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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



My Dads Cookies one of the best gluten free cookies I have tried are now at   Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting Pa at the Plymouth Meeting Mall 500 West Germantown Pike
They have 5 different flavors they have Vanilla  Graham dipped half with Chocolate
                                                               Chocolate Sandwich like an Oreo type cookie
                                                               Chocolano like a Pepperidge Farm Milano
                                                               Cranenergy  this is a Cranberry Orange Cookie
This is great for an afternoon tea or with coffee
                                                                Black & White Cookie this is a Black & White Sponge cake  like cookie.
These are all gluten free and delicious
I am working to get these in all the Whole Food Stores in PA so if you would like them in your store at Whole Foods Market just tell the grocery Manager you would like them to have them in their store and tell him that they are in the Plymouth Meeting store now he can look them up and order them in for you but in the mean time I will do my best to have them brought into a store near you.

You can take a looke to learn more about these cookies on the companies's webite at

Once we have them all in Pennsylvania we will be branching out to have them in all Whole Foods Market so if you  live in other states other then PA you  can have them brought in just ask your local grocery manager that you want them in.   Presently we have these cookies only at the Plymouth Meeting Whole Food Stores and in New York City but we are looking to them in your favorite store. 

My two favorites are the Cranergy and the Vanilla Graham I love love them
If you  would like you can email me and I will work to get them into your Whole Foods Market .  Just let me know what location your Whole Foods Market is and I will do my best to get them in for  you..

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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