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Friday, June 6, 2014

Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candle


One of my favorite products on the Pink Papaya's website is the Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candle.  Its starts out as a candle, you light the candle and after it  burns for awhile you blow it out and it becomes a soft soothing super moisturizing lotion.  This is even good for sore achy muscles.  It starts soothing right away and gives your skin lots of softness and warmth.  The candle part of it can be used again and again and it is all natural and gluten free of course.  It comes in three different scents  and the Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candles are 5 oz
Lavender and Sweet Orange item number 00014
Grapefruit and Bergamot      item number 00016
Lemon Yuzu                          item number 00453
Once again the website is

Thank you again

Ellen Gaffney

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