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Friday, April 22, 2011



I am delighted to announce that in most stores like Acme and ShopRite Stores they now have Tasty Kake Chocolate Chip Cookies that are Gluten Free
If they are not in your stores now ask for them to carry them.  I am told by one of the Tasty Kake Vendors that they are not in Giant Food Stores but they are in ShopRite Stores and the Acme Grocery Stores

Kelloggs Rice Krispies will be going Gluten Free  in June of this year.  they will still have the regular boxes of Rice Krispies  Cereal so check your boxes for the Gluten Free label.  The Rice Krispies Cereal will be made out of Brown Rice

Look also online for Madison Gluten Free cookies these cookies are Gluten Free Sugar Free and they are also Vegan.  They have 6 different flavors.  I am so excited that they have come out with these cookies especially for those patients like me that have both conditions Type1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease which sometimes can be very challenging to take care of both condtions.  Their website is

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