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Thursday, October 31, 2013



I received an email the other day for as good as Campbell's Tomato soup but gluten free.  I can not find the email now so I can not tell you who it was from  but it is fantastic
I jus found the email, it is from the website
The best part is it is so easy
You can make a little or as much as you would like
All you have to have on hand is the following ingredients

V-8 Juice



Garlic Salt



You start with V-8 juice and milk

Then add spices to your taste like the ones I mentioned Garlic Salt organo sugar oregano  and basil

This  is it  put this all together to your liking in taste and there you have it simple really good Tomato Soup best part all natural and good to the last  drop.
If you would like it a little bit thicker just add a little tomato  paste to it.  Then adjust everythng else to your liking or taste.  . 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Hello All:

I know I do a lot of blogs on natural skin care and today I  am doing the same but for our furry friends for Flea and Tick control plus to help out with itchy skin for dogs. 
I was looking for a product for my dogs for flea and tick control plus skin issues that was all natural.
I strive to find natural products for myself for skin care and I just thought I  need to do  the same for my animals.  There are a lot of natural products for pets but it is hard to find one that does basically everything I  want it to do such as help with my dog's skin keep fleas and ticks away and does not smell like a chemistry lab.and is safe for my animals
I found that product with Atlast Fly Spray which is a deterent for flies  but for dogs it acts as a flea and tick deterent and killer. 
My dog has a lot of skin issues she scratches all the time and her hair has begun to fall out.  I received the Atlast Fly Spray as a sample to try out.  I sprayed it on my dog and instantly she stopped scratching.  Her hair now is begining to come back in now and of course no more fleas or ticks yeah ! . 
The scent to the Atlast Fly Spray to me is very pleasant it does smell like Cedar and it looks like milk.  It is all natural which I love and the best part is it works
The website is
On the left  side of the page you will see that is helps out for the control of flies, fleas ticks for dogs horses and is a natural pest control plus it helps with skin issues to soothe and clear any skin issues that your dog might have of course you should not spray it on his or her face but everyting else is fine. 
I do have one dog that does not like to have the spray sprayed on him, he is my demented one so with him I always need a bit more care with everything I do.  For him I shake the bottle spray a little on my hands and then put it through my dog's fur.  He then is a happy camper and once again no fleas.  I also shake the bottle and spray it on my dog's little beds plus our couches but of course always spray a little in an in a spot where no one will see just to  make sure it does not change any colors to your couches.  For me this has not happened I just want to put it our there just in case. 
All I can say is I  love this product.  They also say that if you do use Frontline or any one of those types of products and you are still having issues with fleas and ticks you can get this spray and spray it  on your animals for extra protection without harming them with putting more of the Frontoine type products on your animals.
It is just nice to find a product that works and is safe for my animals
It does not say anything on their website or on the bottle but I  have noticed since I started using this product no more spiders which I am quite happy with.  I hate with a passion spiders and of course fleas and ticks

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  .