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Tuesday, December 3, 2013



I did a post about a year ago on Soap nuts
I thought I would write about it again , I thought maybe not everyone saw the posting .
Soap nuts are really a type of  berry in India.  In India they use Soap nuts to do their laundry and to bathe.  Soap nuts  look like an Acorn. When they are boiled they release suds.  This is not like a rich shampoo type of suds this is a very mild type of low sudsing action  but it does the job. They can be used for all types of things in your house hold.  They can be used for doing your laundry by putting about 5 Soap nuts in a small sock or canvas draw string bag, pop this into your washing machine and that is it.  You can reuse the bag about 4 more times to do your wash.  These Soap nuts are so economical.  You can also use them to make a shampoo.  All you would do is once again when you take the canvas bag or sock out of the washing machine  place it into a sauce pan and fill it with hot water.  Place this on the stove and let it boil for about a half of an hour.  Take it off the stove and let it cool down.  Once it has cooled down take the canvas or sock out of the water.  Now what I usually do is get an empty hand soap container that has been well rinsed  and then I put the water from the soap nuts into the bottle.  This is now my shampoo.  You can use it as is or you can make up your own concoctions.  I have dry hair so what I usually do is put it about three quarters the way up the bottle then add to it  a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil and if I feel like a fragrance then I pick out an essential oil and put about 15 drops in and that is my shampoo.  You  can make house hold cleaners with soap nuts.  Where I usually buy my Soap nuts is from a website called Laundry tree  I like the way she sells the Soap nuts.  She has starter kits that are 14.95   They come with a choice of an  essential oil .  So you get the Soap nuts and a essential oil to make your  own  home made laundry cleaner shampoo or house hold cleaner .  You can even make your very own pest controller with them.    If you  put in your search engine all  the uses for Soap nuts you can see all the things you can make to make your household more economical using Soap nuts and more safer to the environment  It is like having one item to make almost everything you will need or want with having all natural products in your household

  Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


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