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Tuesday, July 19, 2016




The whole website is all gluten free natural organic  and home made from a company in New Jersey
These products were made up because their mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about 10 years ago.
The family members made sure that their mother only had the best organic natural foods to eat.
One  of the family members began researching that she should also have the
most natural organic skin care for her skin.  They began looking for products for their mother for soaps shampoos cosmetics and everything else they could think of.
When they were looking around for the best skin care products they did not like
what they saw they felt it was not pure enough
They got together as a family and decided to start making their own products for their mother
It was a huge success, they also gave the products away for Christmas presents and other gifts for their family and friends.  The family and friends said to them these products are magnificent you have got to begin selling them .
A year later they began selling the products.  They do not advertise a lot  they let their consultants tell about these products.  I am here to tell you these products Rock .  They are the best I have ever tried.  They think of everything they have cosmetics lipsticks  nail polishes sunscreens soaps shampoos and so much more.
I ask that you at least purchase  one product and see what I see with these products
My favorites are the Apricot Freesia soap .  This soap is super moisturizing and does a great job on your face and body to keep it super soft and well moisturized
It is only 4.50
I love the Cinnamon Sedona lipstick it is a beautiful soft beige y rose color. This sells for 15.00
The Everything Salve really Rocks it is meant for  anything that ails you  for your skin from bee stings to insect bites to poison Ivy.  this sells for 12.25
I hope you will think about trying one of these great products  There is no www or http in the website  address it is just

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney          

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