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Thursday, February 14, 2013



Happy Valentines  Day

I am writing to you today about a new service that I love.  it is called Door To Door Organics.
They have organic fruits vegetables and now organic groceries that they will deliver to you free of charge once a week
Every Friday they will have a list of organic fruits and vegetables that you  can choose from  You first pick out a subscription for myself it is the Little box which is 25.00.  It has about 8 to 10 different types of organic fruits and vegetables.  If you  do not like what they have  chosen  for that week  then you  can substitute the fruit or vegetable that you like  They have about 1 to 3 items of organic fruits like 3 apples 4 bananas 1 container of blueberries 1 container of strawberries 1 cantaloupe.  this would be something like the all fruit basket , .
They have four different sizes for boxes to choose from the smallest is 25.00 
Then you  just add  on their  Organic groceries and they have under shop it will say special diets you hit that and yo and behold they have Gluten Free options and Dairy Free options .  There are a lot of Gluten free options  to choose from so you just add onto what you have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box.  They will tell you how much you  owe at the end of your order and depending on where you live it will be put together  and delivered the following week
Usually every Friday after 12:00PM they will send out to you an email with the items that they have chosen for your Organic fruit and vegetable box and you  can choose just all fruits and all vegetables or it can be a mixture.
I live in Norris town PA  19401 for me my orders are shown on Friday then put together on Monday and delivered  to me on Tuesdays.  I am then billed by my credit card that is on file on Wednesday.
You  can also skip a delivery if something comes up  you just let them know that Friday or by the latest  Monday Morning  on the website or emial that they send out to you  or if yo let them know by Monday they will skip that order for that week.
Some of the prices are cheaper then what you  would find in the grocery stores and the best part is that you get it delivered to you free of charge.
They are incredibly nice to deal with this company rocks I love love it
Their website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney      

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