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Thursday, December 29, 2011



This desert I made for Christmas and it is really easy but it looks like you have spent time in the kitchen
My family has about a third Celiacs and the rest  can eat regular food.  I was going to be the only one with Celiac disease for Christmas dinner which can be challenging.  They kind of let their guard down not intentionally but it happens.

I knew this and decided to make a gluten free desert and bring a few things

I amde a desert that even they wanted

4 Bananas
2 apples
1 can Pears in its own juice
1 can Peaches in its own juice
orange juice
Gluten Free granola
1 container of fruit yogurt your choice
Coconut oil
1 8X8 Pan

First off drizzle just so it coatds the bottom of the pan with melted Coconut Oil
Then line pan with sliced Bananas
Then take off skin of Apples and slice them on top of Bananas
Then drain juice of canned peaches and pears and cut them up and place them over the Bananas and apples
Drizzle again the coconut oil thinly
Put a sprinkle of Cinnamon over it
Then put a layer of granola on top , I used the Bakery On the Maine Granola  I made  this about an inch thick with Granola
Pour a small amount of  orange Juice over it just to moisten it
Then in the Center make a small circle well and put in your container of fruited Yogurt I used Yoplait Peach Yogurt

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes , when you take it out of the oven mix the yogurt throughout the pan  .  this is an amazing desert and it is so easy 
Best of all the next day it makes a great Breakfast served hot or cold

When I brought this desert to my Mother's my mother had said to me please take that home with you I have to many deserts .  I thought no problem.  The next day my sister called me and said we were all wondering why you took your desert home.  We were looking for it all over the house.  We wanted it for Breakfast.
My sister said that is so good please make that again and bring it with you when you come over.   

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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