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Thursday, January 5, 2012



I just started working for a company that sells natural Aloe products
I have purchased a few of the products and  am waiting for them to come in

I heard about one of their products how great it was and received that product  a week ago
This product is just amazing it is like having an aloe plant in a tube
This product is a miracle worker, I am 50 years old and I do not like to put make up on but without it I need some help.   I have puffiness around my eyes and I have some wrinkles.
I was not expecting miracles with this product but that is what I received.  I put it on in the morning and about a few hours later my husband who does not usually comment on anything we have been married for over 23 years ..  He said have you been working out you look great .  Your face really looks like you have lost weight
He said seriously you look about 10 to 15 years younger.
This product which is gluten free is like having a mini face lift in the palm of your hand
It just sucks any imperfections in your skin right out and leaves your skin tight but not drying
It is also perfect to have around the house just in case you have a burn.
It costs 10.95 for a 4oz tube you can get this product on my website .  The website is  Just hit shop then go to the bottom of the page and hit continue then USA and go under Skin Care , then hit the body button.  This product is amazing it works and the nice thing is if you are looking to earn some extra money you can  get these products at a discount by joing this company which is Forever Living Products.  There is no cost to join and if you want a website ( which yo udo not have to have  to join )  the first two months are free to get started then it is l9.95 a month.  You get to choose what website name you  would like to use and if you decide that you no longer want a website you can just cancel it at any time.  .  .
If you would like to join you can join right on my website it explains everything there.  I found this company by looking for natural Aloe products.  I was not looking for anything extra as far as working but when I saw the products and heard how they were being made how natural they are.  I began to see maybe I should look into joining and when I saw that it did not cost anything to join I was like this is a win win situation.  I get products at a discount and I could also make money while doing so plus I can let others know about the products.   
There are only abut twenty products that are gluten free if you have issues with gluten in skin care.
I am purchasing about ten products to see if I have nay issues with them.  I will let you know but I know the Aloe Vera Gelly is gluten Free

I am waiting for their skin care and personal care lists for gluten free opitons to products so far i do not htink they hav eone made up because I have asked four times now and they send me out the one below.  I have tried alot of their products out and i have not had any reactions to it.
The following products I have tried without reactions to the products
Aloe Vera Gelly  Love it goes on sticky when i put it on my face but when it dries it makes my face look younger and smoother like a babies bottom
Aloe Ever Shield  Deodorant love it it works and no reactions
Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
Aloe liquid Soap  Love it Love it can be used for face and hands.  Very Mile and soothes your skin
Aloe First Aide Spray   Love it it can be used as a moisturizer for your self and some of the reps have told me tha tit is great for hot spots on dogs.  Also great on your own hair has fantastic ingredients in it
Aloe Day Lotion i love this one it is a moisturizer but it also is a toner and it tightens your pores without drying you out
Aloe Vera tooth Gel  Love it it makes my teeth really shinny and white and some reps have said tha tit helps with receding gums
I get reactions to products estremely easilty within minutes of putting it on but with these products no reactions just smoother well moisturized skin and my skin looks and feels better.  . 

The following products are the list that they put out that is gluten free but as you cna see it is all products tha tyou comsume nome of them are for skin care or personal care. 
If you feel like buying any of these products you can go to my website which is  hit shop now then USA I usually go to the Skin care button then body button to get the Aloe Vera Gelly and then if yo like you cna look at the Persoanl care items.  I really feel that these are the best products  I just wanted to let you know about them

The following items are their Gluten Free Lists

aloe vera nectar
aloe blossom herbal tea
aloe vera gel
forever a beta care
forever active ha
forever active probiotic
forever aloe bits n peaches
forever aloe2go
forever artic sea
forever b-12 plus
forever bee honey
forever bee pollen
forever bee propolis
forever calcium
forever echinacea supreme
forever essentials
forever fast break
forever fast break ultra
forever freedom
forever freedom2go
forever garcinia plus
forever garlic thyme
forever ginkgo plus
forever kids
forever lean
forever lite ultra chocolate
forever lite ultra vanilla
forever lycium plus
forever multi maca
forever nature's 18
forever nature's min
forever pomesteen power
forever pro 6
forever royal jelly
forever vision

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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