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Friday, October 12, 2012



The Dexcom G4 Continous Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter  has just been approved by the FDA for Diabetics to control their Diabetes Blood Glucose levels
I have the Dexcom 7 and absolutely love it, which is their first meter .  It takes readings of my blood sugars every 5 minutes and stores them.  My doctor and I set up when I received  the device what my high level blood sugar that he would prefer I do not go over and what would be a safe low level .  If I go over or under the recommendations  by my doctor  for my blood sugars an alarm goes off telling me that I need to adjust my insulin for a high level result or to take sugar to control a low level result before it becomes way out of range and a medical concern.
I love this device because you set the system to levels that are high or low but they are not way out of range so that you are still in control of your disease. If you are like me I have no feeling when my blood sugars rise or drop so this system is outstanding it wakes me up when I am sleeping to let me know when my blood sugars are out of range.

The new Dexcom G4 is even better it gives you 20 feet instead of 5 feet to be away from the system it even has increased accuracy
It is lighter and smaller and comes in three different colors black Magenta pink and col bolt blue

To get in touch with a Dexcom Representative all you have to call is 1 877 339 2664  they will have on a prompt to speak with a Representative for new orders and they also have a 24 hour Representative on call for when you need help with your system

If you do not need a 24 hour Representative for help with your system the hours of operation are 6 AM until 5 PM Pacific time  Monday thru Friday

I think the website is 

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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