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Saturday, October 22, 2011




I have about 5 or 6 businesses that I am presently working on from home which I love.
I do things the traditional way of promoting these businesses and the not so traditional ways,
The things that I found out just this week were mind blowing i think

I found a couple of website that I am working on to get our products on these websites. 
The reason why I am telling all this to you is that they can  help people with Celiac disease
The first one is  this is a virtual grocery store.  Right now they do not have many gluten free options but they promise me they are trying to get more in and I have given them many suggestions.  You do have to have at least a 60.00 order and you  have to call 24 hours in advance.  The shipping is free for  the first 2 months  This is only in some areas it is part of Giant Food Stores this is a delivery service that you  put your order on line.  You do put your Bonus Card savings in also so that you can get the savings of the week and they do take coupons.
Their website is and their telephone number is 1 800 5 peapod

The 2nd website is  This is another website that is a virtual grocery store they do have much more gluten free options and they are working to get more.  I love this website because you buy 6 or more items and the shipping is free .  They use UPS and for my area which is in the suburbs of Philadelphia they told me that it would take two days.  I do have to check if you  have to have a minimum order and I will find that out on Monday.  I just found out tha tyou do have to have at least a 50.00 order but the shipping is always free.
They also have a program where you refer friends to their website you get money for it.  to find out what gluten free items they have you would just put in the search bar gluten free cereal or gluten free pasta  or whatever you are looking for. 

My third and last website that i came across is  This one I also love they spot lite a few products from companies and you get them at a discounted price at the end of the day what ever the company that is spot lighted for their product they pick out what charity they like and 10 % of the profits for that day go to  that charity that they chose.    It is a win win situation, you get the  products at a discounted price and someone gets help from your shopping experience.    How can you not like that idea .  I know one of the businesses that is involved with this company is putting his charity for the National Foundation For Celiac Awareness which is fantastic   Take a look at The Little Bakery in Blue Bell PA  19422   He makes gluten free bakery products  that are out of this world.  To me the owner of the Little Bakery is amazing he has put his products in some of the schools in the area and even in some colleges so that people can taste how great his products are and that kids can feel like they too can get something special. 

Some of the companies that I work for that I am trying to get on these websites are My Dads Cookies which is a gluten free organic cookie.  these cookies are fantastic they are in some Giant Food Stores and in some Whole Food Stores  Website
The Laundry Tree this company I also love this is an all natural laundry detergent like you probably have not seen before.  This is soapnuts which is from India and Napal.  They look like a combination of a plum pit attached to an acorn.  This is a type of berry that is dried out to almost like a hard stone.
The website is

My third business is Desert Wind Skin Care.  This is an all natural skin care line.  The website is  It only has about 5 ingredients in it and it is for people that are hypo sensitive to products

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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