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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Babassu Shampoo Bar by Soap For Goodness Sake


I just found a fantastic caring company called Soap For Goodness Soap
I tried their Babassu Shampoo & Body Bar.  This is an unscented Shampoo and Body Bar.  It is rich and luxurious filled with lots of lather.   It feels soft and supple on the skin.  It is unscented like I said before but even though it is unscented it still just smells natural and wholesome to the body
To me it feels like you can conquer anything that needs to be taken care of  for the day and at the same time it just lets you destress  and relax all your troubles away
My skin and hair look fabulous and feel fabulous.  As you know I have all gray hair with having all gray hair your hair can feel good but not look dried out.  This shampoo and body bar nourishes conditions and strengthens my hair.  It is full of shine and  bounce .  When I used it the other day before hand since it is the winter's months my hair looked flat and un interesting .  I used this shampoo body bar and it was like my body and hair did a jump start.  I looked in the mirror and I had Vavoom hair without looking too much.  I love volume and with gray hair you do not usually get that unless you put tons of product in and when you are done it looks great but your hair is a greasy mess,  The Babassu bar I  do not have to do anything it does it all for me.  It is full of volume shine bounce and in a word love.
When my husband came home from work he said to me you look great but I  thought we agreed we would be cutting back .  I said I did  it is all from this
little master piece of heaven in this shampoo bar.  
He said I got to tell you you really look great
Along with the great results no reactions in most cases especially if  I use shampoo bars I break out or I get itchy bumps on my scalp.  All I got from this shampoo bar was love from the inside out
I hope you will think about purchasing the Babssu Shampoo Body bar
Their website is
They have many other products too.  I will be trying out next their Pumpkin Complexion Facial bar

Ellen Gaffney    .    

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