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Saturday, October 27, 2012



I was very sick this week at first I thought I  caught a stomach bug but then I realized it was gluten exposure
I went through the checklist of what I  had eaten for the day, and I could not figure out what I had eaten that would have made me sick
Then I went through did I do or use anything new this week then it dawned on me I bought some hand dish detergent at Giant Food Stores  ( the Ajax Hand  dish washing soap )  ) .  I went online to see if gluten could be in dish detergents and yes it can be
I usually use an organic dish detergent made by Shaklee but I was trying to cut back on  expenses so I thought I would by a regular hand detergent.
I decided to call the manufacturer  to find out if there was gluten in Ajax or Palmolive Antibacterial hand  dish soap.
The representative said we can not say yes and we can not say no, she did say that they do not put any gluten in the product when it comes to their plant but there are several ingredients in the formula to make up the detergent .   They do not know where they come from or if there is gluten in them before they come to the plant  they are made up before they come to the plant then they finish making the product at the plant. 
The representative did say if I were you I would say yes there could have been gluten in the product with the symptoms that you  encountered and I would not use the product any more.
I wanted to let you all know that this is a possibility  that gluten may be in every day store bought hand dish washing detergents.
I further noticed that there was no list of ingredients on the bottle of the dish washing detergent so I asked the representative about that there was no ingredients on the bottle.  The representative said since the dish washing detergent is not a drug  and you do not consume it by law they do not have to list their ingredients on the product . I find this appalling how are you supposed to know what is in the product .  They have several things on the bottle just not the ingredients which says something,  they do not want yo to know what is in their product.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

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