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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Laundry Pills


I think I just found the top dog in Laundry Detergents.  This Laundry Detergent is Hypoallergenic , Unscented Antibacterial .  It cleans extremely well and for an all natural Laundry Detergent is is cost effective.  This Laundry Detergent is not your usual Laundry Detergent it comes in a capsule.
You would use 2 capsules for a small load
                       3 capsules for a medium - large load of clothes
                       4 capsules for a large to extra large load of clothes.
This Laundry detergent also has a built in fabric softener in it.
I Love Love this Laundry Detergent
This Laundry Detergent can be found on the website and you will want to look for the Laundry Pills.  You get 100 Laundry Pills for 10.00 plus shipping.  When you  want to reorder it again you  would save the jar that it came in and order the Laundry Pill Reorder bag.  Once you get it in the mail you would just open it and put it in the jar.  The reorder bag is even less money it  is 8.00 plus 1.00 shipping.
Mary  Fox the owner of the company has Goat Milk Soaps all natural Micro fiber cloths for cleaning.
and if you  love Soap Nuts like I do she also has them.
You  have to try this out you will not be sorry just go to her website and order some of her great products particularly her Laundry Pills

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, December 3, 2013



I did a post about a year ago on Soap nuts
I thought I would write about it again , I thought maybe not everyone saw the posting .
Soap nuts are really a type of  berry in India.  In India they use Soap nuts to do their laundry and to bathe.  Soap nuts  look like an Acorn. When they are boiled they release suds.  This is not like a rich shampoo type of suds this is a very mild type of low sudsing action  but it does the job. They can be used for all types of things in your house hold.  They can be used for doing your laundry by putting about 5 Soap nuts in a small sock or canvas draw string bag, pop this into your washing machine and that is it.  You can reuse the bag about 4 more times to do your wash.  These Soap nuts are so economical.  You can also use them to make a shampoo.  All you would do is once again when you take the canvas bag or sock out of the washing machine  place it into a sauce pan and fill it with hot water.  Place this on the stove and let it boil for about a half of an hour.  Take it off the stove and let it cool down.  Once it has cooled down take the canvas or sock out of the water.  Now what I usually do is get an empty hand soap container that has been well rinsed  and then I put the water from the soap nuts into the bottle.  This is now my shampoo.  You can use it as is or you can make up your own concoctions.  I have dry hair so what I usually do is put it about three quarters the way up the bottle then add to it  a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil and if I feel like a fragrance then I pick out an essential oil and put about 15 drops in and that is my shampoo.  You  can make house hold cleaners with soap nuts.  Where I usually buy my Soap nuts is from a website called Laundry tree  I like the way she sells the Soap nuts.  She has starter kits that are 14.95   They come with a choice of an  essential oil .  So you get the Soap nuts and a essential oil to make your  own  home made laundry cleaner shampoo or house hold cleaner .  You can even make your very own pest controller with them.    If you  put in your search engine all  the uses for Soap nuts you can see all the things you can make to make your household more economical using Soap nuts and more safer to the environment  It is like having one item to make almost everything you will need or want with having all natural products in your household

  Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


Sunday, November 3, 2013



Everyone  Soap  for everyone and every body  is a Shampoo , Body Wash and Bubble Bath
It is from a company called EO Products.  
This product and most of all the EO Produts are gluten free
I love this product I use it for everything,I use t for bathing , cleaning the house and even I use it for doing the laundry and of course washing my hair. 
.  . 
They do have a product for laundry and doing  the floors that is the EO All Purpose Soap
The EO all Purpose Soap is fantastic  to do laundry,  wash your dishes, your floors,  and also your furry friends. .
I love that the  products are all  natural and they have great scents like Citrus / Mint ,   Lavender ,  and they do have and unscened one.  The cost for the Everyone Soap for everyone and every body is at  some of the Giant Food Stoes in their Organic Aisle it  is $ 9.99 for 32oz.  This is a  fantasic price for such a great product and the amount you get for it.  They aso have other locations in the area that carry thee products. Most Target  stores carry these products too.   

The Evryone Soap for everyone and every body is an all natural plant based soap made with pure essential oils.
One of the main reasons whyI love  this  product and all of these  EO  products is that they are just simple all natural products that work  They put right on their bottles that they are Gluten Free
They are also extremely moisturizing.  When I  use the Everyone Soap for everyone and every body after showering I do not have  to use a moisturizer after I get  out of the shower

When I get out of the shower before using this product I would have to slather a lot of moistuizer on but with this product  I don't  have to do that, my skin just feels soft and feels great without having to put anything extra onto my skin

The website for all the great Eo Produts is

I hope you will try out these products and see how well they will work for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, October 31, 2013



I received an email the other day for as good as Campbell's Tomato soup but gluten free.  I can not find the email now so I can not tell you who it was from  but it is fantastic
I jus found the email, it is from the website
The best part is it is so easy
You can make a little or as much as you would like
All you have to have on hand is the following ingredients

V-8 Juice



Garlic Salt



You start with V-8 juice and milk

Then add spices to your taste like the ones I mentioned Garlic Salt organo sugar oregano  and basil

This  is it  put this all together to your liking in taste and there you have it simple really good Tomato Soup best part all natural and good to the last  drop.
If you would like it a little bit thicker just add a little tomato  paste to it.  Then adjust everythng else to your liking or taste.  . 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Hello All:

