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Saturday, June 9, 2012


                                    MORE GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS FOR SKINCARE

I just found a few more websites for gluten free skin care products that I have tried and really like.
The first one is at the website, when you are there you will see some catalogs for different products I went for the soaps and tried a few and really liked them they are super moisturizing and really lather up quite nicely.  I tried out the Unscented  Charcoal soap , the Charcoal Milk Soap and the Charcoal Lavender Soap , all of them I really liked very much .  My skin was soft supple and felt rejuvenated.
The Charcoal soaps and different products are supposed to be great for skin problems even some medical centers use charcoal for skin infections and problems of the skin.  I got the Charcoal Salve for my husband he has a spot on his calf that never goes away that is dry and inflamed.  He has tried this and it looks better now.
The soaps are like I said super moisturizing and a rich lather but they do have the color of charcoal for the lather but if it works who cares and it is supposed to be great for your face and supposed to help out with any wrinkles you might have.  .  

Another great website for dry skin is This is a lotion in the shape of a soap bar.  It is not soap but a super moisturizing bar full of deep moisturizers to give your skin a pick me up, this is for people  if you have skin like mine ( Lizard Skin ) it has really helped.  You just place the lotion bar  on the dry areas of your body  and the warmth of your skin melts the lotion onto your skin which is great you do not have a drooping drippy mess to rub into your skin . You  just have a thin layer to smooth into your skin with no residue, your skin drinks it all in.
They have 4 scents to choose from one of them of course is unscented and they even have it that you can custommize your own bar of lotion .  You have the choice of three different butters to put into it then you have a choice of three different carrier oils to put  into it then lastly you have a choice of 3 different essential oils to put into it.  I was just thinking about it and with this you could easily make up your own insect repellent in a bar of lotion for when you  are going camping or beaching at the sea shore just look up what scents the insects do not like for essential oils and you can make up your own insect repellent knowing what is going into it maybe even a repellent for your pet's skin issues. It goes onto your skin very easily and smooths into your skin right away I love the product very  much and it is labeled gluten free.  She also has Lotion Pellets which are little hearts the size of a half of an inch that are in a little bag which is great if you want to bring to  some where yo are going to or if you are traveling for a day or two and want to bring some lotion with you.  It is the same concept you just place the little heart in the palm of your hand rub together and smooth over your body.  She does have traveling Pellets which are in a little tube she does say on her website do not put this in your pockets it will melt

Another website i like is I like these a lot also they have a foot powder that is out of this world it smells so sweet and nice and it is all natural.  I had thought about getting it for my husband but I think I use it more then he does .  The ingredients in it are Cornstarch, Baking Soda , Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, Sage, Chamomile, and Tea Tree  Essential Oil..  The soaps are all natural  and their prices are very reasonable and they make great gifts

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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