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Tuesday, February 8, 2011



If you have both conditions Celiac Dissease and type ! Diabetes you need to get to a specialist that can handle both diseases.   One place I would recommend to you would be the Celiac / Diabetes Center At Paoli Hospital.
They have everything there to help you out.  they have of course the Dr's like Dr. Laskin for the Celiac Disease .  He can be reached at 610 644 6755.  They have two Nutritionist and Dietitians on staff.  They have Mary Anne Martin & Kathy Chinchola.  these Dietitians can be reached at 484 565 80 20

Also if y are a new Celiac or maybe a celiac that just needs more information of the disease you can always join the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group.  This is run by Karen Dalyrmple her telephone number is 215 757 1233.  she is unbelievably good in getting all the help you will need.  It does cost you 25.00 to join but with that 25.00 you get so much information.  She sends out to you a huge binder that is filled with everything to get yu started and everything in the years to come to go back too.  It does cost 20.00 a year after that but you get two newsletters those newsletters are filled with about 20 - 30 pages of even more informaiton and you will see  what speaker we will be having for our support meeting.  Our next Support meeting will be March 18th 2011 and we have a fantastic guest it is one of the leading research doctors in Celiac Disease,  our meetings are held at the Abington Memorial Hospital at the Levitz Pavillion.  the doors open up at 5:45 so that you can meet new Celiacs and ones that yu have become friends with.  You will also see the different vendors that have come out with their lines of food  and of course learn more about  Celiac disease through our speaker.  Remember though you must become a member of The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group through Karen Dalyrmple to go to the meeting.  she can be reached at 215 757 1233.

If you are a type 1 diabetic and are still having problems with your blood sugars i would recommend for you a great helper.  It is called the Dexcom System.  this is a continuous blood glucose system.  I have it and love it.  It has a sensor that goes under your skin in your stomach.  You change this sensor weekly.  It measures your blood sugars every few  minutes and records them.   You  wear a separate device that you wear outside your body like in your pocket, this is the computer for the system.  It picks up all your blood sugars and stores them from the sensor that is in your body.  When you get your system you set with your doctor's guidance what number he would like your system to be set up for when your blood sugars begin to rise and when your blood sugars begin to fall before they get way out of control and into dangerous levels.  You will still have to test with your blood glucose meter at least twice a day and record those numbers into your Dexcom system so that your Dexcom can be Calibrated .  The Dexcom system will beep at you when your blood sugars go over the amount for when your blood sugars are too high or too low.  The best part I think about this system is that it show you a graph of your blood sugars, so you can see if you are getting too high or too low and you can adjust accordingly, if you would like to obtain one of the Dexcom's systems just talk it over with your doctor and you can call them at 1877 339 2664 push option 2 and they will help you out in getting one of these devices.  It has helped me out a lot i have gone down two points with my A1C's I am now in normal ranges with my A1C's which is half the battle with living with type 1 diabetes

Also if you have dried out itchy skin from either or both conditions from the Celiac disease or the Diabetes the best products I know of are from the Desert Wind skin Care company.  they are allergy Free chemical Free and Gluten Free.  they have soaps Shampoo bars ( which is a soap shampoo and condiitoner all in one )
They come in scented and unscented .  the website is their telephone number is 936 776 3964 His cell phone number is 1 713 823 6847 His name is Chuck Wellman
He tells me that he  is looking for distributors to help sell his products so if you are looking for any type of work call him you never know you might have a job with him

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Ellen Gaffney
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