I know I do a lot of blogs on natural skin care and today I  am doing the same but for our furry friends for Flea and Tick control plus to help out with itchy skin for dogs. 
I was looking for a product for my dogs for flea and tick control plus skin issues that was all natural.
I strive to find natural products for myself for skin care and I just thought I  need to do  the same for my animals.  There are a lot of natural products for pets but it is hard to find one that does basically everything I  want it to do such as help with my dog's skin keep fleas and ticks away and does not smell like a chemistry lab.and is safe for my animals
I found that product with Atlast Fly Spray which is a deterent for flies  but for dogs it acts as a flea and tick deterent and killer. 
My dog has a lot of skin issues she scratches all the time and her hair has begun to fall out.  I received the Atlast Fly Spray as a sample to try out.  I sprayed it on my dog and instantly she stopped scratching.  Her hair now is begining to come back in now and of course no more fleas or ticks yeah ! . 
The scent to the Atlast Fly Spray to me is very pleasant it does smell like Cedar and it looks like milk.  It is all natural which I love and the best part is it works
The website is
On the left  side of the page you will see that is helps out for the control of flies, fleas ticks for dogs horses and is a natural pest control plus it helps with skin issues to soothe and clear any skin issues that your dog might have of course you should not spray it on his or her face but everyting else is fine. 
I do have one dog that does not like to have the spray sprayed on him, he is my demented one so with him I always need a bit more care with everything I do.  For him I shake the bottle spray a little on my hands and then put it through my dog's fur.  He then is a happy camper and once again no fleas.  I also shake the bottle and spray it on my dog's little beds plus our couches but of course always spray a little in an in a spot where no one will see just to  make sure it does not change any colors to your couches.  For me this has not happened I just want to put it our there just in case. 
All I can say is I  love this product.  They also say that if you do use Frontline or any one of those types of products and you are still having issues with fleas and ticks you can get this spray and spray it  on your animals for extra protection without harming them with putting more of the Frontoine type products on your animals.
It is just nice to find a product that works and is safe for my animals
It does not say anything on their website or on the bottle but I  have noticed since I started using this product no more spiders which I am quite happy with.  I hate with a passion spiders and of course fleas and ticks

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  . 

Monday, September 2, 2013




                                                                Happy Labor Day

I hope you have had a great time this weekend  being it the last weekend of the summer before the kids go back to school.  I  found another website for skin care products that I felt really halped my skin out with all its sensitivities. 
The company is BadgerBalm and the website is
They have baby skin care products insect repellent products; moisturizers,  hair oils to keep hair well moisturized and well conditioned. What I like best with this company is that they really do have a lot of different products but my favorites are the Baby Soap and the the different balms they have to keep you in good health.  They have a headache Balm, this one I  have not tried yet but if it is anything like their other balms I will be a very hapy camper.  I can not wait to try this one  because being a Type 1 Diabetic and using the Dexcom System for a continuous blood glucose System  I can not use Tylenol Products as a side effect if you use tylenol Products with a Dexcom System it will give you high blood sugars. Then with the Celiac Disease it is hard to find product that are  gluten free be it Aspirin or I buprofen .  When I do get the Headache Balm I will do a review on this and let you know .  I just tried the Headache Soother Balm.  It is fantastic.  I had a whopper Headache the other day took a little bit out placed it on my far head and in aboout a half of an hour no more headache.  I gave some also to my husband he is not one of those people like me that belief in doing things naturally.  I wanted him to try it because with his medications i did not want him to have anything else.  He was very reluctant to try it when he did he was pleasantly surprised and thanked me.       The ones I tried is the Cheerful Mind Balm which smells fantastic.  It is in a tin filled with like a moisturizing pudding in it that you take a tiny little  bit out and rub it onto  your wrist.  I guess you could call this a Cheerful Mind Homeopathic Balm.  It does work to help change your mind into a more pleasant mood and make you feel more upbeat.  I love the scent of it.  They also have a Stress Soothing Balm and once again smells fantastic and helps to relieve stress.  Right now I am under a lot of stress and are down a lot on account of my husband's health .  These products are not a cure all  but they do help me to feel better and to cope better. They just make me breathe better and help  me to regulate my breathing better   so then I can manage the stressers that come  in life and deal with what I have to accomplish what I need to  for the day. 
They also have a Sleep Balm that once again smells great and relaxes you to appoint of just saying ok I  am done for  the day I hear my covers calling me. Once again it is not going to be like a sleeping pill that you take it and instantly you are knocked out.  It is more calming and just kind of gently winds you down with the scent of the balm.   I love each of these different  balms each scent of each  nurturing Balm on your skin is heavenly.. The best part about these balms is that you could use  them as a perfume, they are not over powering.  They do last fairly long and you only need a small amount to have them work
Everyone can use these Balms young middle age or on the older side.  They just make you feel well rounded and complete. 
The Badger Baby Soap is fantastic it is filled with a lot of moisturizers and makes your skin feel dreamy.  I am a big fan of this company.
I hope you will think about purchasing  these great products and see how great they are for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney     

Saturday, August 31, 2013



I just started working for a candle company located in Pennsylvania. 
I love the scent of candles of course they have  to be all natural along with it  These candles are all natural and soot free and smell like a breath of fresh air.  . 

When I went onto my new website which is I was excited
The candles looked great.  I also saw that along with there numerous great smelling candles they had about 9 different charity candles this means that when you purchase a charity candle of  a particular organization $3.00 goes from that sale to that particular organization.

I thought I  wonder if they could have a candle for Celiac Awareness  to help out with research and also to help out with the cost for new Celiacs to know how to handle this new challenge with finding out that they have Celiac Disease.  This  will also help out with getting the  informaiton they need to know how to control Celiac Disease and live with Celiac Disease.  . 

I called up the owner and asked if they could have a Celiac Awareness Candle.  At first he was not on board until I pointed out that I am the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group. I said to him I have a lot of members and I know they will love this and love your candles.  I told him  this is a win win situation for the both of us.  After talking with him a few more times and also talking with the National foundation for Celiac Awareness.   He then said ok but you are going to need help with this it is a lot of work to get this going. 

I called The Natioanl Foundation For Celiac Awareness in Ambler Pa .  I explained everything to them and brought them on board    with the owner of Miabella Candles. 

This week the candle came out it is beautiful, it has the scent of Hot Baked Apple Pie and of course it is gluten free.  Sorry could not resist that. Once again when someone purcahses this candle $3.00 will go to the National foundation for Celiac Awareness. 
I hope you will think about purchasing one of these candles to help out other Celiacs with the information they need to get started living with Celiac Disease in the long run it will help out all of us with this disease.  . 

My website once again is and when you go onto my website  you will look in the middle of the page for Charity Candles hit that and the National Foundation For Celiac Awarness should be the  2nd or third one down on the page. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, August 16, 2013




Along with my many sensitivities to skin care products I also have sensitivities to laundry detergents very badly.
When I wear a shirt , pants dress or anything else that is not all natural and in many cases scent free I break out in rashes that itch very badly. It only takes a few minutes on and I know right away I am going to have a problem.  I love all natural laundry detergents in most cases they are good and I do not break out but they have a small problem they do not clean as well as the other laundry detergents. 

I have been searching and searching to find the one laundry detergent that I  can really say this is it this is the laundry detergent that does everything for me
I went into a search engine looking for an all natural gluten free laundry detergent and Molly Suds came up on the search engine along with other ones but this one caught my eye I decided to try it  and when I did  I  was so excited  when I got it in the mail.  My husband was saying why are you so excited it is just a laundry detergent.  I said to him It  might just be my hope chest of a laundry detergent.  He looked at me like I had three heads.  I said back if this works I will be on cloud nine 
I did not  break out at all and it really cleans .  I had a spread that one of my dogs got sick on and I  thought I  was going to have to throw it out .  It was really bad..  I put 2 Table Spoons to it since it was so badly stained.  I still thought this is not going to clean this I know there is going to be some spots still but that will be ok at least it will be clean.  I took it out of the dryer it was beautiful. 
This was a cream colored spread that went into the washer mostly brown and came out again a gorgeous cream colored spread and smelled  so good. I did a 2nd load with  some shirts and pants and it also came out great.  When I  put them on they smelled fantstic and no reactions.  To me the scent of Peppermint just makes you upbeat and happy.    

I think I have finally found it Molly's Suds Laundry Powder it is outstanding it is free of Phosphates  Harsh Chemicals  No SLS/SLES and it is formulated for sensitive skin
It is Gluten Free and the only scent to it is essential oil of Peppermint which I love.  It is not over powering of a Peppermint  scent but just enough that is wakes you up and smells great. 

I bet also that it will help if you are outside  on a camping trip or just outside with friends the scent of the laundry will help out with bugs since it is Peppermint which most bugs and insects hate the scent of Peppermint.  . 

The Website is  their telephone number is 1 678 361 5456 and the cost for  4lb bag is  21.00 which might sound a lot but you only use 1 table spoon per load you can wash about 128 loads of wash  and it is safe for HE Washers.I love it.  

It is so nice to find an all natural gluten free laundry detergent that works extremely well  and I will not have a reaction to.  I am a very happy camper
They do have sample sizes on their website to purchase   If you rather not take the plunge with getting the 4 lb  size  for the first time using this amazing laundry detergent.  I think you will not be sorry this is now my laundry detergent.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Monday, August 12, 2013




I just found a website for all kinds of all natural products and also items to make all natural skin care. 
The website is The prices are unbeleivable.
I just purchased  the 16 oz. unscented shampoo base which can be used as is as an unscented shampoo or you can add your own fragrance to it.  The cost for the unscented shampoo base is 3 dollars and ninety five cents. 
I also purchased an unscented bath gel base same thing it can be used as is for an unscented bath gel or you can add a fragrance to it and it was once again $3.95 for 16 oz. 

They also have essential oils starting out at $2.95 for .05 oz.  You can use this as a perfume oil or you can get it to put in for one of your shampoo bath gel or unscented lotion bases to put your favorite scent to it.

They have empty bottles tubes and jars at un heard of prices to make your own products.  They  also have candle making supplies.   It just is a fantastic site for all kinds of things you can make or just use the products as is. 

I tried their all natural unscented 16 oz shampoo base and it was fanstastic.  I did not use a conditioner even though they do have a conditioner.  I wanted to see how it would work without it .
The unscented shampoo base made my hair soft shinny and full of volume and for a cost of $3.95 for 16 oz this is just shocking even with shipping charges I am still saving money. 

The unscented lotion and unscented bath gel are equally as good as the shampoo. 

I am so excited with all this I never thought I would be able to get an all natural shampoo lotion or bath gel that worked for me that is this inexpensive. I purchased all these products with an essential half oz oil and paid with shipping charges $26.99 which I  think is outstanding

Always with getting products all natural and gluten free for skin care or even food you always have to pay more but with this company you  do not have to pay more and you get results that are just fantastic.

If you want great products for skin care that really work and not have to pay a fortune for it then this is the site to go to. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Saturday, July 27, 2013



I am on Lindkin for Avon  , Miabella Candles and my volunteer work I do for Celiac Disease.   
A Representative Lisa Minogue from Apriori Beauty  sent me an email for me  to try some samples of   hers . from Apriori Beauty Products.    She asked me if she could send me out some sample  products to try and if I could to do a blog about the products on my Celiac Blog.     I let her know if I do not llike the products I will not write a blog about the products.  The reason why I have done this practice is not to help the company out but that I  have so many sensitivities that I do not think it is fair to my readers to put something in that is negative when they might have a positive reaction.  So if I have  a reaction to a product then I  just will not write about it.    She assured me that was  more  then fair she just wanted me to try them
Apriori Beauty products are based out of California, they are a relatively new company.  .   
After going to her website which is and her email address is   I saw all the products and thought if the products work as well as the captions have  stated about the products I am in love. 
Their shampoo is called Vivid it is suburb it is for all hair types and it is all natural , unscented and of course Gluten Free and Vegan.  When I  washed my hair it  was like being in a spa even though it was just my kitchen sink. 
The conditioner is called Vivid also and it is also all natural unscented Gluten Free and Vegan
I combed my hair out and waited for it to dry.  Usually I wait until it dries then I begin my styling routine  
I was surprised when I looked in the mirror I was like is that really me,  my hair looked like I  just did a soft hair set there was so much body to it and the softness and shine
I was a happy happy camper just to wash and wear is not something I usually do.  Usually I have to let it dry then lightly hair spray it then put a few rollers in the front then take out the rollers and put a little bit more gel to it but with these products I just washed and let it dry and I was out the door

They have a 6 step moisturizing system which I love
Step Number 1 Cream Cleanser ( Deeply  Cleanses while protecting the skin )
Step number 2 Activating Tonic .
Step number 3 Firming Complex ( Stimulate Collogen and Elastin in skin )
Step number 4 Eye / Lip Age Erasser ( Reduces Eye Puffiness and Erases age lines )
Step number 5 Day Defense Plus Cream  has SPF 25 in it of course all natural ( Defends against daily exposure )
Step number 6 Night Repair 3 Deep (  Repairs and hydrates overnight )

This 6 step process is amazing it is like a facial routine with looking like you have just cleared out all your skin  imperfections .  It is like you have a concealer / foundation on even though you have nothing on but the 6 step cleansing system.  My face felt soft and looked magnificent.  I was talking  to one of my friends that I  have not seen for awhile and she asked me have you  lost weight .  You look great.there is something different about you , you always look great but now you have out done yourself.    What  is going on with you  ,  I  want your secret. I let her  know about the products I just received. .   

They also have a body wash called HydroBurst Moisture Intense Cleanse which really is great my skin really felt fabulous and they have a moisturizing cream called HydroBurst moisture Intense lotion which is suburb.  Along with the Celiac Disease I also as I  said before I am a  Type 1 Diabetic, it does not matter if it is summer or winter my skin becomes alligator skin.   The other day my skin was on fire itching and really dried out.  I put this lotion on instant releif and my skin is so much better.  It does not feel rough at all and no more itching. 
I wish I could get more of all of these products they are truly amazing, your skin  feels alive again and well pampered

They also have a weight loss system to help you lose weight and a nutriitonal system to help  you acheive all your nutritional  benefits that you need. each and every day and best of all it is also Gluten Free  Vegan and all natural   . 

If you  are interested there are opportunities for you for a home business you can contact Lisa Minogue and she can tell you all about becoming a Apriori Beauty Consultant or you can just go to her website and  order her  products from her  You  will not be sorry these products are worth their weight in gold .
Email Address;
Telephone number :  1 631 764 3522

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, July 13, 2013




I was trying to find a Shea Butter that was all natural and soothing to the skin.
I had heard a lot of good suggestions with using Shea Butter.
Shea Butter is an all natural emoliant moisturizer.  You do have to be careful if you are allergic to nuts while using this product.  They say that it is not recommended if you have nut allergies.
This is the one thing that I am not allergic to.  I went online and looked at a lot of Shea Butters, I decided to just go to Whole foods Market and take a look there.  I  hate with a passion paying for shipping charges so I wanted to see if I could find a good Shea Butter at my local Whole Foods Market. 
What I like about Shea Butter is that it is like Coconut oil that it is in a solid formation and when you take a little bit out and rub it in between your fingers it turns into an oil that sinks into your skin instantly.  Shea Butter also helps out with wrinkles and it is a natural sunscreen.

