container and set aside
When you are ready to do laundry all  you have to do is take  out your container of shaved soap and take out 1 table spoon of it then take out 1 table spoon of Washing Soda which you can find in your local grocery store in your laundry aisle, then take out 1 table spoon of Borax once again will find it in your local grocery store in the laundry aisle this is now your detergent mix together and put in your washer.  If you wold like a scent just put in a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil more or less to soot your needs and this is it.  If you would like a fabric softener add a half of a cup of baking soda .


Prim rose Essential oil just take a few drops of Prim rose oil and massage into clean hands and onto your face
I also like a product that is all natural from Loving Naturals , the website is she has an anti aging cream that is out of this world all I can say is that it works


Coconut oil I love this product it works for so many things I use it as a moisturizer a hair gel , and it helps out with fly a ways with the hair.  It also is great for having extra shine .  Just rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hands then onto your hair or what ever you need for some deep moisturizing and deep conditioning


When you are in the beginning stages of a Toe Nail Fungus you  can use Menthol Ointment on the toes this works I use a natural one from Skinners Vaprorizing Salve I know last year they were giving out free samples of their product .  I love it it also helps out for minor aches and ;pains from muscle soreness and minor joint pains.  The telephone number for skinners is 1877 475 7416, the website is  This product also helps  out with bruises, stuffiness  in the nose from colds or allergies, it also helps out with scratches and insect bites.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  

Friday, May 11, 2012


                                     MY FAVORITE GLUTEN FREE SKINCARE PRODUCTS


I know this week I let you know about the Tooth Soap which I do love but I found out afterwards an  even better product that is also all natural and even better for your teeth.  This product is Herbal Tooth Powder by Luscious Garden website
This product is going to look like a charcoal colored powder and it is going to be gritty but the result in a word amazing.
It is  made out of a whole bunch of herbs that really will help your teeth and gums and best of all it is cheaper then the Tooth soap and cheaper for shipping.  I wish I found this out first.
Your breath will be so fresh and your teeth will look so good and so polished.
I truly love it I know i said this about the Tooth Soap and at the time I did feel that way but if I find something even better I am going to let you know about my experiences with a product.  This product is also supposed to last you for three months and I think the product costs 12.00 and I think it was 2.00 for shipping so for a product that works and looks and feels great and it will last for three months this is great.


I love the products from the website
She also have products for skin care and for for household care so you have everything in one spot which is great.  she also has which I really love an all natural nail polish which to me is great to have an all natural nail polish wit6h no chemicals to it that looks great and you know what you are putting on your nails is not poisonous .
I also work for Mary Kay my website is their mineral make up is outstanding it really hides  any imperfections in your skin.  The moisturizer I also love very much it makes my skin feel soft and supple

I just found a natural website for house hold care formulas which I really love .  I do not work for them but they are really so nice and they really work
The website is and the product that I really like on this website is the Luv My Laundry it smells so nice and cleans so well this will become your go to product for laundry care.  I have not ried yet the other products but when I do i will let you know what I think about them.


I found this company about I guess it was about 7 months ago and I love it she makes the products herself and they are really great.  The website is
They are very economical and I just love all her products.  She will also make any scents that you would like her to make .  I asked her to make a Rosemary Mint   scent which she did and it is magnificent.  I love her Lotions they are great they really work with my dry skin areas.      My son's girl friend laughs at me with  all my natural products she says to me all the time come on EL see the light stop using the natural products.  I decided to get her some of the products from Soapy sue.  I purchased for her some natural soaps in Tahitian Musk and a couple of Bath Balms in the Tahitian Musk.  I gave it to her and she said well I do like the smell to it and after she tried it she said to me well that was really very nice thank you.
I converted her she now when she gets low with the soaps and balms asks me to get her some more which I gladly do.

I hope this helps you out in your quest for  not just gluten free but also natural products

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney      

Saturday, May 5, 2012



                                                                           TOOTH SOAP

Once again something a little bit out there but the newest craze for dental care is Tooth Soap
I saw this because I was looking for a more natural tooth paste.
I have tried a few and thought they were ok but i wanted something even more natural.
I found this product and it really excited me and it also was a little bit afraid at the same time.  It made sense to use this product for proper brushing of my teeth but it also I was  not sure if I was making a mistake.  After further reading about tooth soap ,,  I felt like I was making the right decision.  Countless people were talking about the benefits of ditching regular tooth paste and getting tooth soap.  They said that it was much more natural and that if you had sensitive teeth this would help if you had any dental issues at all this product could save you a trip to the dentist.
Countless customers said that they had gingivitis and it made their gums normal again.
After hearing all this and seeing that it was gluten free I was hooked .
I thought well it will probably taste really bad but when I got it it really taste ok.  .  Your moth and teeth just feel really clean.  
There are a couple different forms of this, you can get it in drops  which you would just put one to two drops on your tooth brush and brush away.  You can get it like a tooth past and this form you just put it on like a tooth paste, but you only use a pea size or you can get it in shreds .  This you just place 1 shred on your molars bite down for a few minutes wet your tooth brush and begin to brush, of  course rinse your moth when you are finished.  .
It comes n a few different flavors which is nice
I began looking for more natural tooth paste when seeing that a lot of times in articles they were saying that Flo ride is not good for you and that the other things in tooth paste are not good for  you either so this is how I began my search for a good natural tooth paste that would help my teeth and gums.
You will have to make your own decisions with this but for me I am really interested in this form of a natural product.  The ingredients in the tooth soap I bought are as follows Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil,Coral  Calcium , Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Spring Water and essential oil.  I did the Spearmint  Flavor
There are many different websites for this I found this at
You can go online and go to your search engine and put in Tooth Soap and get all the  information on Tooth Soap to form your own opinion

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I just discovered this new process called Earthing.  I know some of you  are probably thinking this woman is out there well maybe I am but after looking into  this process I am convinced it works
When you have a chance go into  your web browser and put in Earthing and you too  will be amazed as much as I have been.
This is the process of getting back to Nature and quite possibly taking away the pain and inflammation in your body from chronic diseases like Diabetes like Celiac Disease and many other autoimmune diseases.
What you  do is quite simple you just go outside in the morning when there is due on the grass put your bare  feet into the grass and walk bare foot on the grass or  just sit with your bare feet in the grass for up  to 40 minutes.
Evidently there is electrical currents going through the ground that are good currents and you absorb those currents through your bare feet and they begin to work to rebuild your body
They say this process will lower blood pressure they even say to talk this procedure over with your doctor because you might have to lower your medications and it can lower blood sugars it can help you sleep better and it can take away pain.
They even say that this process will also make you look younger and feel younger not all bad for something that is free.  It also helps with losing weight because you  are losing the inflammation in your body so there is nothing for your body to hold the weight on
I have been doing for this for about a week now and love it, after I  am done I  feel more calm and I just feel less stressed.
There is a book on this called Earthing by Clint Ober Steven Sinatra and Mark Zucker it is really a great book and what do you have to lose.  It is something right outside your door and if it helps to make your body rejuvenate itself why not try  it.
They say in the book when you go to the Sea Shore and you walk  on the beach you  instantly feel better you think it is because you are at the shore and the sea air this is part of it the other part is that you have done the process of grounding yourself with nature the same way with what I am asking you  to try of course if you are a Type 1 Diabetic like me just watch where you  are walking so you do not get anything in your feet that might be harmful to your feet like sticks or other sharp objects.
Dr. OZ and Dr. Mercola have done shows on this saying how wonderful it is on your body.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney