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Saturday, June 23, 2012


                                                     JOURNEYS MOTHER PELLET LOTION

I found this website about a month a go which is
I originally bought the Journeys Mother Lotion Bar and loved it but the owner of the company ( Jackie ) also sent out to me a few of her 3 quarters of an inch heart shaped Pellet Lotion.  It is the same exact product but instead of being in a soap bar form  it  is in  these heart shaped pellets.
I love love these little heart shaped pellet gems.
You just take one out rub it in your hands which melts instantly with the warmth of your hands and you just glide it  onto your skin and let it sink in to quench  the thirst of your dry parched skin.
It is like a miracle worker
She even has travel sizes of these little gems which is great just do not put them in your pocket because they will melt.
They have 4 different scents to choose from and their scents are not over powering it is a nice light fragrance.,,
almost like a light  summer evening breeze frolicking throughout   your skin

She is just coming out with a new product which is these heart shaped pellets in a all natural sunscreen
( Fabulous ) perfect timing for this time of year.

These heart shaped pellets are not on her website as of yet but you can call her and let her know that you would like  to try some and she will give you prices on this
You will not be sorry I think this product will rock for the summer time especially because it is all natural
Jackie's mobile number is 201 952 1470 and once again her website is
You have got to try out her pellets and her sunscreen pellets they really work for a fantastic quenching moisturizer for the skin that is all natural.  As the professionals say only the best will do and this in my opinion is it in a  heart shaped pellet.   Your skin will give you a big thumbs up.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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