I went  into  Whole Foods Market searching for the one I wanted for my Shea Butter quest.
I found it it was from this company Green Pad Living .  I purchased their Shea Butter Soap and their 4 oz. Raw Shea Nut Butter Bulgaarian Rose Butter. 
This was reccommended to me from one of the personell at the natural skin care department. 
I was excited to try out these  products.  I wanted to use it as an all over moistuizer and a moisturizer and protector for my face.  I love love it.  Like I said before take a little bit out the size of a pea rub it in between your finger tips and rub it into your skin.  I also use the Shea Butter as a leave in conditioning detangling shine emoliant for my hair.     It sinks right in and gives you a natural glow.  My skin in my face instantly looked refreshed well moisturized and soft as a babies bottom so to speak.   Shea Butter naturally is a sunscreen property in it.  This would be equivalant to a sunscreen that  was a SPF of between 4-6 .  I love this I do not like to use sunscreens because from the Celiac Disease I am deficient in Vitamin D, so when I heard tha tthis can be used as a natural sunscreen I was thrilled.  I know it is not much of a SPF but you can also mix coconut oil with it this is also a natural sunscreen if you want a higher SPF and their other naturla ingredients that you  can find to use.    I am happy just using the Shea Butter My skin in my face looks fantstic  and the small lines in my face are diminishing
I also like Shea Butter because it also good for any skin irritation such as bug bites bug stings cuts and if you do get a sunburn Shea Butter puts the moisture back into your skin to make your skin feel better. 
It is  very easy to use a little goes a long way  and I like that this company is in Pennsylvania. 
The Shea Butter soap is like sinking into  a batch of loveliness.  Your skin just feels like it just got washed down with an extra barrier of forgiveness and softness that stays until the next time you use it.  It feels like your  tub or shower has turned into a natural running  spa for your body.  As they say it feels good and knowing it is all natural is the best.  They have 7  other natural  soaps that are also really good   they are as follows. 
Coconut  Milk Soap
French Clay Pumice Soap
LemonGrass Soap
Gluten Free Oatmeal Srub Soap
Peppermint Skye Soap
Pure CastileSoap
Shea Butter Soap.
I am huge fan now for the Shea Butter Soap and the Raw  Shea Nut Butter Bulgarian Rose. and all the products from Green Pad Living Products.   I just learned they  will be phasing out of the Whole Foods Market but you can purchase them online on their website.  Their website is  You will not be sorry they are worth it.  They are like owning a pot of gold and holding onto it knowing that you have a stash of goodnes in the pam of your hand. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, July 12, 2013



I was at a family party last weekend and my cousin and I  started to have a discussion about hair products and soaps.
We were discussing what is  in shampoos condiitioners, and styling products.
We were both   saying to each other that the ingredients that are in every day shampoos conditioners and hair styling products is scary.  We both felt that it was even scarier what happens when you  get an allergic reaction to some of the additives that are in these products. 
We began naming products that we have tried that are all natural  and felt that were really good. 
I really felt that my list was gong to out shine his list. I felt that the products that I  have tried that I liked were fantastic and would not stand up against any other product.  I was wrong, I still believe in the other products but I  must admit the products from Morroccco Method  are unbelievable.
They are much better then what I had on my list

Morrocco Method's products have Raw Vegan Gluten Free Fair Trade Ingredients. 
They do not have much of a scent and the shampoos do not lather much but they work
You will not be sorry for trying out these products the only hard part will be deciding what shampoo /conditioner  to order but this is where the fun part comes in.  You try one set then go to the next and then mix and match them and you  can never be wrong with what you choose.  I
 am going to try out the Henna Hair coloring next I will let you know what I think but how well  the shampoos and conditioners worked I think I already know. 
My hair is soft shinny and full of volume. 
They call their shampoos condiitoners Element shampoos and conditoners
They have 5 different types of Element Shampoos and Conditioners

FIRE    Apple Cider Vinegar Increases blood flow to the scalp..  Flushes out debris, oil buildup and unhealthy bacteria This one is for all hair types

Water -  Sea Essence   Algae Spirlina Kelp and Marine Proteins nourish hair and scalp.  corrects Dryness Normal - Oily hair

Earth - Earth Essence Rich mixture of essential oils French Clays and Botanical Proteins. Promotes fuller thicker hair    Normal to Dry Hair

Air - Pine Shade Pine oil gently nourishes the scalp removes dandruff and itchiness counteracts thinning and hair loss this is for all hair types

Ether  Heavenly Chi  Natural Botanical Herbs and Marine Proteins dynamically energizes hair & scalp
this is for all hair Types

They have about 8 different leave in  Elixers to help promote hair growth and hair loss. 

