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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thrive Market


I just came across a fantastic little market online.  It is call the Thrive market
They are all natural and organic.  This online market is like a Sam's club but with natural and organic health products skin care and foods.
I was looking for an all natural organic shampoo and this site came up.  I was really impressed.
When you are on the site go to search bar and put in gluten free and they will show what they have that is gluten free.  I  had put in gluten free shampoos and a number  of gluten free shampoos came on the site
They have a deal where you try it out for a month if you like it then you get charged a one time fee of 59.00.  The products are at whole sale pricing so they are  extremely cheap in price.  Most grocery stores even when they have a sale on a gluten free product these products will have lower prices on that particular item
You can see what I  mean by going to this website
I think you will be impressed as much as I am
I purchased a Fair Trade Shampoo that was 7.95 for a 32 oz shampoo
I  will let you know when I try it out what I  think of it but for that price I am very happy.  I just wanted to let you know that I  love love the shampoo it is really is  a great buy.  I had lots of volume and shine. I never use a conditioner , I put a tiny spot of olive  on my hands after my hair is dry and rub it through my hair .  it works great and it is a lot cheaper then purchasing a  separate conditioner.  Thrive market is fantastic just go to the link above and see how great this online market is.  if you spend 49.00 or more then it is free shipping .  They have everything all in one spot.   They have vitamins hair products food and  skin care .  it is a gluten free paradise.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
484 684 6290

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Simple Beauty Mineral Makeup & Skin care Preoducts


Happy  Happy Easter & Passover
I hope you are enjoying the somewhat warmer temperatures not quite spring  type weather but at least it is not snow.
At least we  have had a few warmer days,   Hopefully more to come

I am writing today because I found an interesting company for make up and skin care products.  These products are all natural and organic
They have mineral make up and what is nice for the make up you can purchase a sample bag of mineral makeup goodies for 5.00 to see if they work well for you

I just did this for myself today.  The products are Vegan organic and gluten free with just a few ingredients in them.

They look very promising I have not tried them as of yet like I  said I  just purchased the samples but I  am impressed with them.

I talked with the owner today about the products and she knew all about Celiac disease and the problems that can occur if you are not using gluten free skin care and make up.  The products are also not too expensive.  The website is

I hope you have a great holiday tonight & tomorrow with your family and friends

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
484 684 6290