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Sunday, June 10, 2012



There are a couple of new blood glucose meters that have just come in the market for the US for your Diabetes Care Management
The first one I wanted to let you know about is the IBG Star Blood Glucose Meter.     This meter I like a lot I got this one for my son he is a Type 1 Diabetic that I have a hard time getting him to test his blood sugars.  I found this meter on their website and kept on trying to have our insurance company get it for him.   i finally bought it for him it is so new that it is not in stores yet and most health insurance companies do not have it in yet
It was launched in the US in the past month.
What I like the most about this meter is that it attaches to your iphone and you can have it stay there or you can take it off and when you put it back on it stores the results that you had when it was off the Iphone.
You have all your results right there and if you are having a doctor's appointment coming up or if you are having a problem with your blood sugars that you  need to have your doctor see the results so that he or she can help you manage your Diabetes better you can instantly down load your results and send them to your doctor by email.
The website for the IBG Star Meter is and their telephone number is 1855 424 7827
On their website you can fill out a form to get a discount on test strips.  The cost of the meter is 76.00 and right now the only way to get this meter is to go the website or  
I did call our local Walgreen's Pharmacy and they were able to order it for me.
My son loves this meter he says that it is so easy and it is kind of fun to use.  He says that the only draw back is that it does not come with a case for it.  I called the company today and they said that they are working on getting a case for it but for right now they do not have one

The next meter I would like to talk about is the Accu-Chek Nano this is the newest meter from Accu-Check.  It is samll sleek and is incredibly accurate for results.  I like it becuase it has a back light which makes things a lot easier when you are testing in a spot that you could stand some light while testing .
the websit eis and their telephone number is 1866 775 2016
I have not received this meter yet but I am supposed to get one shortly so I  will let you know about it then
They are giving out free meters for this one

The last meter I want to talk about is the one Touch Verio IQ this is the newest meter for Life Scan One touch meters.
This meter tells you the patterns that you have with your blood sugar results .  It will notify you of these patterns on the blood glucose meter so that you can talk it over with your doctor to make changes to help with your diabetes management.
At this time they are not offering free meters they are offering a 30.00 coupon to use towards the meter,  the meter cost around 70.00 and the strips are 40.00 but once again you can sign up for a discount card for the strips and they will take off 20.00 so the strips for 50 strips will cost you 20.00
You can call the Life Scan One Touch Site Verio IQ site at the following number 1 888 567 3003

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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