They have a Diamond Crystal Leave in Mist Conditioner and a Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner
They also have Euro oil this sophisticated blend of wild crafted oils nourishes and balances scalp PH for healthy hair growth.  It is also good for dry skin and chapped lips

They also carry all natural Henna Hair Coloring
Morrocco Method all natural Henna will not dry out your hair
Safe on Dyed or Bleached Hair
Covers Grey Beautifully
Condiitons and Fortifies your hair
Neutral Color gives High Gloss
Mix shades to create a unique color
The Henna Morrocco Method  Hair Coloring comes in 6 different shades of color
Dark Brown
Medium brown
Light Brown
Neutral ( colorless ) Just gives a high conditioned gloss to your hair.
They also have all natural Hair Sprays Hair Gels and Pomades  and all natural Boar Bristle Brushes
What I  like about this company is that they have 2 oz trial sizes for all their products and have great literature about each product so you know what to expect with anything you want to try
You can try them all and see which ones you like the most and settle on that one or just have a few different ones to go back and forth.  This way you can figure out which one you like the best and get the full size product at that time. 
I can not say enough about these products . Their products promote hair growth and bring back what is lacking in your hair to bring it back to what you once had in an earlier life.
You will  be surprised with how great your hair looks even if your hair is in good condition  these products will make your hair in even  better condition.    
Their  websites is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, July 7, 2013



I  am an Avon Representative plus I am a Celiac patient as you know
Every year I call The New York Excutive offices with Avon
I request for that year the list for Avon's Gluten Free List
Every year this does take a bit of time to get

This year when I called in I was told we no longer have a list on hand
I was very upset by this and I was about to go rambo on the representative
The Avon excutive explained to me we think on the Excutive level to have all allergy products listed for that particular allergy on the websites for the customers since the customers   are the ones  who buys our  products
Ok then how does a customer find out what porducts are gluten free or even an Avon representative so they can give the information to their customers

The Avon Excutive said all they do is go to their Avon Representative's customer web page( for me this would be ) Most Avon customer website's are whatever the name of the Avon representative is that is your Avon representative. 
Once they are in there they would hit Shop My Store once there they would go to the search bar and put in the product or products that they want to know that are  gluten free
I tried this yesterday I went into my Avon Customer website and put in the search bar gluten free lipsticks.  There had to be about three pages of gluten free lipsticks  and you can purchase them right there.  They also have eveything you would like to know about the product the item number the ingredients and the price.  I did the same for gluten free foundaitons , moisturizers shampoos and there were a lot of products to choose from. 

I have to say I guess this is a better way so that the customer has the power to choose what they want and when they want it and have it shipped directly to them and the shipping charges are cheaper this way .  It only cost $3.00 for shipping and sometimes they have specials that you will have free shipping.  they will have a code to put in for free shipping .   . 

I know Avon products are not all natural but I  also know that some of my clientele just want to know gluten free skin care products that are good and that are not too expensive and do not care about the products being natural or not.  .
Avon is starting to come out with more natural products.  They just came out with Avon Elements for facial skin care products  that are all natural and hypoallergenic.  I am working with them to come out with a shampoo conditioner that is unscented. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

Friday, June 14, 2013



I just found another great company for skin care that is gluten free.  This is on the Etsy website
The name of the company is GoddessVerde so what you  would do is go to Etsy's website ( )and in the search area put in Goddessverde.  Then go to soaps , there you will find a gold mind of a soap.  it is called Vegan Yucca Citrus Soap.  This is fantastic it is one of those body bars so it can be used for your body and your hair.  As you  know my hair is tricky and does not like a lot of different products but this one it loved. 
My hair was soft shinny and had lots of volume, volume that would not quit .  Even the next day my hair was like I  had a soft set it was filled with bounce  body and shine.
I was trying to find a soap that I could get that had yucca in it instead of getting the plant and doing it myself to have a shampoo. 
I found this soap and decided to give it a try.  It is so nice it has such a nice fragrance to it not strong at all but pleasant.  This soap lathers very well and it is a big bar of soap.  It cost $6.50 plus shipping. 
It was a total cost with shippping $9.50 and it is well worth it.  My hair really likes it as they say it is growing a shine to it.  I know this will last me a very long time which I am extremely happy to have such a great soap in the palm of my hand. 
I even had people coming up to me asking me what I use on my hair.  I was in line at a drug store picking up a prescription for my husband .  I had a tap on my shoulder and this gentleman said to me I am not trying to pick you up or anything but your hair is georgeous.  May I ask what you use on your hair. 
I know the picture I  have up of myself on my blog has me with brunette hair but at that time my hair was colored.  I do not color my hair any more.  So my hair is grey all over.  This gentleman said to me I have never seen grey hair look as good as it does on you .  He stated that he was a hair stylist and he wanted to know what I had used.  He said your hair just looks like tiny firecrackers going off in the lights of the  the store.  He said to me I have not seen anything like this before. 
I let him know about this soap .  He said you know Yucca is very good for the hair. He said I  will have to look int this for my salon thank you  so much.
I had never had a compliment like that before I was a happy camper. 
I hope you have as much fun and excitement  as I did with trying  this soap

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney         

Sunday, May 26, 2013



I found this online the other day and it works that is to get your favorite soap and turn it into a liquid  body wash.
I wanted the complete package shampoo /  body wash so I bought on sale an all natural  shampoo bar that had great ingredients in it for the hair and for your body.  It was super moisturizing. 
I thought if  this works I will be a very happy camper and it did work
I bought like I said on sale a shampoo bar , I shaved it down into  a pot with a potato peeler.
Then I poured hot distilled water over the shaved soap just to  cover it and put it on the stove.
You can use also regular hot tap water this is just a little bit more purer using the distilled hot water.
I melted all the peices to a liquid and put into it a table spoon of coconut oil
Then I let it sit for 12 hours over night
The next day it looked a little bit too  thick so I gradually put more distilled water to it until it was a perfect combination body wash and shampoo
This is great I  shaved a 4 oz shampoo bar with turning it into a combinaiton Shampoo body Wash I now have over 24 oz of my concoction so it is super ecconomical
I think I paid $ 4.00 for the shampoo bar and to get the results I got with using it this way my hair looks and feels great and my skin is very soft and smooth
The best part of all this is you can do this with an unscented shampoo bar and put in your favorite scents with essential oils and add things to it to make it what you would like it to be
You can even buy empty foaming bottles pour your concoction into it and give it to someone as a gift that you made for someone like yourself that has allergies to most skin care products

