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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi I just wanted to let you know about a conditioner that actually was told me from the owner of Desert Wind Skin Care.
He had  told me that your hair the first few times might feel and look different since you are using no chemicals in your hair.  He had told me that your Shampoo bar is a super organic product for the hair so the hair does not know how to react to it.  It is used to the chemical shampoos.  He said to fix this just for the first couple of times using the Shampoo Bar afterwards make up a mixture of vinegar and water.  I thought he was a little out there at first and I went online and sure enough they have the benefits of using Vinegar as a hair conditioner.  I told this to my hair dresser and she said that when she first started working in her Dad's Hair Salon that is what he used as a hair conditioner .  I decided to give it a go but I decided if I was going to do this I was going to use the Pure Apple Cider vinegar which is supposed to be more moisturizing then the white vinegar.  My hair is a little bit on the dry side.  I got the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and made up a hair conditioning Rinse .  This Rinse for me was in a 16 oz cup.  My hair is just above my shoulders.  I get a 16 oz. plastic cup and fill it with the Bragg's apple Cider Vinegar,.  After shampooing my hair with the Desert Wind Shampoo Bar  and rinse the suds off my hair I pour the vinegar mixture over my hair. ( of course you got to have your eyes closed during this so none gets in your eyes)  Your eyes will burn very badly if the vinegar rinse gets in your eyes.  You leave it on for about a minute depending on how dry your hair is and rinse it off again with cool water.  My hair comes out really very shinny full of volume and well conditioned .  Once your hair dries you do not smell the vinegar in the hair.
I use this all the time to help my hair look its best.  I particularly like doing this in the winter months it really helps with any dry scalp issues from having electric base board heating in my house and the cold weather outside.  The Desert wind skin Care shampoo Bars really help out a lot with moisturizing my hair but in the winter months I need that extra jump start in keeping my scalp in good condition.  The Vinegar mixture is also helpful for the summer months when you are out in the sun a lot.  It helps out with not drying out your hair.  the Desert Wind Skin Care shampoo Bars are also good because they are so natural that they help if you color your hair to keep in the color longer.   Another nice benefit you save on hair coloring.  If you do not color your hair and your hair is starting to turn grey it will prolong your hair from turning grey..
I hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
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