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Friday, August 10, 2012


                                           NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR DOGS AND CATS

I decided to do a totally different blog today to help out our 4 legged friends.  I feel they need help too  with natural products be it from what they eat or the toys they play with.

There is a website that makes all natural products for dogs and  cats there is no dyes in the products no plastics just all natural organic products.  The website is the company is located in Chesterton Indiana  Their telephone number is 1 219 926 7604.

I love these all natural pet products ,  she has natural soaps for dogs for flea control all natural dog treats all natural hand made leashes collars and stuffed toys.  She also has conditioning shampoo bars that are amazing.

She also has organic Catnip for your feline friends   All kinds of stuffed toys that are hand made for your cat or dog.  she has cat and dog beds

I love this company very much and best of all for  your  4 legged friends she donates 5 % of her yearly sales to pet rescues

I know this is not truly  a Celiac blog but I felt that I should do a post to help out our 4 legged friends that help us out in our lives that they deserve only the best with organic home made products that are extremely reasonable and good for that friend that makes your day at the beginning of the day and when you  come home from work who  greets you at the door be it your feline friend or just your four legged buddy letting you know that they are glad you are home and that you are missed.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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