Another great thing to do for home made products I have not tried this one yet but I am going to try it shortly
You get Vitamin C powder and make a great night facial mosturizer
The way you would do this is to melt a few tablespoons of coconut oil pour it into a container that you wold like to use then add with essential oils any scent you wold like or just use it unscented and put into it a pinch of the vitamin C powder mix it up let it harden and there you are
One great moisturizer for the face that helps out with those pesty facial  wrinkles and lines on the face.

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, May 8, 2013




I love this home made shampoo / body wash.
It is so easy and so moisturizing and best of all no chemicals and no itch just soft supple skin

Half cup any scent or if you wish no scent Dr. Bronner's liquid Castile soap
Third cup canned Coconut Milk
2 table spoons Aloe Vera either from the plant itself or a pure Aloe Vera organic gel
If your hair is on the drier side add a half teaspoon olive oil
I also added 2 tablespoons of organic Honey to it and my hair is soft and full of a great sheen. 
Mix together and put into an empty bottle, each time you use it just reshake the mixture . It cost pennies to make per shampoo use  and for me it is one of the best shampoo body washes that I  have tried

The next shampoo recipe is really interesting I have not tried this yet but tou get a Yucca plant
You take a pieceof the root off
Then you shave  it down w a potatoe peeler until you get  to the white part of the plant then you smash that piece with a hammer , it will become soft then just put it under running water and there it will bubble up and you have a shampoo like I said I have not tried this yet but it is supposed to make your hair soft and shinny and full of volume .  when I do I will let you know about it.  I am looking for a Yucca plant as we speak

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, March 23, 2013



I found  a great website for natural skincare and personal needs
It is called Elegant Rose Boutique through Etsy so the website is
She has over 300 products and the ones I tried are really good
She has a shampoo bar called Lavish Gluten free Bar that is magnificent
I also have  tried her Passion Flower Shampoo bar both are superior products. 
I just ordered her Natural Insect Repellant , I will let you know how tha tis after I try it
She has so many products on her website that it is one stop shopping for all your needs.
She has shampoo bars deodorants bath bombs everything yo can think of she has
I think you will really like her products so give them  a try
The Passion Flower shampoo Bar smells great

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, March 16, 2013



Hello Everyone:

I was  at a Celiac function that was held at the Abington Memorial Hospital
One of the vendors there Joan,  from Joan's GF Great Bakes was running around saying you have to try our products.  I always like to try new products so of course I did try it.  She said to me this is going to be the best corn bread muffin you have ever tasted, she also gave me a sample of her English muffin, and her Multi Grain Muffin. 
She was absolutely correct this was not just a great English Muffin or a Great Corn  Muffin.
This tasted like a baker that had performed an artistry of delight in every bite that I had .  I wass so sorry when it was gone.
Her products you will think they had gluten in them they are that good with these muffins you are not sacrificing anything
Her muffins are out of this world  she thinks of everything  they not only taste magnificent but they are actually really very good for you
They are Dairy free Soy Free and ready to eat just toast them and you will be amazed that these muffins taste as good as they do and best of all they have 2 grams  of fiber in them and a lot of vitamins in them
Their website is, their address and telephone number is
Gf Great Bakes
90 East Merrick RD
FreePoint New York  11520
1 516 804 5600
Their email address is
They do have some stores in the Pennsylvania area that carry their products,  just go to their website and hit their store locator
I am going to see if I can get them into more stores in the Pa  area
I love these products they are not just a good gluten free product they are an explosion of greatness in every bite
Every bite just brings delight and happiness I am doing the happy dance with these products and I know you will too once you try them, you will never feel deprived with eating Joan's GF. Great Bakes
They are lip smacking good

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, February 21, 2013




I have just became the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group
This group meets twice a year at The Abington Memorial Hospital at the Lens Fest Pavillion
Our next meeting is March 15th
AbingtonMemorial Hospital
1200 Old York Rd
Len Fest Pavillion
Abington Pa  19002
We have about 400 members of our group
This meeting should be really good, our speaker is Keith Laskin from the Paoli Celiac Center in Paoli PA
He will discussing on how some people still have stymptoms when they are on a gluten free diet and how to manage this problem
We meet at 5:45 for a meet and greet  to see other Celiac Buddies and to help out new Celiacs plus to look at the vaarious Gluten Free Vendors that we have to sample and buy their products
We have about 10 vendors that will be coming to our meeting
The following are a list of our vendors that will be coming to our group
Grandma Grotos Restaurant located in Willow Grove PA
Good Eatz
Virato Bakery
Door To Door Organics ( which is an online grocery store that has gluten free options located in PA that delivers once a week ) You would  just go to their website select shop then special diets then gluten free diets and everything will be there
At the Willowgrove Giant Food store they have a registered Dietician at the store to help out new and old Celiacs and she is also a Diabetes Educator
Phoenicianaturally an online gluten free skin care line
Q Cookies
Kinnickininick Gluten Free Foods
The cost to join ur group is 25.00 and you can join at the door

