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Thursday, February 21, 2013




I have just became the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group
This group meets twice a year at The Abington Memorial Hospital at the Lens Fest Pavillion
Our next meeting is March 15th
AbingtonMemorial Hospital
1200 Old York Rd
Len Fest Pavillion
Abington Pa  19002
We have about 400 members of our group
This meeting should be really good, our speaker is Keith Laskin from the Paoli Celiac Center in Paoli PA
He will discussing on how some people still have stymptoms when they are on a gluten free diet and how to manage this problem
We meet at 5:45 for a meet and greet  to see other Celiac Buddies and to help out new Celiacs plus to look at the vaarious Gluten Free Vendors that we have to sample and buy their products
We have about 10 vendors that will be coming to our meeting
The following are a list of our vendors that will be coming to our group
Grandma Grotos Restaurant located in Willow Grove PA
Good Eatz
Virato Bakery
Door To Door Organics ( which is an online grocery store that has gluten free options located in PA that delivers once a week ) You would  just go to their website select shop then special diets then gluten free diets and everything will be there
At the Willowgrove Giant Food store they have a registered Dietician at the store to help out new and old Celiacs and she is also a Diabetes Educator
Phoenicianaturally an online gluten free skin care line
Q Cookies
Kinnickininick Gluten Free Foods
The cost to join ur group is 25.00 and you can join at the door

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

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