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Sunday, November 3, 2013



Everyone  Soap  for everyone and every body  is a Shampoo , Body Wash and Bubble Bath
It is from a company called EO Products.  
This product and most of all the EO Produts are gluten free
I love this product I use it for everything,I use t for bathing , cleaning the house and even I use it for doing the laundry and of course washing my hair. 
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They do have a product for laundry and doing  the floors that is the EO All Purpose Soap
The EO all Purpose Soap is fantastic  to do laundry,  wash your dishes, your floors,  and also your furry friends. .
I love that the  products are all  natural and they have great scents like Citrus / Mint ,   Lavender ,  and they do have and unscened one.  The cost for the Everyone Soap for everyone and every body is at  some of the Giant Food Stoes in their Organic Aisle it  is $ 9.99 for 32oz.  This is a  fantasic price for such a great product and the amount you get for it.  They aso have other locations in the area that carry thee products. Most Target  stores carry these products too.   

The Evryone Soap for everyone and every body is an all natural plant based soap made with pure essential oils.
One of the main reasons whyI love  this  product and all of these  EO  products is that they are just simple all natural products that work  They put right on their bottles that they are Gluten Free
They are also extremely moisturizing.  When I  use the Everyone Soap for everyone and every body after showering I do not have  to use a moisturizer after I get  out of the shower

When I get out of the shower before using this product I would have to slather a lot of moistuizer on but with this product  I don't  have to do that, my skin just feels soft and feels great without having to put anything extra onto my skin

The website for all the great Eo Produts is

I hope you will try out these products and see how well they will work for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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