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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tooth Powder


                                               Tooth Powder

I love love the tooth Powder by Poofy Organics  When I first  tried this product I immediately felt great using this  tooth powder . If you do no tlike to use tooth powders  you can wet your tooth brush put some Pure Coconut oil on then the tooth powder  this will make it more like a paste with an extra benefit from the Coconut oil
You can purchase this on my website
This is a very nice tooth powder that works extremely well.  It leaves your teeth and breath extremely fresh with out any chemicals or additives. My teeth feel smooth and feel stronger.  
When you open the jar the smell wakes up your senses full of Peppermint oils and other organic oils that penetrate the senses

The tooth powder is made out of different Herbs & essential oils that bind together and give great results to brighten and support your teeth mouth gums  and breath

My teeth look so much brighter since I  started using this product.
I even had a friend of mine say to me you  know I have never seen you smile your teeth are so straight and so white you need to smile more you look great
I never knew this before I  was always kind of embarrassed to smile and show my teeth .  I did not have a bad smile I just thought I  did not look that great when I smiled

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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