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Saturday, January 15, 2011



I just wanted to let you know about a company that I really love , the companies name is Desert Wind Skin Care run by Chuck Wellman.
I found this company quite by accident, I was looking for a unscented hypo allergy shampoo and came across his website.  He had a shampoo bar that looked right up my alley .  It was a shampoo soap and conditioner in a 4 oz bar.  It was Gluten free allergy Free and Chemical Free and it only had 6 ingredients in it.
The shampoo bar is made up of Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, castor, and emu oil .  it also has in it  lard glycerol, cayenne pepper and citric acid as a preservative.  It comes in a 4 oz bar and sells for 6.47 a bar.  I tried it out and it was like my hair became alive again and it was full of volume.  It was not dried out at all after one shampoo.
For me since I became a Celiac my hair constantly would feel dried out and my scalp would itch and have hives to it no matter what product I was using for a shampoo or a conditioner.  when I tried this shampoo  bar that alll changed for the better.  I now only use his line of products which can be found at the website
He has lotions and creams that are just as good he has a body lotion that I love that just makes my skin have a healthy glow to it and like I said before come alive.  His products help out with blood flow and circulation throughout the skin and blood system.  His products only have 6 ingredients in them they are made up of essential oils , emu oil and citric acid as a preservative.  His Emulo Gold Body Lotion I love it really helps with softening the skin and making it supple .  It is an instant soothing relief from dry irritated skin.  I also like it to put around my eye area and face .  It magically takes away any imperfections that have come upon my eye are or face .  It seems to draw away any puffiness or lines in my face and neck area.
I love this company so much you have to try out these products, you will not be sorry and best of all there is a full money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the products so how can you lose.  The owner Chuck Wellman is always looking for new distributors to sell his products .  If you are looking for a job in natural Personal Care Products give Chuck Wellman a call.  His cell phone number is 1 713 823 6847 and his telephone number is 1 936 776 3964.  The Shampoo Bars come in unscented and scented.
There are many scents to choose for your liking.

His website once again is

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney
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