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Sunday, October 28, 2012



There is a new gluten free magazine that just came out that is out of this world,.
It is called Simply Gluten Free
I just received my first issue  and love it
I think the website is www.simplyglutenfreemag.comThe first premiere issue has information on the holiday recipes and information on updates on Celiac Disease
The premiere  issue also has some articles on gluten free make up the Paleo Diet  a Gluten Free Vegetarian diet
The one article that I  really loved was on page 11 which was an article on a new device called EZGluten which yo can detect gluten in a food or drink by a testing kit that actually meaures if there is gluten in a food or drink
It comes with a full test with instructions and everything except the food or drink that you want to know if it has gluten in it
You   only need a tiny bit of food or drink to put in the test tube the size of a a finger tip full of crumbs from the food you want to know about or the drink   you want to know about 
The test will tell you if there is no gluten in it or if it is positive  for gluten  or if it has a very high positive level of gluten in it
The website is  I think this is great you can easily check in abut 10 minutes if a food has gluten in it without having to eat it and without having to be exposed to gluten and get sick
This magazine has everything in it for the holidays and everything you need to help you out with your gluten free diet and help to control your disease. 

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

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