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, February 14, 2013



I just found this company that I love I do not work for them but I  do love them.   The name of the company is called The Honest Company it was founded by Jessica Alba and a friend of hers.  They were looking for skin care products and cleaning  that they could feel comfortable using in their home for themselves and their children that had no chemicals in them.   This is skin care and cleaning products.  They even have it that you can sample their products free of charge you just pay for shipping. 
It can be for a Baby Bundle with Baby products or what they call the Family Essential Bundle. 
The Family Essentials Bundle is a mixture of 5 different products that they have picked out I think it has a trial size of a Shampoo/ Body Wash a Conditioner trial size of a liquid soap, Laundry Detergent unscented   and a Bathroom cleaner. 
You try them out and if you  like them then you  let them know and they will send out to you 5 different products that you  can change if you do no like the ones that they have chosen for that month. The cost is 35.95 a month plus shipping  but you  can just also just pick out one product to try out at a time also. 
I have tried most of all the products and love all of them.  They have just come out with organic cotton dish towels, organic dish brushes and also candles. 
The products are all  organic and they smell wonderful
I love the Shampoo/Body Wash it is the scent of like orange/vanila /lemon it is really a great fragrance. 
The Website is
They are also great to deal with and very helpful I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Thank yo u

Ellen Gaffney



Happy Valentines  Day

I am writing to you today about a new service that I love.  it is called Door To Door Organics.
They have organic fruits vegetables and now organic groceries that they will deliver to you free of charge once a week
Every Friday they will have a list of organic fruits and vegetables that you  can choose from  You first pick out a subscription for myself it is the Little box which is 25.00.  It has about 8 to 10 different types of organic fruits and vegetables.  If you  do not like what they have  chosen  for that week  then you  can substitute the fruit or vegetable that you like  They have about 1 to 3 items of organic fruits like 3 apples 4 bananas 1 container of blueberries 1 container of strawberries 1 cantaloupe.  this would be something like the all fruit basket , .
They have four different sizes for boxes to choose from the smallest is 25.00 
Then you  just add  on their  Organic groceries and they have under shop it will say special diets you hit that and yo and behold they have Gluten Free options and Dairy Free options .  There are a lot of Gluten free options  to choose from so you just add onto what you have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box.  They will tell you how much you  owe at the end of your order and depending on where you live it will be put together  and delivered the following week
Usually every Friday after 12:00PM they will send out to you an email with the items that they have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box and you  can choose just all fruits and all vegetables or it can be a mixture.
I live in Norris town PA  19401 for me my orders are shown on Friday then put together on Monday and delivered  to me on Tuesdays.  I am then billed by my credit card that is on file on Wednesday.
You  can also skip a delivery if something comes up  you just let them know that Friday or by the latest  Monday Morning  on the website or emial that they send out to you  or if yo let them know by Monday they will skip that order for that week.
Some of the prices are cheaper then what you  would find in the grocery stores and the best part is that you get it delivered to you free of charge.
They are incredibly nice to deal with this company rocks I love love it
Their website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney      

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Good Morning

I do not know if you have seen it in most of the Giant Food Stores but Udi's has a new more Nutritious gluten free bread
It is called Udi's Omega Flax and Fiber Bread.
This bread is really very good and it has 6 grams of fiber per serving which is 2 slices.
The bread is soft but at the same time has a nice nutty flavor it is really good and great for you and
this gluten free bread does hold up in a sandwich .
I do not have to toast the bread to have it soft and I usually leave it in the refrigerator.
Their  new bread  has a  a purple and golden color packaging, the bread is the size of   most gluten free breads are but  it is well  worth it .
The difference is this gluten free bread is more filling then most gluten free breads.
Most times when I have had a sandwich using gluten free breads after wards I am still hungry for another sandwich, I do not make another one that would be too many calories for me .  I do what the nutritionist say and wait about twenty minutes for the brain to know it has enough but with other gluten free breads I am still hungry but with this bread I  am not .  I am well satisfied.  
It has also helped my blood sugars out , I do not need as much insulin when I use this bread which is always nice.
I did ask a representative for Udi's if they could make a gluten free bread even use this one the size of a bread that is made out of gluten like your wheat filled breads. 
They said that they are reluctant to do that because if they did the cost would probably be  a little bit more then twice the cost of the loaves of  gluten bread are now.
Udi's Gluten Free Omega Flax and Fiber bread has 150 calories for their serving of two slices and 50 calories from fat
It has 22 grams of Carbohydrate , 6 grams of fiber , 3 grams of sugar and 6 grams of protein.
Udi's mission is to eat well and smile often this is on their packaging and it also has on their packaging  our mission is to show you a new way to approach gluten free living. Udi's sources natural ingredients to make a delicious products that will fill your stomach and warm your soul 
I love love this bread I am always sorry when the bread is gone and I have to go back to the store to get more
This bread is a winner in taste, quality and great nutrition especially if you are a Celiac having Diabetes and other conditions that you need more fiber in your diet

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney