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Monday, March 2, 2015

Weight Watchers & the Gluten Free Diet



Over the weekend I  joined Weight Watchers to lose some extra pounds that I have accumulated
I was very impressed with their diet plan
I did not want to do the weekly meetings so I joined online
They do have 100% online support which was another thing I was impressed with.
I did a chat with an online representative they  were even there on a Sunday and asked if they had gluten free options .  The representative said yes they do

I decided to join .  Right now they are having a special where it is free for the registration all you pay is the monthly amount of the particular type of diet plan that you decide.  I decided on the basic plan.  I pay $ 19.95 a month
They do have another option that you pay $ 54.95 every three months.  You do get more out of that plan. but the $19.95 a month was what I could afford
This was a present for myself since my birthday was on Friday the 27th of February.

Yesterday I began my Weight Watchers Journaling journey
Once you join you hit Tracking and you begin putting in for each meal what you are going to have for that particular meal

Weight watchers has a point system so you just put in each food and get the point value for that particular food.    I was going to have for dinner a Canyon Bake house roll with what I was going to have for dinner   I went to put that in and they do have names of particular gluten free companies but they did not have that one.  I was thinking now what do I do.  Then I saw on the left hand side that you could put the nutritional value of a particular item in and get the points for it so that is what I did.
I am only on the beginning stages of my weight loss journey but I  think it is good
it does make you think of what you are going to eat.  You are taking the time out and putting the foods down on paper and when you do that it makes you think do I really want to eat that or is there a better choice   You only have a set number of points that you can have a day.  Once they are done for the day that is all you can eat.  They determine how many points you  will have when you put in your weight and height and how much weight you would like to lose.  Every week you weigh your self and if you are losing weight they will adjust the points system for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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