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Sunday, February 26, 2012



The Kinnikinnick Hamburger Rolls are more then just good, they are great.
In most cases particularly when it comes to gluten free rolls they just do not taste like what you remember when you were able to eat gluten.  Oh you can tolerate them.  You say to your self well for a gluten free roll these are not bad , I can eat these, but these rolls are not that case, if I had to say one word to describe these gluten free rolls that one word would be real .  They do not taste gluten free they taste like hamburger rolls not gluten free but real hamburger rolls but they are gluten free and they are delicious.  I have not had a hamburger with a hamburger roll for so long because I knew what it should taste like and I have longed for that taste but knew I would be disappointed.  I usually do not eat red meat so this was a big choice to try this out and you know what it was sinfully good.  The hamburger roll was just out of this world good.  It tasted like a home made fresh out of the oven good roll.
They also have hot-dog rolls which are equally as good
One of the things I love about these rolls is that they are also extremely good for you too.
They are gluten free dairy free and nut free.
They have 5 grams of fiber 1 gm of sugar and 2 grams of protein they have 150 calories per roll
These rolls are in a word memorable,  from a time you could have gluten but you get the best of two worlds taste like a real roll with all the nutritional  value that you need when you have this disease.
The kinnikinnick  website is www. and their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You will not be surprised with trying out these rolls you will be every bite you take weather it is the hamburger or the hot dog roll.  They are the real deal, try some for yourself and you will have like I had a great smile on your  face in utter delight.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, February 25, 2012



I found another great website for  personal care items.  She also has everything and the soaps are a work of of natural art.  They are in a word  beautiful without being to heavy in fragrance just enough to feel beautiful inside and out. I still can not have much in fragrance because of my allergies so I  chose the Baby Suds Shampoo Bar which is unscented   and it was great, she has scented and unscented soaps .  No reactions just soft shinny manageable hair.  My skin felt well pampered and nurtured from the inside out.  .  She has many to choose from to soot your fancy.  She has lip balms and will be coming out with creams and lotions  in the near future.
She even has not forgotten your canine friends that have allergies to skin care products.  The name of her canine soap is Bowser's  Bubbles it is also a work of art for your Canine friends it is made out of Olive oil, Palm oil, sunflower oil, Palm Kernal oil, coconut oil, wheat Germ oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, vitamin E, Teatree oil and mint essential oils .. Do not use on Cats.
I  tried this on my dog this morning and he smelled and looked great.
He even enjoyed his bath, his fur was soft shinny and easy to comb out.  .
I think that it is really great that soap companies are also starting to realize to make also soaps for dogs to help out with their skin care problems.  We know how we feel when we break out from skin allergies to skin products so we know when our Canine friends are scratching away and biting what they are going through.  We want to get something anything to ease their pain  Now we have an answer for them from this website
Lindevere Hand made soaps"s website is and her telephone number is 406 826 2862 Her email address is
You can always call her if you  have an allergy to something that is in  one of her soaps and she will adjust it to what you would like or need.  She does know a lot about Celiac Disease, when I had asked about the Dog soap to try out for my dog she had said to me I am a little bit concerned about sending that one out to you because it has Wheat Germ Oil in it.  I let her know that my husband is going to be bathing our little bundle of furriness but I appreciate that you thought of that.  I really think her soaps are fabulous I hope you think so too.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, February 20, 2012



I just tried these breads and rolls and they are outstanding.  It so nice to have bread real bread that is just as soft of a bread that I used to have before I was diagnosed with having Celiac Disease.  These breads are more then just great tasting they also have great nutritional value to them.  Two slices of the bread have 5 grams of fiber to them .It has 150 calories  for the two slices of bread.
This bread is so good, it is soft and has a great taste to it.  You do not have to toast it to make it soft it already is
It makes fantastic sandwiches you will never know that there is no gluten in it.  You just get the benefits of having a great tasting sandwich and has fantastic nutritional value to it
The Hamburger Rolls  and Hot Dog rolls are also outstanding.
Right now the only way to get this bread is online but soon it may be in a store near you.
You will not be sorry with choosing this gluten free  bread it truly is a winner.
My favorite sandwich this bread is cashew butter and bananas it is so good.
The website is   Please take a look at their website and see for your self how great these breads are They have a Multi Grain Bread and a White Bread that is soft and wonderful.
I can not wait to get some more in to the cupboards.
The breads are free of gluten free of wheat free of Dairy and Free of Peanut but they taste magnificent.  Their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You have got to try out these breads and rolls for yourself.  .

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Loving Naturals Skin Care products is just what the title states it is an all natural company that goes onto your skin in a loving way.  The products are 100% all natural, they come in scented and unscented. so you get to choose what goes onto your skin.  They have 16 different products to choose and they are in a word amazing . They  bring back youth  to your face, it is like getting a face lift without going under the knife and far less expensive.  If you are looking for  skin care  products that do  what they say they will do to enhance and bring back what you used to have you found it with this company.  The  cost of these products is very reasonable and best of all free shipping so how can you go wrong.
I first tried their Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body Lotion which comes in sizes 8oz. and 16 oz. and sells for 7.99 for the 8 oz size and for the 16 oz. size 14.99.  I loved it and thought I wonder if they have a face cream for those pesty little lines that come in when you become my age in your 50's,  sure enough they did I bought that  cream and I noticed a difference in about a week.  The lines that had formed around my mouth were disappearing and my skin felt alive again.  I was truly amazed.  I have tried most of all their products and love them.  They have an all natural Sunscreen Lotion that blocks UVA and UVB and is water resistant and it is safe for babies.  They also have an all natural insect Rellent   to help out when you are outside in an envirement that you want to be protected .  They have two different body washes one with Aloe and one with Hemp which I love.  I even used the Aloe Body Wash as a shampoo and it worked beautifully.
My hair was soft and without any tangles and had a lot of volume and shine.  They have two different lip balms one with an SPF 30 and one without and of course scented and unscented.
I love all these products but if I had to pick three of my top rated products that would be The Anti Aging Cream   ( this to me is the best product it works )  The Aloe  Body Wash ( it softens skin and makes it become more  youthful with every use )  and the Loving Naturals Hand and Body Lotion.  This  company cares about your skin , you will notice a difference for the better.
I have noticed a huge difference I love these products, I do not work for this company but I wish I did the products just do what they say they will do without any reactions  at least this is what they have done for me.
I do not know to many companies that have reasonable prices for their skin care products and offer free shipping.
How can you go wrong with trying out these products.  I hope you get to see the results that I have and love them as much as I do.
The website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney         

Monday, February 13, 2012


This bakery is located on 921 Penllyn Pike in Blue Bell Pa  19422, their telephone number is 267 708 0984.
The owner is John Rorer, he is outstanding he does so much for the Celiac community.  He has several of his products in kid's schools that are gluten free.  His brownies are to die for they are so good, frankly all his products are amazing.  The schools that he is in right now are The Montgomery County Community College, Penn Charter School Chestnuthill Academy, Spring Side Academy School and Germantown Academy. If you wold like your child's school to  have his products I am sure all you will have to do is call him and he will make it happen.  He even does mail order

These are some of the products that he has that are gluten free.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Lemon Square Cookies
Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Mint Iced Brownies
Raspberry Iced Brownies
Cream Cheese topped Brownies ( My personal favorite )
Walnut Brownie Biscotti
chocolate Chip Biscotti
Orange Pistachio Biscotti
gluten Free Dairy Free Muffins             Apple Cinnamon
                                                           Blue Berry
                                                           Chocolate chip
He has also Gluten Free Bread from Aramath Bakery in Lancaster PA

Here are some locations that carry The  Little Bakery Gluten Free Products

Rorer's Market Broadaxe PA

Costa's Deli  Ambler PA

Infussion coffee Mt. airy Pa

Ana's Corner Store East norriton PA

Weaver's Way Coop Chestnuthill PA  19118
Weaver's Way Coop Mt. Airy PA

Anne's kitchen table Glenside PA

Keswick Coffee Glenside PA

The Market Gladwynne PA

Gryphon Cafe wayne PA

Gem Drops and Sprinkles Wayne PA

Cedar House Cafe  North Western Avenue

Edward Freeman Conshohocken PA

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Friday, February 10, 2012



There is a new Celiac Allergy Free Magazine and best of all the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has given a 5.00 coupon for a 1 year subscription and a 10.00 coupon code for a subscription for 2 years.
The price for the 1 year subscription with the coupon  code is 14.99 regularly 19.99
The price for the 2 year subscription with the coupon code is 19.99 regularly  29.99
This magazine  is very good and very helpful it has all kinds of information for Celiacs and for people that have allergies either from food allergies or from skin allergies.  The magazine comes out 4 times a year for the one year subscription. and it comes out 8 times a year for the 2 year subscription.
The website is and the coupon code for the 1  or two year subscription is org2178nfca .
You just choose if you want a 1 year subscription or a 2 year subscription and you will have the amounts taken off for whatever you choose.
Their email address is and their telephone number is 1888 771 7747
You have two ways in getting your subscription started you can go onto the website and put your credit card information in or you can go on the website and get the mail in form and send the mail in form with your check or money order

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, February 8, 2012




I just found a great websites for laundry detergent and for personal care items.  She has everything soaps shampoo bars, roll  on perfume, solid perfumes,
She has scented and unscented products.
I just tried the detergent and love it.  This  is a detergent made out of Borax Washing Soda and soap,
this really cleaned my clothes and I did use a scented one and it was magnificent
I chose Midnight Cove and it smelled heavenly it was not to heavy of a scent it was a light refreshing scent and did not cause any havoc with my skin.  I washed  my sheets, blankets and my night gown and they just smelled and looked great and the best  part her prices are very affordable even in these economic times
I also bought one of the Roll On Perfume, I purchased the Honey Suckle Jasmine scent it is beautiful and once again a great price .3oz. and I think  it was 4.25 plus tax and shipping.
The website is
This I really think is a great website especially  for the fact with every product you have the option to have it with a scent or without a scent .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Monday, February 6, 2012



There is a new Bakery in Blue Bell that is outrageously good
She will make almost anything that you would like
I asked her if she could make for me a gluten Free Pumpkin Bread and it was fantastic.  It was free of all allergens and it was moist and tasted like a real pumpkin Bread  You would never know that this Pumpkin Bread was gluten free
When I purchased it it was 15.00 but it was not a small amount of Pumpkin Bread it  was quite a large size of a pumpkin Bread.  I would say that it probably was the size of a 13X 9 size rectangular pan
I thought for a gluten free bread for that size it was a good buy and it was great.  I thought this would be great to have for holidays and special occasions or just when you need that special treat for your self
You can take a look at all the things she has available at her website
I do not think you will dissatisfied at all on the contrary her products are just magnificent
She has many of her products at Buonissimos shop at 701 Dekalb Pike in Blue Bell and she will have many more coming in

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney