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Friday, June 14, 2013



I just found another great company for skin care that is gluten free.  This is on the Etsy website
The name of the company is GoddessVerde so what you  would do is go to Etsy's website ( )and in the search area put in Goddessverde.  Then go to soaps , there you will find a gold mind of a soap.  it is called Vegan Yucca Citrus Soap.  This is fantastic it is one of those body bars so it can be used for your body and your hair.  As you  know my hair is tricky and does not like a lot of different products but this one it loved. 
My hair was soft shinny and had lots of volume, volume that would not quit .  Even the next day my hair was like I  had a soft set it was filled with bounce  body and shine.
I was trying to find a soap that I could get that had yucca in it instead of getting the plant and doing it myself to have a shampoo. 
I found this soap and decided to give it a try.  It is so nice it has such a nice fragrance to it not strong at all but pleasant.  This soap lathers very well and it is a big bar of soap.  It cost $6.50 plus shipping. 
It was a total cost with shippping $9.50 and it is well worth it.  My hair really likes it as they say it is growing a shine to it.  I know this will last me a very long time which I am extremely happy to have such a great soap in the palm of my hand. 
I even had people coming up to me asking me what I use on my hair.  I was in line at a drug store picking up a prescription for my husband .  I had a tap on my shoulder and this gentleman said to me I am not trying to pick you up or anything but your hair is georgeous.  May I ask what you use on your hair. 
I know the picture I  have up of myself on my blog has me with brunette hair but at that time my hair was colored.  I do not color my hair any more.  So my hair is grey all over.  This gentleman said to me I have never seen grey hair look as good as it does on you .  He stated that he was a hair stylist and he wanted to know what I had used.  He said your hair just looks like tiny firecrackers going off in the lights of the  the store.  He said to me I have not seen anything like this before. 
I let him know about this soap .  He said you know Yucca is very good for the hair. He said I  will have to look int this for my salon thank you  so much.
I had never had a compliment like that before I was a happy camper. 
I hope you have as much fun and excitement  as I did with trying  this soap

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney