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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tooth Powder


                                               Tooth Powder

I love love the tooth Powder by Poofy Organics  When I first  tried this product I immediately felt great using this  tooth powder . If you do no tlike to use tooth powders  you can wet your tooth brush put some Pure Coconut oil on then the tooth powder  this will make it more like a paste with an extra benefit from the Coconut oil
You can purchase this on my website
This is a very nice tooth powder that works extremely well.  It leaves your teeth and breath extremely fresh with out any chemicals or additives. My teeth feel smooth and feel stronger.  
When you open the jar the smell wakes up your senses full of Peppermint oils and other organic oils that penetrate the senses

The tooth powder is made out of different Herbs & essential oils that bind together and give great results to brighten and support your teeth mouth gums  and breath

My teeth look so much brighter since I  started using this product.
I even had a friend of mine say to me you  know I have never seen you smile your teeth are so straight and so white you need to smile more you look great
I never knew this before I  was always kind of embarrassed to smile and show my teeth .  I did not have a bad smile I just thought I  did not look that great when I smiled

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everything Salve


                                          THE EVERYTHING SALVE

I love this product, it is particularly good for when you have pain from a given area of your body
This product is for anything that ails you from skin rashes to mosquito bites to bee stings to joint issues.
I use it for joint pains in my big toe. I just massage it is and presto no more pain
and it lasts a very long time sometimes up to 6 hours.
This is an all natural salve
The ingredients are as follows
Organic Olive oil Organic Coconut oil Organic Beeswax organic Calendula oil
Organic Comfrey oil Organic Honey Organic Te Tree Essential oil Organic Lavender essential oil Organic Peppermint essential oil and Organic Rosemary essential oil
My husband uses this for his Psoriasis
the cost of this product is 11.25 for 2oz.   It works and it is a wonder of a salve
You can purchase it on my website

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hair Hero Lemon / Rosemary Shampoo / Condiitoner



I wanted to let you know I just tried the Hair Hero Lemon / Rosemary Shampoo / Conditioner from my website    This is a hero of a shampoo.  I love love it.
I am rather a fuss puss when it comes to shampoos and conditioners.
I have certain guide lines that I want addressed in a shampoo / conditioner.
I do not want an over scented product, I want it to be natural organic and of course gluten free
I want it to make my hair pop with volume shine and make it look like I  just  came out of a hair salon and to have that look the next day.  Well this is my third day after using it and my hair looks just as good as the first day
There is so much shine and volume and it just looks fantastic.

I had a neighbor that came to me and asked where I  was getting my hair done that it looked great.  I told her I did not get my hair done but thank you I  just used this new product.
The scent is very light it is just enough of a scent.
Usually with shampoos since my hair is on the drier side I wash my hair and it looks ok but by the second day my scalp is ready for another wash but my hair could last a few more days   I am pleasantly surprised with this shampoo my scalp is fine and my hair still looks great
It is at a great price too it is only 11.25 for 8 oz. for an all natural organic gluten free shampoo / conditioner
My husband says no one wants organic natural products I say he is wrong help me prove him wrong.  Purchase this product and see how great it really is on my website  I wanted to let you also know that we have natural organic nail polishes for 7.50   that look great and have a wonderful assortment of colors.  We also have natural organic sunscreens and tanning lotions

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, June 13, 2016

Omnipod Insulin Pump


I have not done a blog for type 1 diabetes for awhile so I thought I would do a blog about my Omnipod Insulin Pump
Love Love this pump it makes me  feel  like I have so much more freedom in life
The Omnipod Insulin Pump comes  with pods and a main receiver.
Once you put your Omnipod pod on you only have to have the receiver for blood testing and for when you would like to do a bolus
The Omnipod Pods  are wireless  There is no tubing to it at all
To me it makes better blood sugars  not having the tubing
My blood sugars are in better control
The nice part about this system it comes with a built in testing meter  in the receiver  so you do not have to carry as much it is all right there.
The receiver is not big but not  too small either and it is easy to read
The pods themselves are easy to put on and they stay on and can come off easy when you want them to.  I also like it that you can shower with them swim with them and still get all the insulin dosages that you  would like to have with out doing anything at all.    You just put in your bolus  and basal units  in your receiver  what you want when you first get your system and from there the receiver takes care of everything.  Another thing I like is once you put a new pod on the receiver transmits to the pod all the information .  So you can even leave your receiver at home as long as you have a Dexcom continuous system so you  know your blood sugars are when you are away from your receiver
this is particularly nice when you are going to a store or a friends house you do not have to bring a bunch of supplies with you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I just tried  a few of the products from my website  I love  love this company every product is home made simple natural organic and of course gluten free at great prices.  
I tried the Everything Salve this is fantastic it is good for bee stings rashes joint pain or anything else that deals with  the joints and skin of the body.
I have some moderate to severe pain in my ankle from when I broke it in three different places and dislocated it in l994.
Most of the time my ankle is ok but in the evenings it does start to ache particularly when it is about to storm.  I put  that salve on and in about 15 minutes no more pain and it lasts most of the night free of pain.  This product is also good for any type of rashes.  My husband has Psoriasis  at night he is in  a lot of discomfort from scratching.  I put that salve on and instantly  no more itches.

I also like their All Purpose Household cleaner they have a few different essential oil scents that you can choose from for this cleaner .  I chose their Spirited Mint.  It smells great it kind of wakens up the kitchen and Bathroom with a delightful Mint scent and it really cleans very well.  No scrubbing just spray and wipe and it is clean and it shines as well .

I adore their  Vista Spirited Mint air Freshener .  It smells divine with just the right  amount  of Aromatherapy Mint.  It cleans the air and awakens the air .  When yo breathe the scent of the Aromatherapy Mint it awakens your soul and gives yo uthe sense that everything is going to be ok.  

I just purchased their Hair Hero Lemon /  Rosemary Shampoo/Conditioner Combo .  Like I said I just purchased this and I just received it but it smells great

I hope you will think about trying out these products.  I love them and the lipsticks are great
Once again the website is

thank you

Ellen Gaffney