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Monday, October 3, 2011



I had told you before  about an earlier post with Pucketa Cree Soapnuts which I said before I love.  I still do.
The Pucketa  Creek Soapnuts are a fabulous all natural hypoallergenic detergent and they are unscented.  There  are many things you can use these soapnuts after you  are done using it as a detergent.  I just made a fabulous shampoo out of them
All you have to do is take the soapnuts that you  used in the laundry and boil them  for about a half of an hour.  then take out the soapnuts when cooled down.   The liquid that is left  is your shampoo.  This will not have much suds to it but it will make your hair full of volume and shine and help your hair grow.  If you like foam all you have to do is go to the website there you will see foaming bottles.  You can purchase one for  3.00 which will be a 7.5 oz bottle.  When you get your bottle fill it with your soapnut liquid.  If it is still not sudsey enough for you,  you can ad a few table spoons of a liquid castile soap .  I used Dr. Bonner's Castile scent .  I used the unscented baby Castile soap.  I put in about 2 tablespoons in with the soapnuts and it is wonderful.
My hair is full of volume soft shinny and the best part itch free.
I also just purchased some essential oils when I get them I will be putting some on and making my own shampoo scent.  I always have had to use conditioner but with this I do not my hair looks and feels great.
My soapnut shampoo can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, soap,   or as a facial.
You have got to try out these soapnuts .  I am trying to get them into stores as soon as I have accomplished this I will let yu know .  In the mean time please go to the website www.natural and purchase them there and best of all you can get your  essential oils there too. I just put into my home made shampoo Sweet Orange Oil and Jasmine Oil and it smells wonderful and my skin is so soft.


Ellen Gafffney 

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