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Friday, June 24, 2011



I just tried Canyon Bake House San Juan Gluten Free Bread
I love it, So far this bread is the softest gluten free bread that I have eaten.
It truely is like real bread and it taste so good you wold never know it is gluten free.
They have about 6 different items to choose from , they have a San Juan gluten free bread which is really very good it is a 7 grain gluten free bread
They have a Cinnamon Raisin Bread which i just purchased this week so I will let you know about this one
They have Hamburger rolls  also have not tried  this yet but as soon as i do  I will let you know
They have a white bread which is suppoed to be for people that can not have sugar it has Agave syrup in it
they also have another type of gluten free roll  and some Cranberry Muffins.
This company I really like and I love love the San Juan Gluten Free Bread .  I tried it last night making a sandwich and it was great.
So far if I had to rate the different gluten free breads that I have tried I would have to say number one of course would be
Canyon Bake House San Juan Gluten Free Bread 
Rudis Multi Grain gluten free Bread
Whole foods Gluten Free Breads
Udies Gluten Free Breads
I am working to get the Canyon Bake House Breads into Giant  Foods Stores and Whole Food Stores .  When I accomplish this I will let you know
I contacted the corporate office at Giant  Food Stores  and they are looking into to see if they can get it through their distributor.
Whole foods does have in their New Jersey stores so one of the leaders at the Whole Foods Store in Plynouthmeeting PA said that they might be able to get it in.
I will let you know if I am able to accomplish this feat. 
The Canyon Bake House Gluten Free Breads so far are  not available in the Pennsylvania  Stores.  I am trying to change this so far you can only get these products online at the website , and
Check out the Canyon Bake House Website to see how great these products are

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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