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Saturday, November 5, 2011



Hi all I have come across some natural skin care products  that you can make for your self that work and are a lot cheaper then getting products from stores and of course a lot healthier.

First off Honey you can do so much with honey.  You can smother it on your face and leave it there for about 15 minutes then rinse off with  a warm  wash cloth and you have given yourself a great facial  and moisturizer.

You can use it for a hair conditioner by putting a generous amount on your  hair waiting  about twenty minutes and rinsing  off then shampoo to get all the honey out of your hair

My personal favorite for honey is to put about two tablespoons of honey maybe more if you have longer hair and fill the rest of a 16  oz cup with warm water.   Stir it until the honey and water are well dissolved  .  Let it sit there for about an hour or two .  This is now a hair lightener.  You can have it on wet or dry hair just pour the mixture over your hair.  You can let it sit there for as long as you can stand it then rinse off and shampoo or some people just leave it in until the next shampoo  to lighten and moisturize the hair.  This will not be a drastic change but it will lighten  little by little and you  will see a change.  I had used henna on my hair and it did not turn out well.  I was waiting for it to grow out.  I decided to cut my hair short to get most of it off.  It was half in that in between stage and I did not know what I was going to do.   Then I heard about this idea from a henna website and they said that this can be done on any type of hair henna, chemical treated colored hair or just natural that you want a change.  They say that it will give subtle results.  I tried it and it did work for me and best of all I am not damaging my hair.  Honey evidently has naturally in it hydrogen peroxide.  it is very low levels that is why it does it in a way that it is not dramatic.  I have done this now for about a week and my hair  is almost back to my natural color. I would recommend  not to use the leave in method that I told you about.  I  tried this one today and  after about 4 hours I had to wash it out,  my hair felt  in a word crunchy.  It did lighten it a little bit more.  You just have to have time and patience for this .  It is said that you leave the honey , water mixture on your head for as long as you can stand it.  They say for best results 4 - 8 hours.  They also say that it does better with  doing distilled water with the honey..Also one more tidbit once  you have the mixture on your head place either a conditioning cap or a shower cap on your head to keep your hair moist while you are lightening your hair.  If yu would like more information about Henna and how to do it correctly you can call the Henna Page at 1 330 673 0600 and you can look at their website at  this is the website that helped me out so much with the idea of the honey and water.  

My next great find is Coconut oil.  I love love coconut oil I use it as a moisturizer just taking some out of the jar I have and smothering it on.  I use it has a hair conditioner  and my personal favorite as a solid perfume.  You just get a small tin leave it a side then get a microwave safe cup and place a small amount of coconut oil in it microwave it on high for about 20 to 40 seconds then take it out and carefully fill your tin with it  then place about 40 drops of your favorite essential oil more if you like a very strong scent and you can mix a few scents to form your very own scent.  I used Jasmine grapefruit  and orange oil and a touch of lemon oil and it smells great.  Just wait until it hardens then put your lid on and you have a solid perfume that you have made right out of your kitchen.  Just make sure that you leave your solid perfume in a cool dry place so that it does not melt but if it does just let it harden again. 

My next favorite kitchen item is an Aloe  plant.  You can use this as a moisturizer as a healing agent for burns and my personal favorite as a great helper for someone like me who is 50  and is beginning to have those pesty lines on your face.  This plant acts like a line eraser and also it sucks up any puffiness in your face.  My sister lives in California I see her about every two to four months.  She was in town last week and when we met for coffee  she said to me you  look great your face looks fantastic what are you using and have you lost weight.   I thought at the time no I just do my usual things then that night I thought about it and realized it was the aloe plant

I wanted to put onto this skin care blog some of my older natural skin care tips so that they are there in one page  for you.

Soap nuts for a natural laundry soap  .  You can go to the website  I love doing this , these  are from a plant in India that is how natural they are.  This is so economical too  You pay l9.95 which sounds a lot for a natural detergent but it is not really.  .  When you get your detergent you take out of it between 5 to 8 soapnuts and put them in the little cotton draw string bag that come in with it.  The Soap nuts look like acorns to me.  After you put them in the draw string bag you draw it close and knot it then place it in the washer with your clothes.  This its it , it is non scented so if you want scent you can get your favorite natural essential oils and place about twenty drops on a wash cloth and place it in the laundry then you will have scent.  You then can use the pouch of soapnuts up to 5 times.  Then you just make up a new set up soapnuts for your next laundry.  The laundry detergent that you bought will last you for half of a year.  There is a natural fabric softener in it by nature.  After yu have used the detergent up to 5 times you can make a liquid soap after it.  I love doing this I take the cotton bag that has the used soapnuts in it and place it in a pot of water and let it simmer for about a half an hour or you can just let it sit in a pot with out any heat over night.  Take it out and squeeze it out the soapnuts and this is now your liquid soap.  I put in mine a few table spoons of melted coconut oil a few table spoons of avocado oil and a few tablespoons of honey then I go to town working with different essential oils to form my favorite scent.  My skin is so soft and so smooth from doing this and their is a shimmer on my skin. I almost forgot I do put into it a few tablespoons of unscented Castile soap.  this acts as a preservative and makes it stay a little longer since this is so natural.

The next natural item I use is Baking Soda I use this as a shampoo.  I just put in about 2 to three table spoons  of baking soda in a 16 oz cup and fill the rest with warm water and stir this is it just either pour it straight on your hair  or you can do it with wetting your hair it really does not matter which way to do it then rinse off and that is it.  It might take a little bit of tiem for your hair to get used to it but it will be better then it was before after it doesg et used to it. 

if your hair is a little bit dry at any time just put some coconut oil in your hand about a very small amount rub it in your hands then put it on your hair and it will hav eso much shine to it. 

I guess this is all my natural tricks so far for natural skin care in your kitchen

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney       .

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