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Friday, April 1, 2011



There used to be a famous restaurant in Philadelphia called Bookbinders
They were well known for their high quality dining experience in South Philadelphia
Sadly they have closed their doors but for the gluten free community they have opened their doors up again online, just make sure you see their label that says gluten free they do have some soups and sauces that do have gluten in them but the ones that are gluten free will be clearly marked

Their website is
Their address is
Bookbinder Specialties
601 Beatty road
Media PA  19063
Email Address::
Owner:  Sean ONeil
Telephone number:  215 322 1305

It is best to email them to get ahold of them their telephone number sometimes does not work

These are the flaovors that they carry in their gluten free line

They have three Canned Clam chowders
New Enland Clam Chowder
Manhattan clam chowder
Southwestern Clam and Corn chowdeer in this line of soups this one is my favorite it is really very good and it has such a delight of spices to it

The following are their glass jars of gluten free soups

Butternut Squash & Mushroom A Velvety blend of butternut squash w/ fresh mushrooms onions cream a hint of curry and pepper  This soup is Vegetarian

Brandy Wine Mushroom Fresh Mushrooms in a Sherry wine Base  this soup is Vegetarian and Kosher

Zesty Tomato a delicate blend of happiness with pureed tomatoes Jalopeno Peppers & Ginger
This soup is Vegetarian and Kosher

Burgundy Onion Soup This is my personal favorite it has such a fantastic flavor to it and it is fantastic as a Merinaade for beef and I even tried it with Chicken it is so good.  this soup just leaves me wanting more
It is so simple but so outragiously  lip smacking good.  It is made up of sweet carmalized onions w a burgundsy wine & French Brandy Base.

I have contacted Shop rite Stores and I have gotten in their glass jar soups at the Shop rite store in East Norriton PA
Shop Rite
55 West Germantown Pike
East Norriton PA  19401
610 313 5500

These soups are located near the Campbell Soups in the regular aisle

You will not be sorry with purchasing these soups they are so good and they have Restaurant quality ingredients
With eating these soups they make you feel like you are sitting down at a high qulity fire lit Restaurant on a cold winter's night enjoying being warmed fromn the inside out .  They just put  a smile on your face from head to toe

If you have had a hard tiring day from work try one of these soups and they will chase away the blues in no time they are that good

You should also be able to get these soups in at your local Shop Rite Stores
All you have to do is call your local Shop Rite Store ask to speak to the person that handles and orders their foods for gluten free and organic
then ask them if they can bring that soup in for you? in most cases if you tell them how good these soups are they will call their distributor and get it in for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
Email Address:

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