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Friday, June 17, 2011



I just came across a soap company that is located in Florida.
Their website is and their email address is
This is another company that I like a lot if you have sensitive skin.
She has unscented soaps and lotions that are all natural no chemicals
She does take suggestions if you would like a different type of product for instance I asked her last night if she would be coming out with a natural sunscreen and she said I did not think of doing that but it is a great idea and I will look into it.
Her grandma taught her how to make these soaps and she now has the business and I think the products are really good they moisturize well and do not leave any type of residue on your skin.
I have a lot of problems with shampoos after the first day of using a product my scalp feels like it is on fire and is extremely itchy I have not found too many products that can help me out with this problem.
When I used her product I felt relief it was a nice change to know that I could have a shampoo that there was no irritation to my scalp
I also bought a face cream and that was also fantastic she let me know that it would store better in the refrigerator .  I  like doing this especially with the hot summer months approaching it feels great on your skin when you put the cold cream on your face and body
Take a look at this company the owner's name is Loyce and see how fabulous these products are you will not be sorry .
They do have some scented products too if you  rather have it in a scent and one thing I really like is that she sells wash cloths that are hand crocheted  so if you are looking for a nice gift for someone that has sensitive needs this is the perfect website to go to or if you are looking for a gift for someone that does not have sensitive needs you can get something nice for yourself or just for a good close friend
These products are of a high caliber of natural ingredients , your skin will purr when you put these natural products on your skin.  You will see that your skin will instantly come  alive and feel soft supple and well nourished.  Your friends will be envious in the change in your skin and probably will comment on how great you look.  You will just be happy that you can put a product on and not have any reactions to it.  at least this is what these products did for me I hope they do the same for you.
These products are also great because any pocketbook can use them like I said before they have a high caliber of ingredients but the price for these products are for any ones budget, they are budget friendly which is hard to find in this economy..  My suggestion for you is to go to the website and see how these products help your pocketbook and your skin..

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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