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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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I just wanted to let you know more information about my Celiac blog
I know I promote a lot of products that I have tried
You might think well everything she writes is all on the plus side she must not pay for the products  when she writes something she gets paid for writing it.
This is not the case.  There are a very few times that I have received some products without paying for them but majority of the times I have paid for all the products that I have done blogs on.
There have been products that I have had reactions to or just did not like
I did not do a blog on it for the simple fact that I felt that this was just a reaction that I  received someone else might not have that reaction.  It is not fair for the company or the readers  that look at my blog.
I write only good reviews on products because I do have such a reaction to products that I  feel that if I do not have a reaction than my readers should know about it.  They are probably in the same boat as me searching for products that are all natural and will do no harm.
I do write about products that I do work for.  I want you to know about them.
I do work for several companies from home and if I do believe in a company I am going to write about it so that you can see what I see in the company and try out their products.  I never promote a company that I work for just to make money with it.  I do have integrity in my writing.  The two companies that I work for that I really want you to know about are Tupperware all natural BPA free and gluten free.  My website is and Norwex www.ellengaffney.norwex.bix.   I will always be honest with the products I try.  If something gives me a reaction or I do not like it for what ever reasoning I just will not write about it but If I like a product and I have no reactions to it I will sing to the highest mountain to tell you about it.  I want everyone to know about it
This disease is hard to know what will work for you and what will not sometimes it is just not easy just to say give up gluten and all your problems will go away.
There are so many other factors that come into play.
I have never been sensitive to skin care products until I became a Celiac.  I could use any product any clothes detergent , any soap any shampoo.  This is not the case now.  It might say gluten free and even unscented I will still have reactions with some products so it is always a crap shoot when I try out a product.  I want you to know about it.  I was talking to one company Mother's Little Helper Laundry Pills I was explaining this to her and she told me there is a reason why you are still having reactions.  She said that a lot of companies will say they are unscented but they are really not it is an additive that they put in to take away the scent.  You do not smell it but it is there so you have a reaction to it.
I was very shocked  by this information.
I thank you for reading this I just wanted you to know why my blog is one sided

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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